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Six days pa.s.sed quickly and in Pale City a child was delighted to see the herbs in front of him.

It had been 20 days since he applied for the herbs to the Alchemist's Guild and the Guild had it done, having to request these herbs from other branches of the Middle Cities.

Normally the branches could make things difficult among the purchases of resources but since these herbs were useless to them, neither in the Kingdom's capital did they have a 1-Star Alchemist High Rank Peak to refine those herbs in the Spirit Revival pill.

The Revival of the Spirit pill was intended to Help a person Advance to Spirit Realm!

A low-grade pill would give you a 20% success in advance while those in the middle grade would give you 40% success, A High would give 60%, Superior 80% and a supreme 90%!

Alexander in the last days had realized that he had underestimated the Republic and that he was wrong with the number of experts half a step Spirit.

Previously he thought that this republic will have maximum days of these experts but now he realized that there were publicly 16 experts half a step. With the experience of Alexander could say that these powers at least hiding 1 or 2 more so the number of experts could reach 32 without counting the Rogue experts in the republic.

So the number of half step spirit could easily reach about 40 experts!

It was four times what Alexander expected but did not care, since the occult experts of the powers were mostly people who were nearing the end of their lifetimes waiting to enter the next Realm through which a seclusion.

So the active experts of the Republic could be counted as 16 plus Rogue cultivators!

Alexander did not care, he only surprised him because apparently the cow was fatter than before.

Alexander still had a doubt, How much would you pay to get an expert Spirit?

So without hesitation he went to Refine the revival pills of the Spirit. Its cultivation was limited so it would take more than four hours to refine these pills and a lot of effort. You could say that since reincarnation this was the hardest pill that had been refined so after refining it all finished pale and full of sweat. He had to take a break and eat a few pure Qi pills to relieve the stress of the body.

After recovering Alexander made an auction request on the guild servers but after doing so an a.s.sistant came to his room with a message: "The guild master wants to see you"

Under the guidance of the a.s.sistant he quickly arrived at the Guild Master's office Without waiting for anything Alexander and the a.s.sistant entered the office of the Master of the Guild.

Where a beautiful middle-aged woman waited for them, Alexander was not surprised that the guild teacher was a woman because in recent years the guilds have been concerned about the inclusion of gender due to the pressure of feminine powers so in the majority of unions in the high commands would have a ratio of 40-60 or 50-50.

The woman at her desk saw Alexander as the a.s.sistant said goodbye to Alexander: "So you are the mysterious child who has been refining in my guild"

Alexander smiled and said: "Hahaha Guild master, do not look so serious . I'm not the only one who has benefited from the guild, but your branch has had a great profit with my pills or am I wrong? "

Upon hearing that, the woman could not help but smile in a forced way, what Alexander said was true. His small guild branch only sold 0-Rank drugs so the financial resources of the guild were very small without talking about the profits. These twenty days could easily replace two years of guild activities.

Since these days they had won more than 1 million Gold coins if Alexander stayed in the guild for a year they could easily earn more than 10 million Gold!

This was equal to the income of a middle-city guild, so if the Guild Master said she was not happy to have Alexander in her guild, she would obviously lie. The guilds were not designed to earn money so they did not earn as much as the commercial companies.

So the majority of the wealth was not concentrated in the inst.i.tution but in its members. The guilds only saw enough money to buy medicinal herbs and maintain the salary of all the members of the inst.i.tution.

So the more profits a guild could have, the more herbs they could buy and the more staff, as well as a group of private adventurers to clean the dungeons instead of placing missions in the adventurer's guild.

But as the guilds only earned by commissions. This means that the better the pills that are sold through their guilds, the higher the commission will be.

It was not the same to charge 10% of 100 that of 10 thousand but everything depends on the nearby alchemists, The Alchemists of Pale City were mostly Alchemy Apprentices while the 1-Star Alchemists did not reach 20 or so and all they only refined pills for their own powers so they did not sell their pills to the guild.

The only 1-Star Alchemist in the Mid-range in the City was her, but she was too busy with guild business to refine pills to sell and her salary was not bad at all. So I did not need to refine pills to get the resources needed to advance in alchemy.

So, thinking this far, she could not help sighing and seeing the child. According to the reports of the last days, this child ma.s.s-produced pills like High-Grade Elemental Opening, something that even she could not do easily.

I also knew that this child had ordered all the sets for Qi spirit Pills something that only the Alchemists 1-Star Rank High Peak could refine. As Alexander did not sell them to the guild, only one possible explanation could prove right. These pills were for his own use.

So the middle-aged woman said: "My name is Ashley Cordner."

Upon hearing this, Alexander's smile faded and he could not help but turn black. This was the cla.s.sic scene of a powerful family seeking to steal valuable a.s.sets. The Cordner family was one of the eight ruling factions so although this was Sun Sect territory they could easily do whatever they wanted as long as they did not get involved in Sun Sect affairs.

Alexander saw Ashley and said, "I can sell the Spirit Revival pills to your family in exchange for one million Gold per pill but I want the payment to be through ninth or eighth grade stones, I also want 30 sets for Qi Spirit Pills "

Ashley saw Alexander with Shock, could not To believe that such a small child could draw that conclusion by simply stating his name, This child was too cunning!

But after that Alexander started to put a lot of pressure on Ashley that made her feel uncomfortable.

"Gulp" involuntarily could not help swallowing a little spit to feel that pressure, This pressure was almost equal to that of his expert half spirit!

In the last twenty days I had been consuming 200 Transcendent Grade Qi Spirit Pills that could be equal to 100 thousand pure Qi pills!

In just 20 days Alexander had consumed 2 million gold coins!

These days were very productive and you could see that the best resources could give better results.

Now Alexander had 99 Acupuncture points transformed into spiritual Qi so he only needed 9 more points to enter the Elementary Realm, taking Alexander accounts needed 4 Spirit Qi pills to convert an acupuncture point.

4 pills might sound like very little but you should know that an ordinary person would only need one Spirit Qi pill to advance to the half-step peak while Alexander would need 432 pills to advance to the half-step peak!

This meant that Alexander could store 432 times more Qi than ordinary people on his meridians!

Thinking of this Alexander could not help but take a breath of cold air at such an idea without believing it. This was because neither Helena nor a divine beast could store so much qi in its meridians.

This was because when I asked Helena about how many pills she needed to convert her acupuncture points she told him about 80 pills!

Not only that, but the purple gold in his bone marrow already filled 99% of it, Alexander supposed that with 20 other Spirit Qi pills of transcendent grade could completely fill the bone marrow.

When Alexander was in the Fifth level Gathering Qi could easily defeat a ninth level expert, Those were four whole levels but what they did not know is that while he was a newly promoted half-step expert Alexander could easily defeat him.

Now he had 99 acupuncture points transformed, making it much stronger than the experts here who only had it made it much stronger than the experts of a miserable republic like this one. Even if he was an expert half step Spirit his number of acupuncture points was like between 8 to 16.

Those were the advantages of a better cultivation technique.

Alexander saw Ashley and said coldly: "Do not think I'm afraid of your miserable Cordner family even if they have 10 half step experts they would not be rivals for me, this is a take it or leave it deal. If you want to use your position to press dimelo and leave this branch and go to the branch of your worst enemy "

This left Ashley speechless! I never hope that this situation will progress in this way!

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