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Adam got confused and said, "A good show?"

Alexander put his hands behind his back and said, "Grandpa, what do you think of the tower?"

Adam no doubt replied: "It's a magnificent treasure".

But Alexander calmly said: "In magnificent treasure that should not exist in this remote place."

Adam frowned and said, "What do you mean?"

Alexander saw the Convergence Gem and explained: "At first I thought this was a low-level tower left by some power that was destroyed a long time ago but that's not the case this tower is something that only a handful of powers in mortal countries grade 3 have after all that is a second grade convergence gem."

Adam saw the gem and inside there was an almost infinite amount of Qi then Alexander continued: "Convergence gems have several grades the highest grades of this continent is the third grade and all those gems are very rare, The difference between each grade has two factors which is the ability to store Qi and the speed with which it does so. This convergence gem has been sucking the Qi out of the entire region for over 1500 years, do you know what that means?"

Adam saw the gem and said, "The amount of Qi in the gem must be almost infinite."

Alexander nodded and said: "But also because of this gem the density of Qi in the region has been greatly impaired, if I'm not wrong if you remove the gem could cause the density of Qi in the region to triple can even make the density of Qi in the adjacent region can be increased".

Adam saw the gem and could not believe that this gem damaged so much to the region!

Alexander saw through the thoughts of his grandfather and said: "Grandfather remembers what I told you is a treasure that should not exist in this arid area, the same thing happens with a high-level cultivator, You know why they do not exist in this area, That is because the environment does not allow it. If a cultivator in Earth Realm comes to this area and starts meditating and absorbing qi, it would be the same or worse".

"The higher the Realm of cultivation the greater the requirements for cultivation in peace, whether spiritual stones or pills or even environment everything must improve or otherwise advance only one level will be extremely difficult."

Adam understood what Alexander then sighed: "So this gem has drily sucked all the qi and even altered the flow of natural Qi and because of this no one has noticed this irregularity".

But Alexander smiled and said, "There's also a good die for things."

Adam raised one of his eyebrows and said, "What's that?"

Alexander said: "Have you heard "After the drought comes to the storm"?"

Adam thought about what Alexander said and it was true to some extent since there have been cases in which countries suffer droughts for months or years but soon comes a storm that lasts days or weeks restoring the country's water.

But he still couldn't fully guess what Alexander meant to say to him: "What are you trying to say?"

Alexander sighed and said: "The Qi represents the vitality of the world, if the vitality of the world is strong the Qi will be dense and prosperous but if the world is dying the Qi will be scarce but there is always something in common the Qi does not extinguish completely and the world adapts".

Hearing that, Adam's eyes glowed and he said, "What you're trying to say is that the world is "Producing" Qi in the region in excess due to the gem and when the gem is removed there will be a density never seen in the region until the world adapts again?"

Alexander nodded and explained: "I don't know how the world works but in a certain way it regulates itself and has some Qi minimal in all areas of the world when an area has Qi scarce the world produces more to fill it, you know why?"

Adam shook his head and Alexander replied: "The universe is composed of three elements: The living being, The earth, and the heavens. The earth refers to the worlds and continents as in which we stand and the sky refers to the universe, the stars and everything outside the worlds. All these beings need themselves and live in perfect equilibrium and if one strengthens the other two in a certain way will also do so".

"But if one of the three elements dies, becomes extinct, or weakens, the same thing will happen to the other two, they are all needed in a certain way. The world provides the living being with a home, the sky offers him a way to strengthen himself and the living being breaks the limits of the former so that the last two become stronger than the living being, making life a vicious circle all for the development of the three parts".

This caused both Adam and Helena to remain silent. I had never heard of anything like it.

Wasn't cultivation against the heavens?

But if what Alexander said was true the three parts used each other and Helena remembered what Alexander said with the past.

In the past, in the ancient Age, there were many more experts than today in the Desolate Age and that was because the heavens were weakened by the loss of the three great worlds and Alexander had said: "If one is weakened the other two will also be weakened".

In addition to how Alexander told him about how the world expanded in the new era, Although it is not at the level of the three great worlds, it could no longer be cataloged as a low-level world or at least what was a low-level world had to be redefined.

Many thought that the heavens did not want mortals to advance in cultivation but now they were saying that the heavens needed strong living beings.

Until Helena said, "Young master, I don't understand!"

"What don't you understand?"

"My father had always told me that cultivation was to go against the heavens, but he never said anything about the heavens needing living beings to be stronger.

Alexander began to explain: "In a certain way that thought is correct because the heavens do not seek for all mortals to become a heavenly being or anything like that but neither does anything to complicate the life of cultivators, Because understanding the same universe is already extremely difficult because of this the heavens should not do anything."

"I would say that they are impartial and sometimes to be impartial does not mean to be fair but it certainly does not complicate or curse someone so that they cannot overcome this is because when a living being it it only has two options, to Adapt or to expel the living being and you think that it would be so stupid as to choose to expel the living being instead of learning from it?

"This..." Helena didn't know how to respond to this but still said, "But the heavens can't improve themselves without outside help?"

Alexander said: "No, the laws of heaven are something that has written on stone tablets, immovable and cannot imagine better laws than his own, is unable to think of something better and refined than it already has but living beings always seek to learn from mistakes and perfect more and more things there may even be times when it seems to be already perfect but there are always people seeking to improve it by thinking of things that other people did not think."

Alexander finished saying: "In addition there are people who only live to cultivate and advance to another realm treating the cultivation as if it had no end and when they reach a peak they look for a way to make believe the mountain just to continue climbing, these people are the ones who really want the heavens".

Helena showed a gloomy expression and said, "Cultivation has no end?"

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