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One Hundred Regions Tournament. This was the first of four major tournaments.

First Tournament - One Hundred Regions Tournament.

Second Tournament - Northern War

Third Tournament - Deadly Grand Prix.

Fourth tournament - Villa of the hermits.

These tournaments occur every certain interval of time when the great powers want to dig the best talents of the whole region. It was under that ideal that these tournaments were born. Many called them "Tournaments of Ancestry".

Since all the tournaments were connected and gave the impression that an unknown genius could become famous and be recruited by many colossal powers. no matter the origin.

The first tournament a tournament was a small tournament if compared to the fourth tournament and the organizers were not ordinary people.

On the continent, there were countless states like the 12 states that the Alexander Region knows and they are in charge of the first tournament of the One Hundred Regions.

[Note: There are more states the people of this region only know the twelve states that are closest to them and the closest to them is the Prim State.]

The tournament consisted of states organizing a tournament for the weakest desolate regions in order to find geniuses among them, states were rewarded for organizing the tournament and the top ten of the tournament was rewarded greatly by the Tournament organizers in addition to winning the right to partic.i.p.ate in the second tournament "The Northern War".

This was similar to the previous one only that it would put the champions of the previous tournament with the geniuses of the northern states, This tournament is hosted in a fifth-grade mortal country but would only be revealed after the second tournament.

And only the top 10 of each tournament would earn the right to partic.i.p.ate in the third tournament "mortal Grand Prix" In addition to generous rewards.

This last tournament was different from the previous ones. Although not many details were known, it was only known that there were no fights between growers. As for the last tournament, there were no rumors.

These tournaments have intervals between them, for example, the first tournament would take place in 2 years from this day.

The second tournament would take place 3 years after the last one and the third tournament would have a duration of 10 years in total.

Thus the Martial City made an announcement and declared that in half a year the tournament of the region will be held and that the top seven of the region would enter the tournament of one hundred regions of Prim State!

The tournament would be held in half a year in the Martial City and Anyone under 30 could partic.i.p.ate.

Many knew that this tournament was not held regularly so they left for the martial city immediately. Since this region had not partic.i.p.ated in the last editions of the tournament for more than 300 years due to wars in the region among other things but now the region was at peace and could partic.i.p.ate again!

Since they knew that in the following months the inns and real estate of the martial city would be filled or sold.

This was a great event for the region and many families both plebeian, martial and n.o.ble moved to register their children in the tournament and see it!

Even several royal families had said that they present themselves at the tournament!

So everyone enthusiastically waited for the remaining six months.

Slowly the months pa.s.sed until another six months pa.s.sed and in the cultivation tower an eleven-year-old looking boy was in a lotus position meditating and absorbing Qi like crazy.

Many didn't think it was human

The boy soon opened his eyes and said: "Half Elemental step, One year and I could only advance to the half Elemental step, ah if it were not for my blood taking away almost all the Qi that I absorb would already be in the Elemental Realm".

But what frightened Alexander was his bone marrow which was that during this year was gaining a purple-gold gloss, Something he had never seen before, Now the purple-gold gloss covers 95% of his bone marrow and was getting bigger and bigger.

Alexander didn't know what would happen when his bone marrow would reach 100% but he didn't know because his body told him it was a good thing.

So Alexander sighed saying no more thinking about it and said: "It's been a year, I think I should go out to see how my grandfather and Helena are".

So Alexander changed his clothes for clean clothes that he found from the bandits who exterminated along the way and came out of the growing room.

Everything remained the same and in the large skylight you could see the entire martial city but now a year had pa.s.sed and a grown Alexander came out.

After leaving the growing room he saw a girl and a middle-aged man playing cards, Alexander saw this scene and gave a smile: "I seem to be the last one out".

Both the girl and the old man saw the boy go out and with disbelief, Adam said: "Alexander!"

Adam could clearly see the cultivation of Alexander and it was an Elemental half step, Eleven years an Elemental half step!

While the girl just started laughing out of nowhere but soon felt something wrong and gave a second look at Alexander and incredulously said: "Because my being has an inexplicable fear of the young master...".

The only thing that could scare Helena like that was a bloodline superior to hers but she was a Qilin of Pure Blood, a Divine lineage.

But in these places there shouldn't be true dragons or Qilins, how could her young master get such a powerful bloodline?

Alexander saw Helena's expression and said in doubt: "What is it because you look at me like that?"

Helena just folded her arms and snorted: "Hmph, I don't think you got any uglier" but inside she was surprised and fearful.

Adam could only see the Girl and sighed Alexander had told them that she had a blood curse which made her growth very slow, as to how slow Alexander didn't even know it. The only thing I knew was that this curse was activated when one was four years old and there have been cases of deaths of elderly people with the appearance of children who die.

So everyone in the Royal family knew that Helena was a 12-year-old lady trapped in the body of a four-year-old girl.

As Adam spoke Alexander saw his grandfather's body and couldn't help but smile: "Congratulations on the breakthrough to Elemental Realm."

Seeing that his grandson noticed Adam smiled from ear to ear and couldn't help but be modest by saying: "Hahahaha small thing, it's just a small thing".

Alexander only smiled and could see that his grandfather not only breakthrough to the Elemental Realm but also advanced to the second level Elemental!

Only in this way did he focus his sight on Helena, seeing her body did he realize that she was also in the Elemental half step and so he nodded with satisfaction.

Apparently, she had not wasted time.

Helena for her part was ashamed and will never tell you that she spent the last year sleeping in the cultivation room, forgetting to cultivate.

Alexander looked up at the skylight and frowned, saying, "Grandfather, you don't think there are many more people than before."

Adam saw the skylight and realized this, but he couldn't remember anything that could provoke something like this.

Meanwhile, Helena didn't care.

Alexander thought a few things turn to see the convergence gem and smiled: "Grandpa want to see a good show?"

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