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In the body, there were three Dantian one of them located in the navel, another one above the first and the third was located in the heart.

To turn Qi into a Life Force all people had to do was direct Qi into the Dantian of the heart.

This will make the heart beat more frequently and the blood it pumps will be filled with strong vital energy and the blood flow will carry it throughout the body.

The only problem?

That would be the conversion rate, to put it graphically if ten drops of Qi entered the heart only a drop of life force would come out, This makes the refinement of the body very expensive and slow.

But with such a dense and unlimited Qi he could not help but sit cross-legged and the Qi of the room went to Alexander like a waterfall. and soon his heart began to sound like a drum and an aura like a Gray. Alexander began to have an expression of Pain but did not make the slightest noise and his body began to give hundreds of small explosions.

At the end of two hours, Alexandre could only open his eyes and see his clothes wet with sweat sighing: "The present I only supports the circulation of the technique twice".

But even so, he was not discouraged and decided to circulate the six-phase technique twice and then do a few physical exercises with the Six Animal Forms technique, making sure that his flesh directed all the vital force.

Only in this way did they continue to cultivate Qi. This caused Alexander to enter an endless training cycle until he finally acquired the iron meridians.

Days became weeks and weeks became months. Soon it was three months since Alexander entered the Tower of cultivation.

And in the Alba Kingdom, there were several children speaking, These were the princes of the Alba Kingdom.

"Jacky's why did you summon us?" said Elise in a neutral tone.

And Jacky's said with a serious expression: "It doesn't seem strange to them that Lewis now spends time with our mothers, What's left?"

Everyone remained silent, but then Guy spoke and said: "He doesn't want us to speak well of him in front of Alexander so that he can forgive him".

Listening to that the happy Liese said with anger: "He ignored us for more than ten years and wants us to forgive him just like that?, I'm not going to speak well of him with Alexander".

Even little Britt hadn't spoken to her father in her entire life except for a few months where Lewis spent more time with the concubines and their children.

But a few months of attention will never fill years of being ignored.

Then Jacky's said, "What do we do, I don't want that b.a.s.t.a.r.d to hurt my mother!"

"Neither do I.

"Neither do I."

"Neither do I."

Since their mothers were born they had taken care of everything and educated them because of this their mother's position in their heart was very high and if anyone dared to touch them or make them cry. They would be mortal enemies of the third generation of the Alba family!

Then Evy spoke: "Let things go on like this".

Jackys didn't expect that from Evy and wanted to replicate it but Evy said in a gloomy tone: "That father's trash only has the force of Body Refining peak, if it makes any of our mothers cry, let's teach them what a fate worse than death means". Thus he showed cold eyes full of hatred towards Lewis.

This look made Jakys' fat man tremble and he didn't dare refuse: "yeah the older sister is absolutely right".

The third princess was very calm and quiet but when she got angry she was worse than a demon.

Both Guy and Jakys were a little afraid of Evy while Elise and Liese knew her sister's character very well; if you don't mess with her, she won't mess with you either.

Elise thought what Evy said and nodded: "Let's do what Evy said, Our mothers deserve more attention from their husbands after all, but if it hurts our mothers. We're all in Gathering Qi while Lewis is in Body Refining, so it'll be easy to beat her up."

So the princes made a pact not to stand between their mothers and Lewis but if Lewis harmed any of their mothers the other princes and princesses would help in revenge against Lewis.

If many found out about this pact they did not know whether to cry or laugh. They were talking about beating their father!

Then Britt said with a pout: "When I come back?, Brother Alexander!"

Liese said: "Aunt Anna said that in about ten months".

Britt got angry and Alzó his little fist saying: "How dare you leave without Britt's permission, Just wait till he comes back".

"Hahaha" on hearing something like that the other princes began to laugh.

Meanwhile, in the Uri Republic, a 16-year-old boy was in the middle of the forest watching his communicator and seeing the contribution points in his sect: 12,500

The young man sighed and saw the sky: "It took almost two months to reach the seventh level Gathering Qi and I have done missions without rest for more than two months, each point is worth ten gold coins, so I can trade it for more than twelve thousand ninth grade spiritual stones, with this I will have no trouble getting to the Elemental half step and maybe I can achieve the half step peak but I will not have enough to buy an Elemental opening pill" In the end the young man could only sigh and see around him.

For the last two months, he has been collecting rare herbs and killing certain groups of beasts that were causing disorder within the republic. All for contribution points but it was still not enough to cover his cultivation expenses. Most of these spiritual stones would go in the Elemental half step. He would also give a few stones to family members such as his mother, grandfather, great-grandfather.

This made the young man sigh and want to sell all the corpses of beasts he had killed but could not, he could not take such a quant.i.ty with him. If only he had s.p.a.ce equipment.

In the end, he just left and decided to return to the sect to enter reclusion, only by being stronger could he take on more lucrative missions. At this time he could only take low-level missions so his earnings were scarce but once he entered the Elemental half step he could take mid-level missions, which were better paid but more dangerous.

Life was not easy for someone like him without a record, he could only live if he kept a low profile and earned everything through his efforts. Within the sect were many young people with backgrounds and it was not uncommon to hear cases of intimidation.

Children of elders or young masters of families native to the Republic who were not weak, their strength was only less than the strength of the eight ruling powers of the republic.

Because of this, Taylor always had a low profile and was almost always outside the sect and when he was in the sect he was always in seclusion in his bedroom. He also made sure to move in places out of the sight of the arrogant youth. In fact, he did not even partic.i.p.ate in the Sect's compet.i.tions and if he partic.i.p.ated, he sought to lose as soon as possible.

Only then could he live a peaceful life in the Sect otherwise he would be in a lot of trouble offending those people something he couldn't afford when he carries out the actions he had to think about his family.

Seeing the number of spiritual stones he would have, he could only think: "it seems that I need to open an account in the Martial Bank".

So the months went by and another three months had pa.s.sed.

So in the cultivation tower, an 11-year-old boy was sweating and filthy deeply as he smiled and said, "Iron Meridians, at last!"

This was Alexander Alba who had been in the tower for half a year and his body was in the Gathering Qi peak.

Note: Only the strength of the body is comparable to the strength of an expert Gathering Qi peak.

Alexander at this time did not know why but felt a change in his flesh and bones, which made him happy and take pride of his own technique.

But still, he decided to start cultivating Qi fully by absorbing the Qi without repressing anything. Now with the iron meridians their cultivation would be much faster and so they pa.s.sed.

So the whole Qi came as a hurricane to Alexander and began to fill his acupuncture points.

But within the martial city the mayor of the City did not know that someone was using the Tower of his city.

At this time there were five delegates talking to them and the mayor said: "Our region was invited to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament of one hundred regions, In the state Prim!

All showed a serious expression and one of the delegates said with a grave voice: "How many quotas do we have?"

The mayor said calmly: "Seven quotas".

Hearing this, the delegates relaxed and the mayor continued: "The tournament will be in 2 years from today and in six months it will be decided who will fill the seven quotas of the region".

Hearing that, the delegates nodded. Each had a talented disciple who would occupy a quota so there would only be one quota of what truth to fight about. In their minds many wondered who would fill the vacancy.

Maybe the third Prince Alba?

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