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Alexander sighed and said: "That's the most expensive and hardest part to find for a cultivation tower, A converging gem, This gem is a treasure that can store an almost infinite amount of Qi and distribute it throughout all the cultivation rooms, It can be said to be the core of the tower".

Looking at the sapphire he realized that even after more than a thousand years of this tower not being used it had not yet been filled, In the end, Alexander could only sigh and think: "And this is just a second grade convergence gem, it is said that a ninth grades convergence gem would not be filled even after millions of years".

In his previous life he had only seen two third-grade convergence gems in third-grade countries but never higher, many even thought that there were no gems above the third grade.

Seeing the gem I could only think: "The people who created this tower definitely spared no expense in it".

In the end, he separated from his grandfather and Helen, looking for something that could give an origin to this tower and could only find an engraving in golden words: "This is my gift for your thousand years my princess, With affection your father."

And below he found another engraving that said: "I don't like it, I'll throw it away!"

This caused Alexander's face to contract and he couldn't help but shout: "CURSE BE IT WITHOUT TELLING ME THAT I AM IN A DISPOSED OF GIFT!"


but Alexander soon calmed down and said, "A thousand years?!"

To live a thousand years one had to have minimal cultivation of Profound Realm but that would be his entire useful life but the other party treated the thousand-year-old part like a little girl and gave him a second grade tower?

Alexander only thought of something and examined the environment again to be amazed: "This tower beside the gem is all damaged, it is far from its ideal condition, Now it only seems to work at one-fifth of its true capacity!"

That d.a.m.n brat threw something as valuable as nothing?

He thought about it and thought about it until he came to the conclusion: "This tower came from a transcendent power".

Only they could afford to throw away something so valuable.

For if this tower were at its best, even cultivators on Earth Realm could cultivation in peace and advance would be relatively easy for them.

But now because of his poor treatment, he was relegated to a rotten tower in a desolate land.

Now Alexander's question was: "Why would her father give her something like this?"

In the transcendent powers, a thousand years was not much in fact one could consider the younger generation by far so a tower of this level would have no benefit for them.

What was the father thinking? It was obvious that a woman didn't want something like this!

In the end, Alexander could not find any answer he could only curse the father for doing something so stupid.

But Alexander could only sigh and go with his grandfather again. When Adam saw his grandson come back, he asked, "Did you find anything?"

Alexander showed a somber expression and shook his head. Adam sighed with disappointment.

Alexander didn't bother to explain things and said: "That's not important, now we have to concentrate on improving our strength, see you in a year", So he gave Adam a book and walked to one of the cultivation rooms on the 160th floor.

Adam saw the book and saw that it was a cultivation technique! "Secrets of the herald Art"

In their dimensional rings they had hundreds of provisions, so they went into Isolation.

Alexander when entering the room of culture found it cozy, it was an apartment for a person but besides that, it had several types of equipment to exercise the physicist and to Refine the body.

Refining the body was very difficult because the flesh had limitations and breaking those limitations was something very complicated to achieve.

So you could nourish your flesh, bones, skin, organs, as much as you wanted until the meat reached its limit or your "Bottle Neck".

Because of this, many body cultivators advance by leaps and bounds after breaking the bottleneck. Because when it came to the body there was no need to worry about the solid foundation.

But its defect was that the bottlenecks were much more difficult to pa.s.s than in the cultivation of Qi.

Alexander previously could not refine his body due to the scarce qi of his environment but seeing this team decided to cultivate the body with a technique that he did after long time research and called it "Body of the six phases (Incomplete)".

Within the techniques of corporal refinement exist rare techniques that are denominated: techniques of improvement of physical const.i.tution.

These techniques did not improve the innate capacity but if they strengthen the flesh and bones as well as strengthen and expand the meridians to these techniques were called "Types of the body".

The most common technique was the Iron Body technique which helped to refine the body and achieve the Iron meridians. This technique could be achieved if one had enough money as it was not as valuable as the people of a desolate land thought.

After all, on a mortal continent, it had an innumerable population and every day innumerable geniuses are born. So although iron meridians were rare, they were still easy to get as long as you have the right pills or methods.

In addition to that there were first generation, second generation techniques which were something like:

First Generation - Iron Body

Second Generation - Alba iron body.

The first generation was the original works with a common and well-known effect but there are also versions modified by great experts which had better results than the first generation and the way to identify it is that at the end of the technique put his family name or sect from which came the creator of the second generation.

There were second- or third-generation methods that were famous and legendary but only people with great backgrounds could practice them.

His six-phase technique was created from the union of his Kain const.i.tution improvement techniques.

Iron Body (Kain), Copper Body (Kain), Silver Body (Kain), Gold Body (Kain),

The only ones missing were the Platinum and Jade bodies. He had never read those techniques so he could never make a second or third generation of them.

Because of this, the six-phase Body technique was incomplete.

But he was sure that by training the six-phase Body technique (Incomplete) he could develop iron meridians in about six months. Accelerating the culture speed by ten permanently!

Right now it seems that Alexander could take tons of Qi but that was the mundane Qi, not the spiritual Qi he needed most If he absorbed the same amount of spiritual Qi as he does now his meridians would have been broken long ago.

Because of this Alexander needed to strengthen and animate his meridians as much as possible. He did not want his cultivation to be as slow as a turtle.

Besides that method, there were many more like miracle pills and super rare pills that could do that job or with the help of an old man experienced in the control of Qi will help in the widening of the meridians or medicinal baths with certain herbs, the methods were numerous.

But all the methods have one thing in common: Pain.

The pain of the methods was something that only a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t could take, Since the meridians were from the most delicate parts of the body, To give a graphic example a minute of these methods would equal a thousand kicks in the crotch, Something that even if you come out alive from the situation will leave a trauma in the body.

And his technique was no exception.

But there was an old saying that said: "Pain is an only weakness coming out of the body!"

Thus Alexander clenched his teeth, entered the training chamber and adjusted the gravity by two.

Body Refinement was divided into four parts

First Absorb Qi

Second, turn it into a life force.

Third, flood the body with life force.

Fourth, Circulate the technique of refinement. through the blood vessels and meridians.

At this time Alexander's body was in the peak body refining and if someone cripple his cultivation, his culture will remain in the peak body refining for the rest of his life.

Now he had to overcome the first bottleneck and get his body into the Gathering Qi.

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