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Seeing this, Adam couldn't help but sigh and say, "Too bad we couldn't get in either."

Alexander smiled strangely and said, "I think I'm capable of breaking the lock on the tower."

Adam saw his grandson with hope and said, "Really?"

Alexander nodded and said, "Yes, but we must do it secretly and sneak into the tower at night."

Adam frowned and said, "Why don't we do it publicly, I bet that way the martial city owes us a favor."

Alexander showed a serious expression and said: "What is more important your life or a favor?"

"Will they kill us for doing this?"

"yes, as I said before, this tower can create a mortal country of Fifth Grade peak, only a step away from a mortal country of Fourth Grade, When people learn of the uses of this tower hehe, the martial city will only appear in history books".

This made Adam's expression change and he said, "But then what do we do with Benedict's children?"

Alexander only showed a cold expression and said: "We poison, we don't have to waste time with garbage, it will die anyway, so no matter the method".

"Now let's concentrate on getting into the tower!"

Alexander returned enthusiastically to the carriage and pulled out a boat with a colorless liquid similar to Water.

Adam and Helena also entered the Carriage and a few miles from the martial city put their carriage into its s.p.a.ce ring and along with the carriage driver, they entered the city hiding their ident.i.ties.

Alexander saw the coachman, gave him a thousand gold coins and said "You are free to do what you want but stay in the city, we will meet in 6 months or a year in this inn. I order you the horses".

The man nodded and went to rent some stables for the horses and have a good time for a few years, as far as betraying the child nor crossed his mind, his wife also worked for Anna and if he returned without Alexander hehe already know.

So just follow orders and I'd be in town for a year waiting, plus the atmosphere wasn't so bad so I didn't lose much.

he would only return in half a year to the meeting point and if they were not here he would return in another six months. and if not he would only stay in the inn until he ran out of money.

Adam said impressed, "One year? Why so long?"

Alexander began to walk and said: "Once we are inside the Tower we must take advantage, that tower is not something that we could enter as we want!

Alexander sighed and said, "We'd better send letters to the family explaining the situation."

So Alexander wrote a letter to Anna and Adam while he wrote a letter to Beth, half explaining the situation and saying that they would only be back in a year from today.

So in the following days, they proceeded to collect information about Benedict's sons and apparently these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were still outward disciples only that the oldest was on peak Body refining and the youngest was on seventh level Body refining.

Alexander controlled all his movements and one day in broad daylight a small silver needle was inserted into the wrist of benedict's son without him noticing it, two days later he died.

Cause of death: "heart attack".

This made the older brother angry and could not believe that his brother died of it, Alego as insane who was poisoned but all the doctors in the martial city found no trace of poison.

Alexander couldn't use the same trick twice so he opted for the faster one. One night he entered Benedict's eldest son's room and hanged him, making it look like a suicide.

Alexander even forged a suicide note and was only found days later when a friend went to take him to the brothel to have fun but all he found was a cold corpse hanging from the ceiling.

And remembering his previous days no one found anything suspicious in the suicide.

Thus ended the life of the Hail brothers in the Martial City.

Alexander only took two weeks to deal with the Hail brothers and could finally concentrate on the cultivation tower.

So I buy a few layers and put them a few Array to avoid being found, Next night three extremely fast figures go to the tower of the martial city avoiding the guards and disciples.

Soon they reached the Restricted Area of the City, which was not very well guarded. It could be said that the exterior defenses were better guarded.

Adam could not help but say: "What a disappointment, this area is not secure, I expected more resistance".

Alexander only replied: "It's normal, Since they can't open the tower, they won't spend their labor to keep something useless, Watch while I open the tower".

So Helena and Adam saw the exteriors while Alexander examined the lock.

Seeing the lock, Alexander thought, "This is a second-grade lock created by a two-star artisan. If anyone from this desolate land could open it, it would be a miracle."

For others, it was very difficult to force open this kind of lock but for Alexander it was simple. In half an hour he was able to open it leaving the lock impeccable and thought that in the future he could make a copy of the key.

These were not common keys, they were known as crystal keys because they were made of a special material that made them look like crystal cards full of inscriptions. They were one of the most reliable locks on the continent.

So soon the door was opened but Alexander controlled it to open what was necessary to avoid disturbing the Martial City. and said to his grandfather and Helena: "Let's go fast!"

So the three entered quickly and the door closed again.

Inside the tower, Adam was amazed at this tower was filled with rich spiritual Qi!

So he could not help but think that what Alexander had said was true.

While Adam stared at the lobby of the Alexander tower he looked for the stairs and said: "Let's go!"

And Adam remembered that this was only the base of the tower while at the top, This made his old heart shake, He saw the stairs and began to climb them at full speed as they advanced and felt more and more density of Qi to the point where Adam could not avoid swallowing saliva, he had never been in a place with Qi so dense!

Soon on the 41st floor, Alexander's blood began to devour the Qi and qi threads went to his body and he thought in his mind: "Then on this level is my house, Eh".

Adam did not pay attention to Alexander's condition as he was very agitated by the density of Qi and after half an hour they reached the 160th floor where there was a skylight in which you could see the entire martial city.

Helena saw the center and said something "Young master, what's that?"

Above that skylight, you could see a huge sapphire stone receiving the Qi from the atmosphere and Alexander said: "Convergence gem of second grade".


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