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Alexander said carelessly: "These bandits must be supported by n.o.bles or merchants of the Aras Kingdom, they will not attack the civilians of the Kingdom only by concentrating on foreigners".

Adam thought what Alexander said was understandable and couldn't help but ask, "But how can you be sure there will be foreigners?"

Alexander answered simply: "Because it is the only way to Marcial City because merchants from all the kingdoms of the region as well as merchants from the Shota empire must pa.s.s by, Here must pa.s.s a fortune every day".

"But won't that affect the country's economy?"

"Not quite the opposite, in fact, it benefits it. The merchants technically come with their products to take the gold from the country, doing this not only sell their products but also the money is left in local hands".

This left Adam thinking and he could not deny that this dirty tactic generated wealth for the country. But then Alexander said coldly: "Grandpa, what if we get rich?"

"This..." Adam knew what his grandson wanted to say but did not know if it was a good thing, When he saw his doubt Alexander said: "They are bandits and surely they have killed more than one innocent, Also even if we do not move against them, they will move against us".

So Adam no longer hesitated and resumed their journey only to be attacked by groups of bandits from time to time, This made Adam and Alexander exterminate the groups and will keep their wealth.

Adam could not help but exclaim: "How can bandits be so rich!"

On this trip, they had collected countless coins of different denominations but together they exceed one million gold!

Alexander shook his head and said: "It's not that they're rich, it's just that their boss hasn't come for their profits, after all moving that amount of goods and money is not something that can be done easily, one must make preparations and move when it's worth doing".

So that's how it was!

These were the bandits' several months' savings!

But what surprised Adam the most was how accustomed Alexander was to kill people.

Adam was impressed with how easily Alexander could take lives. It was as if they didn't care about other people's lives.

Also, Helena who was indifferent to blood in spite of being only 4 years old, this couple of master and servant were very rare but still continued their journey.

Twelve days later they were on the outskirts of the martial city when Alexander exclaimed: "Stop!"

So the coachman stopped on a small mountain and Alexander came out of the carriage to see the city. This large city could accommodate more than 20 million people and had four walls in which different types of people lived.

The first circle - people not related to the martial city. (Merchants, sellers among others)

Second Circle - External Disciples

Third circle - Elders and inner disciples

Fourth circle - Central disciples, patriarchs, great elders, and the supreme elder.

But the most surprising was a tower about 800 meters high in the center of the city making the city look majestic.

Alexander could only look incredulously at that tower and say, "How can such a small place have such a big treasure!"

So his grandfather came out of the carriage and saw Alexander: "What's going on?" So Helena followed him and saw the tower and said: "A tower of cultivation?"

Seeing that his grandson did not answer and Helena knew something about why Alexander was so agitated I ask: "You talk about the martial tower, Why did you call it a cultivation tower?"

Helena saw the tower and said: "That is not a common tower, within it, there are thousands of cultivation rooms, I can see why the young master is so agitated".


"Because a miserable martial city can't afford to have a cultivation tower, I don't know the prices of that tower but to make a tower of that size would be astronomical for the martial city."

But soon a childish voice was heard and said, "3 million grade 7 spiritual stones."

That amount made Adam's heart flutter and he thought a stone of that grade costs 1 trillion gold, doesn't that mean... That number has a name?

So he saw the tower in disbelief and murmured: "So that tower was before the foundation of the martial city more than 1500 years ago but no one knows its origins or works, in fact, no one can enter".

Alexander sighed and said: "This tower is used by the powers to cultivate his disciples, for the size of this tower must have 160 floors, of which the first 40 have cultivation rooms with double the density of Qi in the outside, the next 40 will have five times more and the next forty will have ten times more while the last forty floors will have a density of Qi of twenty times more than in the outside".

Adam frowned and said, "So cultivation on the 160th floor of the tower is twenty times faster than cultivation outdoors? A day in that growing room would be equal to 20 days outdoors!"

Alexander and Helena only saw the tower as they nodded.

Seeing the other side a.s.serting their doubts, Adam could not help but take a breath of air and look at the tower with disbelief: "No wonder the martial city is so powerful".

Alexander shook his head and said, "Grandpa, you're wrong."

"Am I wrong?"

Alexander explained: "If they had access to the tower they wouldn't be so weak, In fact, they could be the same as a five-grade peak mortal country, with several hundred cultivators in the Spirit Realm".

Alexander examined the environment and said, "Do you know why the density of qi is higher in this area?"

Adam opened his eyes and said, "Don't tell me it's because of the tower!"

Alexander nodded and said calmly: "Just be around the tower that a powerful force in a desolate land, Now believe me ..., the importance of a cultivation tower should not be underestimated".

"If you don't believe me, you can close your eyes and see where the Qi flow is going."

Adam did not hesitate and closed his eyes feeling the Qi of Heaven and earth and was surprised to see that large amounts of Qi are headed to the top of the tower!

Only then did he open his eyes and look incredulously at the tower.

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