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Alexander replied easily: "Yes and no, it depends on the person himself."

Helena confused only bowed her little head to wait for the answer and Alexander replied: "The answer is simple, if what you want is to live indefinitely there will be a point in the cultivation in which you achieve it will no longer be necessary to cultivate but if you seek to be stronger and stronger will never have an end this because he who seeks finds".

These words made Adam and Helena digesting all that Alexander had said but in the end could only sigh and push it back into their minds, for now, they did not understand it but perhaps there would be a day when they would understand it.

Then Adam said, "Now let's just concentrate on the present, what do we do with the tower?"

Alexander put his finger on his chin and said: "There are two options, first we take the whole tower for ourselves or we take with us the most important part of the tower the convergence gem, that is the most difficult material to find from the tower and as long as we have it even if it is not a tower of this quality you can make another tower in a few years".

Adam was surprised at his grandson's idea because if the Alba family got this treasure too much, this whole tower was endless benefits and with this tower becoming a deadly country of grade four was possible according to Alexander.

But at the same time, he doubted because they had no grudge against the martial city and to do this to them would affect them: "But what will we do with the martial city?"

Alexander shrugged his shoulders and said: "It is not my fault that they have a treasure of this level but do not use it, I am not to blame for their ignorance. Besides, if we help them get this tower, they may let us into the tower today but not tomorrow. Only being the owners and placing the tower in our power and territory is that we can be sure to be able to use it as we want".

Adam sighed and knew that his grandson was right. If today they helped the Martial City to open the tower, they will be indebted to the Alba family, but goodness does not last forever and the fact that this mayor is a righteous person does not mean that the next generation is so.

In addition, there will always be people who will say: "Because we must share our treasure with the Alba family, we have already let them use it for x.x.x years, the debt is already paid" and eventually the Alba family will lose its right to enter the tower. Because it is in the territory of the Martial City.

Adam with his decisions had to think about his descendants and could not help but ask: "In which case we take the tower as we would do?"

Alexander saw his grandfather and said: "I can't but you can, you only have from the outside to surround the tower with your qi and put it in your s.p.a.ce ring".

Adam was already a true cultivator who could manifest his Qi out of his body after all.

Adam furrowed his eyebrows and said, "So easy?"

Alexander nodded: "That s.p.a.ce ring has enough s.p.a.ce to store the tower, so if the hard part is going to be getting out of the city after the tower disappears but at your current speed I don't think there's a problem with that, you just have to run at full speed to the fourth ring of the city and with everyone in the city mixing with them.

Adam nodded but in the end couldn't help but ask: "Once we have the tower where we put it?"

That is to say, if the tower of the martial city appears in the kingdom Alba would be a problem.

Alexander only made a gesture with the hand and said: "Quiet, let me think about it, Now we only have to think about taking the tower hehe before we could not because we did not have an elementary cultivator but now with you grandfather we can do it easily".

Adam nodded and gave his permission to take the tower.

Alexander began to make a few preparations, the first thing he did was to alter the Arrays of the tower to limit the amount of Qi he could absorb, limiting it to 10% of the previous capacity.

Having done this, he looked for a few herbs in his ring and made a few homemade smoke bombs. These were not normal smoke bombs and with this, he would gain enough time to take the tower without leaving traces.

This was important and they could not let know that they had stolen this tower otherwise many people could investigate about the tower and discover its uses and when that time comes the Alba family will be surrounded by enemies.

The three of them went down the stairs of the tower and reached the base. Alexander before leaving said: "Grandpa, when we leave place your two palms on the outside of the tower and start surrounding the tower with your qi and once you surround the whole tower just think of the tower entering the s.p.a.ce ring, normally these towers would have defenses against this type of theft but this tower has not been taken care of making their external arrays no longer work, now put on the layers".

So the three of them put on their coats and Alexander opened the door a little and started throwing smoke bombs all over the city.

Soon "Boom" sounds were heard after the first, the second and third.

Alexander gave smoke bombs to Helena and said: "Throw them everywhere to confuse people" and so they came out of the towers throwing smoke bombs everywhere.

On leaving the tower, Alexander said to his grandfather: "Grandfather now! Begin!"

A few moments earlier in the City Hall.

There was a week left before the selection tournament for the real tournament begins and the main patriarchs and Sect masters were discussing the situation and giving the last details about the compet.i.tion.

These were:

Clan Snow patriarch Chris Snow

Sect Master of the Sea Palace- Nicholas.

The Mayor of the Martial City Naethel

The patriarch of the Grey Clan - Jojen Grey

The patriarch of Iron Castle - Girod

The representative of the Royal Palace- Fritt Sail.

These were the patriarchs who throughout the region who had a strength comparable to that of the great elders and were only surpa.s.sed by the supreme Elders of their powers.

Thus it could be said that they were the greatest active experts of the region.

The six were talking and fine-tuning the last details about the tournament when they heard a "Boom" and when the first came the second, third, fourth came.

Naethel without expecting anything left the mayor's office only to find that the whole central part of the Martial City was full of smoke and nothing could be seen more than three meters from his field of view even with his crop as the smoke was extremely dense.

Naethel and the other patriarchs tried with all their strength to clear the smoke but the "Boom" continued to sound with no sign of stopping this caused even the Elders and the great Elders to leave their residences and try to spread the smoke but it was all useless. This lasted for five minutes in which the smoke spread throughout the martial city reaching the edges of the city.

This lasted for five minutes until the explosions finally stopped and the residents were finally gaining ground from the smoke. Until finally after ten minutes the patriarchs could see what was in front of them and everything seemed normal. Naethel could only see the surroundings and seeing that nothing was missing, he was confused and ordered: "Count what is missing!

But just a few moments later a cry from an Elder sounded and said: "The martial tower is gone!"

When everyone around them heard that, they took it as a joke. How could such a large tower disappear and all those present wanted to scold the old man for joking at such a delicate moment while others turned to check it out.

And sounds from all sides sounded

"It's gone, the martial tower is gone!"

"How can this be possible?!"

"A tower of that size can't just disappear!"

Listening to Neithel's expression around him he changed and rushed to the location of the tower only to see a flat plain where the tower was!

Naethel showed an incredulous expression and said: "How can this be possible?!, How!"

At this time Naethel had mixed emotions as the martial tower, the element on which the creation of the martial city was based had disappeared and he cried out in anger: "LISTEN TO MY ORDER ALL FROM EXTERNAL DISCIPLES TO THE GREAT ELDERS DISPLAY AND SEARCH THE MARTIAL TOWER, A TOWER OF 800 METERS CANNOT DISAPPEAR WITHOUT LEAVING TRACK".

This scream made the martial city shake and very soon All the people began to move to find the culprit and many people flooded the nearby forests but no one looked in the city because it was not possible to hide a tower of that size in that city. Right?

Meanwhile, the main culprits were in the fourth ring of the City eating at a famous restaurant and ignoring what they did.

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