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Skylar walks with Vex down a long hallway. It was much nicer than the areas she and Cody were in. The floor was a soft red rug. The walls were dark red with gold in them as well.

"Don't be nervous. My sister will probably ask what kind of human you are. And what makes you so special." Vex tells her as they walk.

She nods. "So...this is it..I'm a forever prisoner.." She sighs. "Adventure.."

He looks at her. "How is your side?"

"Better." She touches it. "Still hurts."

They stop in front of double doors. Some guards open them. Revealing a large room. A large throne sat in the middle. It was gold with red lining on it. Rows of seats sat around them. All red. A woman sat on the throne. Her dress long an red. Showing some of her right leg. Her long black hair running down the throne. Her nails long red. Very pointed an sharp. Her eyes a glowing red. Her skin a glowing grey. Sparking a little. Her large cleavage showing at the top.

Skylar's eyes meet with hers. 'I'm guessing she's the queen..'

"Sister, this is my new pet." Vex bows to her. He forces Skylar to do the same.

The queen smiles. "Oh dear brother!" She stands. "I had no idea that your new pet was so.." She walks up to Skylar. She was much taller than the both of them. She stares at Skylar. "Such beauty." She touches Skylar's face.

Skylar looks at her strangely.

"What is your name beautiful?" The queen smiles at her. Her sharp teeth showing.

Skylar swallows. " name is Skylar."

"So pretty.." She stares at her. Looking at all her details. "She looks so much like us, brother."

Vex nods. "I saw. She is human. It's very strange."

"Yes." The queen nods. "Lock her up."

Vex looks at her. "Sister?"

The queen shakes her head as she goes back to her throne. "THROW HER IN THE PIG PEN! HER BLOOD IS TAINTED!"

Some guards grab Skylar. "Come with us!"

Vex shakes his head. "But sister! Nothing is wrong with her blood!"

"And how would you know? Brother?" She glares at him.

He looks at Skylar worried.

"No.." The queen growls. "You drank from her...didn't you?!"

"No.." He shakes his head. "I did no such thing."

She smacks him. Her nail leaving a scratch on his cheek. "You disgust me!"

"I did not drink her blood." He glares up at her.

"Than what?" She glares back at him.

He shakes his head. "I...I can't explain it.."

"Brother..if you ever want to run this place you must never lie to family." She waves to a guard. "Go wash up."

"Sister. She is-"

"Go wash up! We will see your precious pet fight her way out! If she makes it through without dying she may leave! But..if not.." She grins. "She'll just be another test subject that you get to play with. YOU should be grateful that I'm even giving her a chance." She leans back. "Now go. Your presence disgusts me" She waves her hand away.

Vex growls as he turns away. As he walks he thinks about Skylar.

"Queen..if you don't mind..but I did not detect anything wrong with that human girl. Why did you send her away?" A man standing next to her asks.

The queen smiles. "Oh Loral. There was nothing wrong at all. I just like messing with my brother. The girl reeked of him. I can tell he likes her and we can't have that. Can we?"

"Oh my! You are so evil my queen." Loral smiles.

She smiles. "Thank you. But I know I can do better."

"If I may..maybe you could drug the girl before she fights? That way if she does win she dies in front of his eyes. Your brother will not see it coming." Loral looks at her. Waiting for a answer.

She thinks for a moment. "Do it. I want to see the look on his face when his pet dies."

"Very well." Loral bows before walking off.

*Next Scene*

Kat goes to stand but Derek stops her. "You know you shouldn't get out of bed. The doctor said you need some bed rest before any work." he sits next to her on the bed.

"I know." She groans. "I just need to find another way to fight this h.e.l.l queen."

He kisses her. "You will think of something. But.." He stands. "Until than I will be doing the work."

*Next Scene*

"d.a.m.n it!" Zora falls out of the portal with Logan.

The vampires stand in front of them. "What happened?" They ask confused.

"Well..someone decided to tell too much!" Zora stands as she glares at Logan.

Logan groans as he stands as well. "Oh shut it! I didn't mean to hit on your sister!" He winces as he touches his side. "Why does my side hurt so much!"


The vampires walk out. "We will leave you alone." They shut the doors.

"So something inside me is missing?" He groans.

She rolls his eyes. "Yes. Probably."

"Well what about you?!" He groans.

She looks around her body. "Oh!" She looks at her hand. "Just a missing nail."

"Why aren't you in pain?" He grunts.

"Because.." She rolls her eyes. "Us demons only hurt when you actually hurt a important body part."

"The queen would like to see you." A vampire walks back in.

"The queen?" Logan looks at her. His hand still on his side.

She nods. "Tell her we will see her."

The vampire nods before walking back out.

"I...I didn't know that the vampires had a queen." He sighs.

"You are such a princess." She goes to him.

"What are you-" He is surprised when he feels her lips on his. He quickly pushes her off. "What the-"

"Oh calm down." She wipes her lips. "All I did was make your pain go away for a hour."

He touches his side. " thanks."

"Yeah yeah. Lets just get to the queen." She walks to the doors.

*Next Scene*

The cell door of Skylar's cell opens. Some light hits her face.

"Get up!" Some guards order her.

She stands. "W-whats going on?"

"Grab her." One orders.

Two guards grab her on either side. Pulling her out.

"Looks like the fun is about to start." One of them laugh.

*Next Scene*

"Queen Helda." Zora bows to the vampire queen.

Helda smiles. "Say, is this some new pet of yours, Zora?" She stares at Logan s.e.xually. "Is so cute.."

He smiles a little. "h.e.l.lo. I'm Logan."

"Queen you wished to see me." Zora interrupts them.

Helda nods. "Oh yes. I was just seeing how your trip went."

"Well it went well. We were just on our way back to Wolfhound." Zora answers her.

Helda waves to a servant girl. "Bring me some blood." She looks back at Zora. "Say, would you two like to watch a fight? I have one scheduled soon. It'll be fun."

"We would love to but-"

"Don't be rude. I think this could be nice." Logan interrupts her. He looks at Helda. "If the queen wants us to watch whose to say we shouldn't?" He winks at her.

Helda grins. "I like this one, Zora. And yay! I can't wait! The fight starts in a few. When it starts the guards will get you. Until than please enjoy your stay." She stands.

The servant girl comes back with a cup of blood. "My queen." She bows as she holds the cup.

"GO." Helda grabs the cup. "I don't want to be rude but I need to go wash up." She walks away. Drinking her blood.

Zora punches Logan. "What the h.e.l.l?!"

"What?" Logan rubs his arm. "I was just being nice."

She rolls her eyes. "Now we have to stay and watch some stupid fight. And all because you can't keep your d.i.c.k in your pants."

"Well!" He crosses his arms. "I would have you know that women love it!"

She rolls her eyes. "Sure. I bet they just tell you that because you are the prince."

"No.." He thinks back to all the women he slept with. "Well.." He shakes his head. "I WILL NOT LET YOU GET INTO MY HEAD!"

"Excuse me.." Vex stands behind them.

Zora jumps. "Sorry Vex. Didn't see you."

"Its alright. No one really does." He looks at Logan. 'The smell of this one..its familiar..' "The fight is almost ready. I can take you to your seats." He turns around.

Logan looks him up and down. "Dude you are freakishly tall."

"I know.." Vex rolls his eyes. He takes them down some hallways until they stop at a door. When they walk through they see that they are surrounded by rows of chairs.

"Wait. Isn't that the throne?" Logan asks confused as he looks down. He swallows. "So high.." He backs away.

"Yes it is." Vex nods. "Here. These are your seats." He shows them two chairs. "I will be back."" He walks off.

Logan sits down. "I wonder what is going to fight."

"Probably one of their "creations"." Zora groans. Leaning back as she crosses her arms.

Logan spots a cage above the throne. "Whats that?"

"That's for the fighting. Whoever gets killed has their blood get splashed onto the throne for the queen to drink." She sighs. "I hate this place.."

"Disturbing." Logan shakes his head.

Skylar gets thrown into the cage. Some swords and a wooden s.h.i.+eld is thrown in with her.

"Skylar!" Logan jumps from his chair.

Zora looks at him. "What? Do you know her?"

"Yeah! Shes my little sister!" He looks at her worried.

Skylar groans as her side bleeds from being thrown. Her skin a little more lighter.

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