The Strongest Prophet Who Had Trained 100 Heroes Is Admired By His Apprentices Around The World Even As An Adventurer Volume 1 Chapter 33

The Strongest Prophet Who Had Trained 100 Heroes Is Admired By His Apprentices Around The World Even As An Adventurer -

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Despite decapitating an arm from the t.i.tan Ogre, Eisen didn't lose his guard. That's because—

「Ouuu!—【Evil Ice Blast】!」

The t.i.tan Ogre hadn't lost its fighting spirit even after one of its arms got cut off, instead, it began to regenerate its arm. While doing so, it raised its other arm and began shooting ice bullets. But Eisen knew that the t.i.tan Ogre wouldn't be frightened after losing a single arm.

「【Speed up this body and cut it into pieces】—【Hurricane Slash】」

Eisen used the Prophet Magic immediately. His body which was supported by Word Magic, instantly moved as he wished. His sword moved at a speed that made his blade dance and cut down each ice bullets. Without a stop, he took a step forward towards the ogre.

He then cut off the arm of the ogre that was up in the air shooting ice bullets.


Blood gushed out of its deeply cut arm. The ogre looked startled, but the injured arm immediately smoked up to regenerate it.

「I'm not done yet—【More Body Acceleration】」

The movement of his whole body accelerated following his words. He slashed the ogre continuously. Twice and thrice of his blows made a heavy wound at the upper body of the t.i.tan Ogre.


The t.i.tan Ogre jumped back and roared as he slashed it from its arms to its chest. Apparently, it has an instinct to move to avoid the attack that's near its heart where its nucleus, its weakness, is located. It appears that Eisen's attack is working, those mutilations that didn't regenerate are the evidence.

「It seems that you can't regenerate from your wounds if I give a you heavy wounds before you could evoke regeneration.」

There's a limit on the regenerative ability despite having been strengthened by the miasma. Eisen then undone the magic that he had evoked through his words and this have no side effects on his body. It's working as he evokes it. There's no damage in his body caused by the reinforcement evoke by the Prophet Magic.

(I can easily attack it but it has a thick muscle. The attacks I evoked earlier that didn't reach the nucleus of the heart is the proof of this.)


The t.i.tan Ogre still have a will to fight, its right hand is now holding an ice mace and is ready to strike Eisen with a murderous intent. The left arm which he has mutilated is now partially regenerated. Cutting a few limbs little by little won't do, this just won't stop. These simple attacks only excite the opponent, it doesn't work.

「What I need is an attack that could penetrate through its nucleus.」

(I see that I have to get this done now. I know, I can at least do this much.)

Eisen held his sword on his waist and evoked one of his Prophet Magic to his body.

「【Body Acceleration.】」

At that moment, his hands and feet started to glow and his body was strengthened due to the Prophet Magic. As he had evoked, energy built up on his body

But for the t.i.tan Ogre, it doesn't care and went forward, waving the ice mace in its hand to crush him.


With a sudden momentum forward, the t.i.tan Ogre swung his ice mace with all its might. The ice mace made a friction on the air that even produced a white smoke in the air. However—

「【Instantaneous Slash Attack】……!!」

Eisen took a step forward with his accelerated strength before he could receive a direct blow. Once again, he used Prophet Magic. He delivered quick attacks with a body and sword that's been reinforced with Word Magic. Then he evoke one of the magic skill he used to defeat the evil G.o.d.

「【I declare Absolute Severance】(Dooms Judgement)」

Eisen released a very quick slash, leaving a s.h.i.+ning trajectory as he cut off the air in front of him.


As he strikes a destructive attack, it went against the ice mace that the t.i.tan Ogre was swinging.

He slashed off the t.i.tan Ogre without any struggle. The cut reached the chest of the t.i.tan Ogre, breaking its chest open—the magic beast's nucleus is now destroyed.

——With a soundless voice, the magic beast crashed to the ground.

2/2 Double update~ It's Chinese New Year in the Philippines so I got some time off to do translations since I don't have school nor part-time to do (ㆆᴗㆆ)

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