Poison God's Heritage summary:

"There is a thin line between poison and medicine, and I shall make you dance on it!"
Dead and reincarnated, Shen Bao finds himself in a world of cultivation, a world he only believed that existed in stories and books.
With hopes of heights and abilities far than what the mortal man could ever dream of, he's given a new purpose in life, however, fate had other surprises in store for him.
What should have commenced as a regular life in any reincarnation story, for Shen Bao everything turned upside down when he found out that he doesn't have the ability to cultivate...

Poison God's Heritage Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 635 IT LIVES! May-17-2024
Chapter 630 Delivery Mar-05-2024
Chapter 629 Report Mar-05-2024
Chapter 627 Return Mar-02-2024
Chapter 621 Flight Feb-20-2024
Chapter 618 Stinger Feb-16-2024
Chapter 617 Agenda Feb-14-2024
Chapter 616 Safety? Feb-13-2024
Chapter 615 Execution Feb-12-2024
Chapter 614 Duel II Feb-12-2024
Chapter 613 Duel Feb-09-2024
Chapter 612 Captured Feb-08-2024
Chapter 611 Question Feb-08-2024
Chapter 608 New World Feb-08-2024
Chapter 604 Trapped Feb-08-2024
Chapter 602 The Pass Jan-17-2024
Chapter 598 Undead Jan-11-2024
Chapter 597 Library Jan-11-2024
Chapter 592 Dunes Dec-26-2023
Chapter 591 Standoff Dec-25-2023
Chapter 590 Power Dec-25-2023
Chapter 589 Inquiry Dec-22-2023
Chapter 586 Ant Queen Dec-20-2023
Chapter 585 Ant Cave Dec-20-2023
Chapter 584 Slave Dec-18-2023
Chapter 583 Chased Dec-16-2023
Chapter 582 Arrival Dec-15-2023
Chapter 577 Trap Dec-09-2023
Chapter 569 Danger Dec-01-2023
Chapter 567 Gate Nov-30-2023
Chapter 564 Fixed Nov-24-2023
Chapter 561 Beckoned Nov-23-2023
Chapter 560 Guest Nov-23-2023
Chapter 554  Madness Nov-22-2023
Chapter 549 Invasion Oct-30-2023
Chapter 545  Origin Oct-20-2023
Chapter 543  Secrets Oct-15-2023
Chapter 537  Battle Oct-05-2023
Chapter 535  Revenge Sep-26-2023
Chapter 530  Laugh Sep-18-2023
Chapter 529  Turmoil Aug-29-2023
Chapter 526  Felled Aug-20-2023
Chapter 522  Escape Aug-18-2023
Chapter 521  Gift Aug-18-2023
Chapter 514 Captured Jul-25-2023
Chapter 512 Faith Jul-19-2023
Chapter 509 Departure Jul-15-2023
Chapter 508  Return Jul-15-2023
Chapter 506 Exodus Jul-08-2023
Chapter 505 Library Jul-07-2023
Chapter 504 Planning Jul-04-2023
Chapter 500 Key Jun-24-2023
Chapter 498 Escape Jun-24-2023
Chapter 497 Jun-24-2023
Chapter 490 Ego Jun-04-2023
Chapter 488 Origins Jun-03-2023
Chapter 484 ! May-23-2023
Chapter 482 Meeting May-19-2023
Chapter 481 The Mist May-19-2023
Chapter 479 Mei Ling May-12-2023
Chapter 475 Za Warldo May-06-2023
Chapter 470 Map Apr-27-2023
Chapter 466 The Game Apr-21-2023
Chapter 465 Carnage Apr-20-2023
Chapter 462 Maze Apr-20-2023
Chapter 460 In A Box Apr-16-2023
Chapter 455 Heir Apr-11-2023
Chapter 454 Movement Apr-10-2023
Chapter 453 Roaring Apr-10-2023
Chapter 452 Arrival Apr-08-2023
Chapter 451 Battle Apr-08-2023
Chapter 450 Invader Apr-08-2023
Chapter 448 Repair Apr-04-2023
Chapter 446 Encounter Apr-02-2023
Chapter 445 Warmth Apr-01-2023
Chapter 443 Encounter Apr-01-2023
Chapter 442 Dark Hour Mar-28-2023
Chapter 438 Book Worm Mar-27-2023
Chapter 437 Success Mar-20-2023
Chapter 436 Bet Mar-19-2023
Chapter 433 Traceless Mar-16-2023
Chapter 432 Deal Mar-14-2023
Chapter 431 Comission Mar-13-2023
Chapter 430 Petty Mar-13-2023
Chapter 428 Test Mar-13-2023
Chapter 419 Kyu Feb-18-2023
Chapter 417 Map Feb-14-2023
Chapter 416 It Speaks Feb-10-2023
Chapter 410 A Drink Jan-23-2023
Chapter 408 Old Beast Jan-18-2023
Chapter 403 Gifts Jan-09-2023
Chapter 399: Alone Dec-28-2022
Chapter 394: Insane Dec-21-2022
Chapter 393: Trapped Dec-17-2022
Chapter 391: Awake Dec-13-2022
Chapter 390: Lucid Dec-12-2022
Chapter 389: Desires Dec-08-2022
Chapter 384: Face off Nov-30-2022
Chapter 379: Venture Nov-20-2022
Chapter 376: Duel Nov-17-2022
Chapter 375: Cocky Nov-10-2022
Chapter 369: The Peak Nov-06-2022
Chapter 364: In Hell Oct-24-2022
Chapter 357: Loot Oct-07-2022
Chapter 355: Travel Oct-02-2022
Chapter 352: Betrayal Sep-28-2022
Chapter 349: Doors Sep-27-2022
Chapter 334: Plan Aug-16-2022
Chapter 330: Manuals Aug-08-2022
Chapter 328: Bookworm Aug-06-2022
Chapter 323: Greed Jul-30-2022
Chapter 322: Sermon Jul-30-2022
Chapter 320: Tea Time Jul-22-2022
Chapter 319: Tea Time Jul-22-2022
Chapter 313: Chaos Jul-09-2022
Chapter 309: Waves Jul-04-2022
Chapter 303: Takeover Jul-04-2022
Chapter 296: Miserly Jul-04-2022
Chapter 292: Pass Jul-04-2022
Chapter 288: Clear Jul-04-2022
Chapter 286: Escape Jul-04-2022
Chapter 285: Madness Jul-04-2022
Chapter 280: Sponsor Jul-04-2022
Chapter 278: Twist Jul-04-2022
Chapter 277: Recovery Jul-04-2022
Chapter 275: Ambush Jul-04-2022
Chapter 273: Arrival Jul-04-2022
Chapter 271: A Bet Jul-04-2022
Chapter 261: Entry Jul-04-2022
Chapter 260: Purpose Jul-04-2022
Chapter 258: Gifts Jul-04-2022
Chapter 257: Awake Jul-04-2022
Chapter 255: Escape Jul-04-2022
Chapter 254: Resolve Jul-04-2022
Chapter 253: Stunt Jul-04-2022
Chapter 250: Tracking Jul-04-2022
Chapter 249: Decision Jul-04-2022
Chapter 245: Invasion Jul-04-2022
Chapter 242: Plan B Jul-04-2022
Chapter 223: Exposed May-22-2022
Chapter 220: Enraged May-22-2022
Chapter 219: Rumors May-22-2022
Chapter 214: Success May-22-2022
Chapter 206 - Solved May-22-2022
Chapter 173 Q&A May-22-2022
Chapter 163 Hunted May-22-2022
Chapter 162 Sanctuary May-22-2022
Chapter 155 The Deeps May-22-2022
Chapter 153 Gains May-22-2022
Chapter 152 Auction May-22-2022
Chapter 144 Top Grade May-22-2022
Chapter 142 Law May-22-2022
Chapter 135 In Prison May-22-2022
Chapter 129 Escape May-22-2022
Chapter 127 Hunted May-22-2022
Chapter 124 Upgrades May-22-2022
Chapter 114 I'm Rich! May-22-2022
Chapter 102 Lockdown May-22-2022
Chapter 92 NANI? May-22-2022
Chapter 90 Sky Pearl May-22-2022
Chapter 83 Memories May-22-2022
Chapter 77 Fire-Power May-22-2022
Chapter 73 Invitation May-22-2022
Chapter 64 THINK! May-22-2022
Chapter 61 New Skill May-22-2022
Chapter 53 Battle May-22-2022
Chapter 51 X May-22-2022
Chapter 34 History May-22-2022
Chapter 30 Gifts May-22-2022
Chapter 19 Meng Hao May-22-2022
Chapter 16 Suspect May-22-2022
Chapter 14 Teachings May-22-2022
Chapter 13 Benefits. May-22-2022
Chapter 11 Encounter May-22-2022
Chapter 8 First Step May-22-2022
Chapter 4 Time Flies May-22-2022
Chapter 3 Bricks May-22-2022
Chapter 1 Prologue May-22-2022
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