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Published at 22nd of May 2020 12:55:07 PM
Chapter 749: 749

Both Lan Yanzhi and Bo Yan threw their guns towards Lan Xiaozhi's leg .

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 Seeing their actions, Lan Xiaozhi's cold eyes constricted a little .

 Were they not afraid of death?

 If they open-fired, she definitely would not be their opponent!

 Mu Sihan's deep black eyes stared at Lan Xiaozhi intently, not a hint of fear on his handsome face .

 He approached her, pressing his chest against her gun .

 He knew that it was barely possible for him to bring her away under such circ.u.mstances now .

 Mu Sihan ordered calmly . “Yanzhi, Bo Yan, jump down with your men first . ”

 “Fourth Brother, if we're leaving, you have to leave too!” Lan Yanzhi said .

 Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows, his voice completely cold . “I told you to jump down with your men first!”

 Bo Yan pulled Lan Yanzhi, who still wanted to say something . Bo Yan whispered by Lan Yanzhi's ear . “We have to believe in Sihan . ”

 The situation they were in now was indeed not favorable to them .

 If they weren't able to hurt Nan Zhi, they would only become the prey of others .

 With Sihan's intelligence, he would find a way to get out of danger .

 Bo Yan made a gesture, and a group of Special Forces troops walked out from the woods .

 Lan Xiaozhi said coldly, “No one is allowed to leave . If not, I'll kill him now!”

 Mu Sihan stared at the emotionless expression Lan Xiaozhi had, his voice low and hoa.r.s.e . “Let them leave, and I'll let you do anything to me!”

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 Lan Xiaozhi felt another sharp pain in her head, only saying coldly after hearing the instruction . “Alright . ”

 After Lan Yanzhi, Bo Yan, and the rest of their men left, and the place fell silent .

 For that moment, there only seemed to consist the breathing of the two of them .

 Lan Xiaozhi stared at the man whose expression was stiff, eyes dark . Her lips moved . “Aren't you afraid of dying?”

 “Yes . ” Mu Sihan's Adam's apple bobbed, his heart raising to his throat though he acted incredibly calm . “Everyone is afraid of dying . But I'm even more scared that after I die, no one will save you .

 “I'm also scared that after I die, you won't be able to see our son anymore . ”


 Lan Xiaozhi's lashes fluttered slightly .

 Her temple felt like a sharp needle had poked into it, throbbing painfully .

 Seeing her twisted expression from the pain she was feeling, Mu Sihan felt his heart clench up tightly together .

 At this moment, Lan Ye's men had arrived at the top of the mountain .

 The bright vehicle lights flooded the entire place .

 Lan Ye got off the car, smirking when he saw Lan Xiaozhi pointing a gun at Mu Sihan .

 Lan Ye had brought more than a hundred elite soldiers over, while Mu Sihan only had himself, while he was being pointed at with a gun by Lan Xiaozhi .

 It was extremely clear who the winning party was .

 Lan Xiaozhi smirked, lifting his chin slightly . “You're the one who wanted to take Xiaozhi away from me? Do you know the consequence of doing this?”

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 Mu Sihan did not even spare a glance at Lan Ye, his eyes fixed on Lan Xiaozhi .

 Everything around him felt like a grey noise in the background, and Lan Xiaozhi was the only one who existed in his eyes .

 Lan Ye's eyes darkened at having been completely ignored, his red eyes making him look like a bloodthirsty devil . “Are you looking down on me? Resenting me?”

 Mu Sihan continued to remain silent .

 Lan Ye was completely angered . He glanced at Lan Xiaozhi, ordering her, “Kill him!”

 Lan Xiaozhi's eyes turned towards Mu Sihan coldly, like she was a killing machine with no conscience . Her fingers pressed on the trigger .

 Just then, Mu Sihan lifted his hands and held onto Lan Xiaozhi's hands on the gun .

 When her hands were wrapped by his warm hands, Lan Xiaozhi s.h.i.+vered slightly .

 Her exquisite eyebrows furrowed, then relaxed, before it furrowed and relaxed once more . She repeated this action for a few times, before her expression morphed back into a cold one . “Let go, don't think that I won't dare to shoot you!”

 Mu Sihan stared into Lan Xiaozhi's cold but unfocused eyes . “Do it!”

 The moment Mu Sihan said it, Lan Ye furrowed his eyebrows .

 Was Mu Sihan asking Lan Xiaozhi to kill him?

 “Ever since I found out about you being in an accident and leaving our world, I thought that I was about to die . If I can die from your hands, I won't have any regrets!”

 He stared at her heatedly, as if he wanted to tattoo her image onto his bones .

 Lan Xiaozhi stared at the emotions and pain in his eyes, her heart feeling slightly touched . She wanted to grab onto that feeling, but it was as light and flimsy as smoke, she could not grab it no matter what she did .

 There was only a voice in her mind .

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Kill him, kill him…

 Kill him!

However, her hands remained stiff, unable to do anything .

 Mu Sihan grabbed Lan Xiaozhi's frozen and stiff hands, moving her hands onto the trigger .


 A loud bang rang, causing Lan Xiaozhi to throw the gun on the floor as she took a few steps back .

 The tall man suddenly trembled terribly, falling to the ground slowly .

 Lan Xiaozhi had fallen to the ground as well, her tears unconsciously blurring her sight .

 Staring at Mu Sihan who was on the ground, then at her own hands, her face contorted as she screamed out in pain .

 A sharp pain throbbed in her head, as if there was a bomb that exploded in her .

 Her uncontrolled consciousness slowly regained its clarity .

 Her tears-covered lashes trembled, staring at the sight before her in disbelief .

 Just now, did she shoot Mr Mu?

 A thin layer of cold sweat covered her forehead, and her face immediately turned pale .

 “No, no… Why, why did it become like this?” Lan Xiaozhi shouted in pain .

 Lan Ye narrowed his eyes, staring at the motionless Mu Sihan on the ground as he walked over .

 He kicked Mu Sihan twice . Noting that he was not moving, Lan Ye then squatted down and placed his finger in front of Mu Sihan's nose .

 He was no longer breathing .

 He stared at Mu Sihan's handsome and calm face with a complex expression, sighing softly . “Why did you have to find out that she was still alive? If you didn't appear here and want to save her and bring her away, you might still be alive .

 “Such a pity . ” Lan Ye closed his eyes, not looking at Mu Sihan anymore as he moved to get up .

 Right at that moment, his neck was grabbed strongly by someone . The man who was lying on the ground motionless subdued him extremely quickly and took his gun from his waist to point it at his temple .

 All of this took only a few seconds .

 He was so fast that no one could react .

 Lan Ye had never expected that the person he thought was dead was able to come back to life .

 “Nan Zhi, pick up the gun and stand behind me . ”

 Hearing Mu Sihan's voice, Lan Xiaozhi blinked, almost believing that she was hallucinating .

H-He wasn't dead?

 The elite soldiers Lan Ye had brought over all raised their guns when they saw that Lan Ye had been held captive by Mu Sihan .

 “If you don't want your Master to die, put all of your guns down!” Mu Sihan ordered with not a hint of temperature in his voice .

 With a gun pointed at his temple, Lan Ye did not dare move . He raised his hands to make a surrendering gesture, signaling for the soldiers to put their guns down .

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