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Chapter 748: 748

Outside of the car, the night was as cold as ice .

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 The dimmed yellow lights by the road shone into the car, the man's face half-lit, making him look handsome and mysterious at the same time .

 Hearing his words, Lan Xiaozhi felt her heart thump crazily .

 He looked cold and arrogant, unlike a person who would be good with romantic words . But in the recent meetings, all of his words were enough to make her heart flutter .

 He really loved the past her!

 However, she could not remember anything now . She could not remember how they met, how they fell in love, how they had their son, her mind was completely blank .

 Would he still love the her, whose memories were completely blank, after saving her?

 Lan Xiaozhi fell into a state of confusion .

 Noting that the woman beside him was dazing out, Mu Sihan looked down into her well-defined eyes . He asked lowly, “What are you thinking about?”

 Lan Xiaozhi looked into his dark eyes, her long lashes fluttering as she asked softly, “What if I cannot remember what happened in the past no matter what?”

 Mu Sihan hugged her slender shoulders, his hand patting the back of her head softly . “You won't . ” After they returned, he would think of a way to find the reason why she lost her memories, before they gave her treatment to help her recover her memories according to her situation .

 The man hugged Lan Xiaozhi in his arms, her senses filled with his refres.h.i.+ng and pleasant smell . She sniffled . “How did we get together in the past? Did you woo me or did I woo you?”

 “You slept with me first, before you pestered and wooed me . ”

 Lan Xiaozhi immediately looked up, glaring at him with disbelief . “No, it's impossible!”

 Surely her personality before she lost her memories wasn't that open… was she?

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 She slept with him first? Then pestered and wooed him?

 “Nan Xiaozhi, you did sleep with Fourth Brother first, then ran away with your son for four years . ” Lan Yanzhi, who was sitting in the front pa.s.senger seat, turned around to glance at Lan Xiaozhi .

 Gooseb.u.mps appeared on Lan Xiaozhi's arms . “Was I that open in the past?”

 “That night, you were the one who forced yourself on me . ”

 Lan Xiaozhi's scalp turned numb, muttering softly, “Oh no, I'm not that open now . You definitely won't like me anymore . ”

 Mu Sihan's hearing was extremely good, having heard her soft mumbling and he smirked . “If you kiss me now, I might still like you just as much . ”

 Lan Yanzhi almost burst out in laughter . Why was Nan Xiaozhi so innocent and fun to play with after she lost her memories?

 He clearly remembered that his Fourth Brother did quite a bit to make her his woman, while the young girl did not fall for his Fourth Brother's tricks at all .

 Lan Xiaozhi stared at the man's perfectly handsome face . She pursed her lips . “I don't want to kiss you!”

 There were still others in the car, and she was not so shameless to kiss him in front of them .

 Besides, to her, he was…

 She did not know what type of feeling she had for him either .

The SUV drove for nearly ten minutes in the dark before Mu Sihan glanced out of the window . Noticing a car suddenly appearing behind them and chasing after them, he furrowed his eyebrows . “Bo Yan, go faster . They're about to catch up . ”

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 Lan Xiaozhi jumped in fear, holding onto Mu Sihan's arm tightly .

 The SUV sped up, driving towards one of the mountains on Light Island .

 The vehicle only slowed down when it arrived at the foot of the mountain . When Lan Xiaozhi stared at the dark, steep and completely dank forest, she felt even more nervous .

 The car stopped at a wide and empty area .

 It was completely dark around them, as if there was an unknown danger lurking around them, making it extremely stressful for them .

 In Light Island, Lan Ye forbade private planes from entering and exiting the island .

 When they were nearing the cliff of the mountain, Lan Xiaozhi still did not know how Mr Mu and his friends were planning to leave .

 “Lanzhi, bring Nan Zhi to jump down the cliff and leave on the speedboat, Bo Yan and I will stay here…”

 Before Mu Sihan could finish speaking, Lan Xiaozhi, who had been following beside him, suddenly screamed out loud .

 Mu Sihan hurriedly turned towards Lan Xiaozhi .

 All he saw was Lan Xiaozhi cupping her ears with her hands, squatting on the floor with a pale face .

 Her long lashes fluttered crazily .

 “Nan Zhi, what's wrong?” Mu Sihan squatted down, pulling Lan Xiaozhi's hands from her ears . His fingers touched her face, finding it completely cold .

 Lan Xiaozhi's eyes turned red, as she jumped into Mu Sihan's arms, her slender figure s.h.i.+vering . “I'm so cold, hug me, hug me…”

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 Feeling her s.h.i.+vering, Mu Sihan reached out to pull her into his arms . He placed a kiss on her forehead . “Why are you so cold suddenly? Where do you feel unwell?”

 Lan Xiaozhi bit down on her lips strongly . Seeing blood appearing on her lips, Mu Sihan furrowed hie eyebrows . “Let go, stop biting yourself . ”

 Lan Xiaozhi seemed to not be able to hear him, her body s.h.i.+vering even more .

 Lan Yanzhi kept taking notice of any commotion at the bottom of the mountain . Seeing countless vehicle lights s.h.i.+ning towards the mountain, his expression changed immediately . “Fourth Brother, if we don't leave now, it'll be too late . ”

 Mu Sihan wanted to let go of Nan Zhi to let Lan Yanzhi bring her away first . However, when he got up, he realized that something was wrong .

 A cold hole was pressed tightly against his chest .

 Mu Sihan's dark eyes constricted slightly . He watched as the woman slowly stood up, the pain no longer on her face as her expression morphed into a cold and temperature-less one . His lips pursed tightly into a straight line .

 Lan Xiaozhi held onto the gun, taking a few steps back .

 Lan Yanzhi and Bo Yan immediately saw what happened, while the hidden Special Forces troops in the woods also saw it .

 “F*ck, what's going on?” Lan Yanzhi stared at Lan Xiaozhi in confusion . “Nan Zhi, wake up . We came to save you, why are you pointing a gun at Fourth Brother?”

 The gun in Lan Xiaozhi's hands was taken from Mu Sihan's waist when he hugged her earlier .

 She was extremely fast, as if she had been trained .

 The gun in Lan Xiaozhi's hands continued to point at Mu Sihan, as she spoke coldly, “If you surrender now, you can still keep your life . ”

 Her eyes s.h.i.+fted towards Bo Yan and Lan Yanzhi sharply . “The two of you, throw away the guns in your hands, if not, I'll shoot him to death!”

 The him in her words was referring to Mu Sihan .

 Mu Sihan's expression tensed up . Looking at how Nan Zhi seemed, she probably was not doing this voluntarily, and was merely being controlled…

 If Lan Ye was able to insert memories that did not belong to her into her brain, he would be able to use special methods to control her as well .

 Mu Sihan acted like he was not afraid, as he inched towards Lan Xiaozhi .

 Lan Xiaozhi's expression turned colder, a murderous intent flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes . “Don't come over!”

 Acting like he did not hear Lan Xiaozhi's words, Mu Sihan continued to approach her .

 Lan Yanzhi and Bo Yan who were not too far behind them felt their hearts jumping to their throat .

 With their skills, it would be extremely easy if they wanted to take her life .

 But, it was impossible for them to do anything to her .

 Bo Yan made a discreet gesture, signaling for the Special Forces troops hidden in the woods to not hurt Nan Zhi no matter what happened .

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