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It has been a couple of days since the entire fiasco at the drive in Movie Theater took place, currently Nathan was getting ready for the prom the maids of his household helped him to get dressed, a Kiton Tuxedo, with Gucci cotton s.h.i.+rt with embroidery collar on the inside, a black bow tie and Testoni shoes on his feet, accompanying his dress was Rolex watch, his entire attire was above $500,000 easily.

As he descended from the stairs he was greeted by his family some of them smiled where a few of the scowled, they did not wish for him to leave so soon after the attempt on kidnapping/murder on him.

Ryle smiled as he spoke, "My my you look fabulous tonight Nathan, a real heartbreaker."

Nathan smiled at that as he spoke, "Thanks for the compliment Pirate King."

Aubriella gave a small sigh before she spoke, "Dad is right you look like a really handsome tonight.", but Nathan frowned at her tone it seemed that his mother did not wish for him to go to the prom.

Tristan smirked at that as he spoke, "Of course he would after all he has to get such awesome genes from somewhere."

Aubriella glared at her husband before she boasted, "Oi what am I a chopped liver, my baby boy clearly got it from myself."

As the husband and wife duo bickered the tense atmosphere had already vanished completely, as Nathan laughed at them hard drawing everyone's attention as he winced from the pain, even if he was able to leave the hospital that does not mean he had healed completely as he still had st.i.tches which were yet to be removed and by laughing hard he once again felt the pain from the injury.

Aubriella quickly went as she checked over her son as she spoke, "I told you, I told you he is not well there is no need for him to visit some stupid prom."

Nathan gave his mother a small hug as he spoke, "Mom, mom I know you are worried but please there is no need for you to do so I am fine, even the doctor said so and I am not doing an strenuous activity I will be simply going to hang out with my friends."

Isabella: "But child please you are still injured and …"

Nathan sighed as he spoke, "Sorry grandma but I cannot tolerate any form of weakness specially form me, it disgust me."

At his words everyone present frowned it was one of the things they hated about him, no matter what happens he will never tolerate any form of weakness on his behalf they knew even if he had lost his limbs still he would force himself to move, to many it might seemed to be an admirable trait but at the end of the day it was unhealthy when one moves in spite of their injuries and being so stubborn to the point of frustration.

A maid stepped forward carrying a bouquet of roses and a corsage on a tray, Nathan picked up as he spoke, "Why do I have to bring a bouquet with me?"

Ryle spoke with a smirk, "Well it is an etiquette on the other hand I believe it is already 6:15 as such you shouldn't keep your date waiting."

Nathan sighed as he spoke, "Yup well then I am off."

A limousine stopped in front of indoor stadium of 'Sacred Heart School', a person stepped outside before he gave his hand to a lady helping her to step outside the car, as they walked with their hands held together the lady giggled at the joke from her date.

As they neared the door they could hear chatters of people from inside of the stadium, as they stepped inside they were greeted by a teacher who spoke in a jovial, "Ah Mr. Nathaniel Henderson, how have you been my boy?"

Nathan smiled at the teacher as he spoke, "Mr. Riley I have been fine, but how have you been?"

Riley gestured with his hands so so motion as Nathan spoke, "Let me introduce you to my lovely date Miss Amelia McCarthy and Amelia this is my Physics teacher Mr. Riley."

Riley shook her hands as he spoke, "Who doesn't know Miss Amelia? The rising star, who has been dominating the top of the music charts for weeks.", Amelia simply smiled at that.

Amelia whispered back to Nathan as they ventured inside the auditorium, "I hope you remember the deal."

Nathan sighed as he spoke, "Yes I remember, I have to do an alb.u.m with you."

Amelia spoke with a frown, "Why are you being so gloom and doom? I asked you to create an alb.u.m with me nothing outrageous."

Nathan spoke with a frown, "You are asking me to do something I have never done before, I do want to cause your alb.u.m to be horrendous."

Amelia waved at that as she spoke, "You demean yourself too much Nathan, and you have looks as well as nice voice you could easily succeed in your venture."

Nathan sighed as he spoke with smile, "Well we can talk about it later but for now on why don't we enjoy ourselves.", which Amelia nodded with a smile.

Meanwhile back in the 'Osprey Manor' Dominic had a just returned back from work and a deep frown marring his face seeing such a look in his face his wife spoke, "Dear is everything alright?"

Dominic wordlessly took a seat as he took a long sigh before he spoke, "Bring me something cool to drink and you should take a seat I just received some troubling news."

At that others frowned as they took seat near him while the maids brought him some c.o.c.ktails he took a sip from it as he spoke, "The attacker on that day was identified as one 'Samantha Clarke', a housewife and a mother of 4 and 3 year old from Arlington County."

Saniyah: "So was that harlot caught?"

Dominic sighed at that as he spoke, "No when the cops went to her house to arrest her….."

Tristan spoke with impatience, "What happened father? They managed to catch her right?"

Dominic shook his head as he spoke, "They found the bodies of both husband and wife 3 weeks old brutally tortured but not only that her two children were roasted alive and placed on dining table like some form pig roast."

Hearing that the listeners face turned green at that, as Aubriella looked as if she was ready to throw up, Riley composed himself as he spoke, "Then who is she? What is her real ident.i.ty?"

Dominic shook his head as he spoke, "I do not know, and the only person who might have some inkling to her real ident.i.ty does not have any memory of that incident."

Aubriella spoke heatedly, "Absolutely not, I refuse there is no way I will allow…"

Dominc spoke tiredly at that, "Girl, Nathan is my beloved grandchild someone whom I would lay my life for and I would never commit something as blasphemous as trying to make him remind of such a thing, but more importantly we have to keep an eye on him more than before after all someone who can easily steal someone else's ident.i.ty and with such dangerous skill that person is extremely dangerous."

Meanwhile back at the prom, Nathan and his date had the entire spot light on them, after all he had a celebrity as his date, Quinn Carr who had arrived along with her girlfriend Aimee visibly drooled at seeing Amelia but it suddenly changed to anger at seeing her with Nathan, 'How dare that peasant stand beside her, she should feel honored to stand beside a prince like me.'

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