The Binary World 46 Nathan's Day Out Part-3

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Nikola glared at her mother as she spoke, "Mom, please who was she? And what did she want with Nathan?"

Yelena sighed as she spoke, "For the last time a mad person who knows from where was trying to kill him nothing more the police are working on it."

Nikola sighed as she rubbed her forehead as she spoke, "Look mom, I know you are too stubborn but at least tell me something, I know this is not an isolated incident they way the woman spoke it seemed as if she knew him so please mom tell me."

Yelena was about to snap back at her but was stopped by Aubriella, "Enough sister please tell her everything there is no reason to hide."

Yelena sighed as she spoke, "Fine, well Nikola have of ever heard of the organization 'Children of Tiamat'?"

Nikola frowned as she spoke, "Well I do not remember something like that."

Yelena replied back with a tired sigh, "Well a co…."

Meanwhile Tristan and Dominic were seating outside of the operation theater where Katrina was having the bullet lodged into her thigh being removed, a few minutes ago Ryle had arrived with his wife Isabella, tough he had stayed with them, and his wife was with other ladies who were waiting for Nathan to be patched up.

Tristan spoke with anger, "Why wouldn't they simply leave him alone?"

Ryle grunted as he placed a comforting hand over Tristan's shoulder as he spoke, "Son, you do not have to worry, we will not let the same thing happen over again."

Dominic frowned as he spoke, "Ryle, I want our entire family to move into 'Osprey Manor', it will be better if all of us are present to keep an eye on him, if they had already found him how long before they find his place of residence."

Ryle nodded as he spoke, "Yes and make sure he is busy with his game so that he does not have any reason to step out of his house, I will arrange for an increase in protection detail for him."

Tristan nodded at that as he spoke, "I understand but what will we tell him."

Dominic gave a s.a.d.i.s.tic smile at that as he spoke, "Do not worry I have already arranged for a likely story, as soon as the woman is caught she will be interrogated by any means necessary and killed off, but the official statement will be she was an insane woman who resisted capture and was killed off in a shootout."

Meanwhile Nikola was stunned at what she heard, she knew that Nathan had an accident and was comatose but this was something she never knew, it send s.h.i.+ver down her spine thinking what Nathan had to go through there alone and without any family to console.

Aubriella suddenly spoke to Yelena, "Sister I do not want to sound rude, but I think you two should leave I cannot forgive myself if something happens to you."

Nikola: "With all due respect Aunty I decline, I know him since he was a toddler, Nathan is not only my cousin but also my best friend and confidant someone whom I trust the most, as such I will stay by his side during his time of need."

Saniyah smirked as she tried to lighten the somber mood, "Oh, so Nikola they way you are telling me it seems as if you want to marry him one day."

Yelena caught on to that as she spoke, "Well if you want to I would not mind as well."

Nikola was caught flat footed as she blushed lightly before composing herself as she spoke, "Well I would not mind spending my life with him, and after all he is someone I can always trust with my eyes closed."

Before anyone could say anything a Nurse came towards them as she spoke, "The patient is now resting if you wish to visit you may."

The group rushed as the found a doctor checking over a grumbling Nathan, while a police finished jotting down the testimony then with a nod the police left.

The doctor an old man mock chided him, "Young man nowadays have no patience, you were able to chase away that insane attacker saved many lives so rest properly you have earned it."

Aubriella spoke with concern laced in her voice, "How is he doctor?"

The doctor gave a small smile as he spoke, "Well he is alright, the knife did not manage to cut too deep although he lost blood but a couple of medicine and a good rest would make him as healthy as a horse although I have to say that he would certainly get a scar from it, you might want to get an appointment for the cosmetic surgeon."

Nikola gave a small wink to Nathan as she spoke, "So when will he be able to leave hospital."

The doctor: "Well anytime he wants to.", suddenly an announcement came to everyone's ears, "Doctor Felix, please come to the reception area. Doct…"

As Nikola turned towards Nathan he frowned as he spoke, "Nikola why is there blood on your dress? Were you injured too?"

Nikola: "Do not worry cousin, it was not my blood Katrina was injured as well, you remembered right?"

Nathan nodded as he spoke, "Of course I do but more importantly how is she?"

Aubriella: "Well the last thing I heard she is still inside the 'Operation Theater'."

Nathan frowned at that as he spoke, "I hope she is alright, that mad woman was after me all this time and she ended up being caught in crossfire."

After a few more minutes, they were about to leave as Nathan stopped his mother as he spoke, "Mom, who was that woman? Why does she behave as she knew me?"

Aubriella was now caught between rock and hard place, she could come out clean but it would cause old wounds to reopen as such she chose to lie, "My baby, she was just a deranged woman who was babbling nonsense, do not believe anything she was spouting anymore."

Nathan sighed as he looked downwards, as Aubriella simply tousled his hair as she spoke, "Well I will be taking my leave now, it is already midnight you should get some sleep.", she kissed his forehead lovingly as she made her way to the door.

As she placed her hand on the doork.n.o.b Nathan spoke, "She was fast too fast, as well as agile not to mention to the fact she hit like a truck, a random crazy person cannot be as trained as her they way she disarmed Katrina it was impressive. Then the way she handled that Karambit of hers, when I fought I felt as if I had fought her many times before, my body was reacting by itself yet I failed to keep up, I do not know why but I felt as if I knew her, but since you said I never knew her that might be true I might not have met her, Good Night mom I am tired as such I will be sleeping."

Aubriella's hand was shaking as she left the room, leaving Nathan alone lying on his bed with his eyes closed as he dreamt about the woman who attacked him, the fight they simply made his blood boil, he did not know why but he wished to defeat her the next time he will meet her, and deep inside his heart he knew he would surely meet her, no matter what the police claims he knew he would surely get his rematch.

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