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Nathan danced with Amelia and ironically the song being played was one of her famous. .h.i.ts.

As they danced Amelia spoke with a smile, "So Nathan, are you playing 'Embers of Iseria?'"

Nathan, "Of course I am after all it is the current heartthrob."

Amelia: "So what is your In-game name? And what city are you in?"

Nathan: "'Zeus', and I am in Renaissance city."

Amelia's eyes widen at that as she spoke, "Do not tell me you are the one who had managed to conquer the dungeon in h.e.l.l mode."

Nathan nodded at that with a smirk as he puffed his chest while speaking, "Of course, who do you think would be able to accomplish something like that."

Amelia simply rolled her eyes as she spoke, "I fear you ego would be too big to hold on this planet anymore."

Nathan simply snickered at that as Amelia spoke curiously, "Who are those people two ladies you have teamed up with?"

Nathan: "Well Azi is Nikola and Tarasque is Katrina the Head Butler of our family."

Amelia spoke with a small smile, "Your conquest was thrilling to witness at the very least."

Nathan: "Thank You for the compliment, but you have yet to tell me your In-game name yet."

Amelia smirked as she spoke, "I am 'BlizzardQueen.'"

Nathan frowned before he spoke with astonishment, "You are the top player on Level 26."

Amelia puffed up her chest as she spoke, "Did you expect anything less from me?"

Nathan: "Oh my narcissist much?"

Amelia spoke with a coy smile, "Well I learned from the best after all."

Nathan: "Hey Amelia want to join my guild?"

Amelia shook her head as she spoke, "I am sorry Nathan believe me I would love too, but I am actually helping one of my close friend to stand on her feet so that she may break off her father's influence."

Nathan raised his eyebrows curiously at that as Amelia spoke with a sigh, "Her father wants her to marry a s.e.xiest pig, the biggest b.a.s.t.a.r.d sc.u.m of narcissist womanizing jerk to walk the face of the planet simply because of his fortune which he gained through various means like backstabbing and what not, he is the greediest and nastiest fellow who would get anything that he sets his eyes on by any means necessary mostly by unsavory means. But this friend of mine is being forced to marry to him by her father according to whom the sc.u.m is the 'Most exceptional bachelor with high morals', because of his fortune."

Nathan was taken aback at the animosity shown by her as he spoke pa.s.sionately, "Amelia if you need any form of help with your friend just ask for it I will help her to escape such an awful fate."

Amelia gave a sincere smile as she spoke, "Thank you Nathan it means a lot to me."

Nathan smirked as he spoke, "What are friends for."

Their dance came to an abrupt halt as certain someone decided it was a very good idea to stand in front of them, as they cast an irritating scowl towards him as the person spoke in smug tone, "Greetings Lady I am Quinn Carr future heir of Carr Industries I hereby grant you the supreme honor to dance alongside me."

Amelia turned towards Nathan as she spoke with a frown, "Nathan you did not tell me that the prom of your schools was a horror theme one."

Nathan: "I a.s.sure you Amelia that there is no theme for the prom, but most importantly this is how he looks generally."

Amelia gave a pitying glance at him as she spoke, "Oh my I am sorry, I did not know how unfortunate you were to be born like this."

Quinn Carr's pride received a huge blow as he shouted out in anger, "YOU CHEAP Wh.o.r.e HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME, I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT HAPPENDS TO THOSE WHO CROSS MY PATH I WILL **** YOU UNTIL YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A BROKEN s.e.x SLAVE, I WILL …..AAHHHHHHHHH.", during his rant he had tried to touch Amelia's bosom only for the wrist of his right hand to be broken by Nathan who was incredibly furious to the point he was shaking in anger, the entire prom was stunned to silence.

Amelia was also shaking with anger she was a darling daughter of her parents and never in her life was she insulted by anyone as such she lifted her hand as she slapped him hard, and kneed in him hard on his crotch making him to roll on the ground in pain.

A shrill shout came from the side, "Quinn!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!, how dare you Nathan, just because your family are a bunch of hobos you dare to strike some of high standing in the society like Quinn out of petty jealousy have ...."


Aimee shook with in intense fury as she spoke, "How dare you Nathan? And what are you guys waiting for beat him up."

With a roar five lackeys of Quinn dashed towards him intent to beat him black and blue, only for him to dodge, punch and kick throw and a few seconds later the group of 5 were lying on the floor groaning, while Nathan looked at them bored as he dusted nonexistent dust from his shoulder.

"You! I will kill you I kill you Nathan then I will **** all the females of your family.", as he spoke Quinn had brought out a gun as he had aimed it towards Nathan as he snarled at him viciously.

"Kyaaaa!", a shriek came from one of the females as Nathan looked at him as he spoke, "Quinn are you out of your mind, carrying a firearm is illegal and you would end up going to jail."

"Shut up, I am heir of Carr Industries I will through a couple of wads of money and no one would even remember you."

Nathan stepped forward as he spoke, "Just like your worthless father who thought he could get away with stealing right?"

Quinn shook in anger as he spoke, "Die!", only for Nathan to move at immense agility, as he was already on to him, he caught Quinn's left hand twisting it making sure his aim was off as he discharged his weapon which hit the lights on the ceiling causing it fall down as Nathan dislocated his hands, then kicked him hard enough to collapse in a heap as he emptied his bowels.

As he turned towards Amelia who lowered her i-band as she spoke, "The cops are on their way here."

Nathan nodded as he quickly called his father, but as he was about to speak a sudden voice interrupted them, "What is going on here?"

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