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"Wait for me big sister.", a female in decent looking armor called out to the person moving at a few feet away from her as she tried to catch up to her.

The person in question a beautiful looking Elven person more beautiful than any normal Elves turned towards the speaker as she spoke with a sigh, "Hurry up YunYun, we have to reach our destination fast I do not wish for the boss to be taken down by others."

The person called Yunyun pouted at that as she spoke, "Sister, please do not call me that, my in game name is 'Utsukus.h.i.+ Yuki Onna.' Call me that, as for the boss our people are already over there so you do not need to worry."

The person simply frowned as she spoke, "You should use more Chinese like name you are a Chinese, and I do not understand your fixation with j.a.pan at all. I understand what you mean but that does not mean we should slack off, I trust in our people but they are not invincible."

"Big sister is right, someone does not need to attack, they will simply hara.s.s our people to the point they will be in no condition to fight the boss, especially if that sc.u.m is involved in this matter. I still could not understand how our honorable 'father', chose him to be my big sisters fiancé.", he spat out the word 'father' as if it was the most vile thing in the world.

The older sister frowned as she spoke, "Brother you should not speak ill of our father, and it is unbecoming of you."

The person in question just feigned innocence at that as he spoke, "What are you speaking older sister, I simply learned it by watching it our beloved father and our humble honorable elders, 'Money is everything', if tomorrow someone calls him and says they will offer him money if he does Live defecation on our ancestors grave he and the elders will do so with a smile and without a shred of hesitation, you and I are simply priced cattle for them which that sc.u.m is paying money for."

The eldest sighed as she rubbed her hand over her temples as she spoke with frustration, "If you have time and energy to waste on this useless matter, then you have time to enough to focus on your legs."

Meanwhile back with the trio of heroes, they were having a heart pumping and raging battle with 'Captain Dretteus'.

"d.a.m.n that blob.", Zeus cursed loudly at that, the person was proving difficult to fight with, not only was it fast but it was bouncing around the room like a ping pong ball, it was getting difficult for them to get a good hit on the blob because of its movement, they had mange dot lower its health to a 50% when it triggered a pa.s.sive skill bounce, as such any attack on it is simply bouncing off, except piercing attack, but even then it was not making any difference at this rate Azi would lose all its arrows, and to make the matter worse it was healing.

Azi, "Zeus, Tarasque I have an idea."

Tarasque, "What is it, tell quickly it is getting difficult to deal with it so spit it out fast."

Azi: "That knight statues over there has a pike, if we can drop the pike at an angle and all we need is to divert it towards the pike, I believe it will be held there long enough to finish it."

"Zeus you have heard her plan, Azi you and I will distract it while I will try to get a homerun on it as soon as Zeus lowers the pike."

Zeus: "Well then keep it off me for some time.", with that he dashed towards the pike as the other two tried to keep the blob of Zeus's back.

Zeus ran towards the statue which was about a hundred feet tall, as he studied the statue hard, 'it will be difficult to bring it down, but what if hmmm.'

Zeus had a couple of war hammers which he had managed to get as a part of the loot, 'Well here goes nothing'.

He took a deep breath as he went for the strike, he knew there was a chance that nothing would happen and then they would be back at square one. In games sometimes some objects are non intractable and he hope such was not the case here.

'Ding', 'Ding', 'Ding' a couple of hard strikes as the statue near at its feet started to disfigure, Zeus smirked at that as he worked on the feet of the statue.

"Zeus how much longer came a shout from his behind."

Zeus: "A few seconds more and then I am done."

After he was done Zeus sighed seeing the hammer was damaged a lot as a couple of hits and it would be destroyed, but still the statue did not fall off, he cursed as he started climbing from the front suddenly the statue creaked as it gave way under his weight as it fell off to the front as Zeus jumped off it, as he shouted to his partners in crime, "It is done."

Tarasque hefted her tabar as she gave out a shout at the top of her lungs as she hit the blob, hard with his hammer while using tremor along with it. The blob shot like a bullet and with an ear piercing how it got pierced by the pike causing it above, 8000 Damage as it let out an ear piercing scream.

As its Hp was reduced to 2000 out the loft 15000, it had its eyes fell on Zeus as it screamed in anger the axe on it right hand glowed as it send an attack towards him, Zeus somehow managed to dodge the attack but it still nicked him causing about 2000 Damage as his armor's durability took a big hit.

But alas the blob miscalculated as the attack destroyed another statue, carrying a giant war axe, which fell on the blob effectively causing him about 1900 damage, Zeus did not wait any longer as he dashed toward his prey as he shouted out at the top of his lungs, "DIE YOU DISGUSTING BLOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[-200] a number written in red appeared on top its head as it died.

Zeus sat on his b.u.t.tocks glaring at it, as his partner joined him as he spoke angrily, "The others who cleared the dungeon in hard mode had faced much less troublesome enemies, our luck is really bad."

Meanwhile outside the dungeon it was quite the stir, a large stone steale was erected their purpose was simple record outstanding achievements regarding the dungeon, but for anyone who have to have their name they have fulfill two conditions for their name to be engraved on top of the steale.

First of all the dungeon attempt should be 'Hard' mode and higher, secondly you have to be the first person to successfully conquer the dungeon on that mode or else try to be the fastest conquest of the dungeon.

Currently the stone steale had two sets of name one for the first conquest and the second for the fastest conquest of the dungeon.

A total of 32 names were engraved on it with two indicating the party/guild name, but what caused the stir was not only the completion of the dungeon by 2 and half hours time by Zeus and his group in comparison to the 4 hours time taken by 'Yankee WarHogs', but also because of the only reason that unlike the other team it consisted of 3 members.

As such under the sound of hammer and chisel the names changed.





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