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The trio stood in front of a large door, throughout the entire dungeon they encountered mobs of skeletons mostly using swords or spear, and in rare few cases s.h.i.+elds it was not that difficult, but the thing that frustrated them the most was the loot, rusted and broken weapon parts, armors and in some cases bones and skulls, the trio were incensed at that.

Azi: "Cousin did you not say your luck stats are high, the why have you not been able to get single loot."

Zeus grumbled as he spoke angrily, "How in nine do I know, if I ever find the one who designed this dungeon I am going to break his legs."

Even Tarasque was annoyed at that, throughout the dungeon run they had received nothing that was extraordinary, the loots they received were all trash nothing more nothing less, even the chest they came across was empty! Well except the last one which had a half broken tin coin.

Tarasque sighed as she spoke, "Well there is nothing to argue about let us finish this floor quickly before we face the boss room."

The duo nodded at that as they entered opened the door leading towards the next area, the same boring looking catacombs spanning as far as the eyes could see the dripping noise was driving Zeus nuts as he grumbled, "This place needs the touch of a certain 'Italian Plumber."

Azi snorted at that as she spoke, "I do not hear about any princess who managed to get kidnapped again."

Tarasque sighed as she spoke, "If I were you two I would keep my eyes open in here, all the other floors we were already attacked by now."

Zeus: "I know I am extremely vigilant, like this floor tile has something underneath it so be carefull."

The duo nodded as they followed Zeus's example as they skipped over the floor tile, the entire catacombs were littered in traps, ranging from pit falls to guillotines, fire breathing statues to poisonous arrows. It was really tiring for them, when more often than naught the traps got triggered.

Azi grumbled as she spoke, "This is getting ridiculous all this annoying traps and whatnot, and not to mention the lack of any enemies but this part of the floor seems unending."

Zeus sighed as he spoke,"Yes, unfortunately it is, I have half a mind to give u now."

Soon they reached a narrow bridge underneath a faint sound of a river was coming from but it was pitch black all the way down not only that the bridge was too narrow only one person a t a time can cross it.

Tarasque, "Great this is what we need now, a drop which no one knows how deep it is."

Zeus sighed as he was the first to step on the bridge as they tried to cross the bridge in a single file, but as soon as they crossed the middle of the bridge suddenly there were multiple lights as many as a dozen which lit up from the other side, indicated a spell was being activated Zeus shouted out at the top of his voice, "MAGES! Move fast.", with that he made a mad dash towards the end, as long as they were out of the bridge they could have a fighting chance, multi colored attacks rained down on him hard, he gripped his sword staff hard as he send a fireball which hit the incoming attack causing a big explosion which practically destroyed all other magical attacks, Zeus taking advantage of it moved fast followed closely by Tarasque and Azi who had taken to firing arrows trying to stop the attacks.

Zeus: "Tarasque on the right I will take the one on the left, Azi cover us and try interrupting their spell casting with your arrows."

With that they each began their task, as they neared Zeus used 'Observe' on the opponents.

[Name: Skeleton mage

Level: 9

Cla.s.s: Mage

HP: 2000/2000

MP: 5000/5000

Element: Ice

Attack: 500

Defense: 600]

Zeus dashed towards the mage and a single swipe a large number appeared on top of it [-2300], in red, as he began a deadly dance as he twirled the sword staff around slaughtering his enemies and within less than a minute they made short work of the skeletal mages.

Tarasque: "I am happy that we waited for some time grinding our stats otherwise it would be a long headache."

Azi nodded at that only to be startled as Zeus whooped in joy, "Zeus what happened why are you shouting like that."

A teary eyed Zeus with a smile on his face picked an item as he spoke with joy, "Finally we have some loot, and finally we got something."

The other two dashed towards him as they touched the staff in their hand, a simple staff used by the magician, with minimum requirement of level 9, and attack of about 300, as well as having a minor mana regeneration on it, on top of that it was 'Rare tier', means they struck fortune.

Azi spoke in a hurried tone, "Quick quick loot them all."

Zeus nodded at that as dashed from one corpse to another as he looted them, he got couple of staffs and robes but neither were of rare tier currently the rare type items were only dropped by some boss monsters outside as such it was a high demand and it would sell well on auction, then his eyes widen as he saw a couple of skill tomes.

[Name: Heal

Tier: 1

The caster can heal themselves or any targeted person, up to 200 HP.

Cost: 200MP/use


[Name: Tremor

Tier: 2

Element: Earth

Requirements: Blunt weapon

Damage: 225

A Tier-2 spell of earth element has the ability to cause damage due to vibrations only to be used using a blunt weapon, causes 50% area of effect damage within 2*2 of the area when used on ground, and has a 5% chance to cause stunned effect for 5 seconds.

Cost: 350MP/use


Zeus turned to his two teammates as he spoke, "So who wants what, I do not want a single of them if neither of you want we can sell it, so you two decide amongst yourself who wants what."

Azi: "Well I neither use a blunt weapon nor do I want to learn to heal what about you Tarasque."

Tarasque was silent for a few minutes as she spoke, "Well if you do not mind I want them both, I wanted to learn the 'Heal' spell for that I had to take up the priest cla.s.s, but I already had an alchemist cla.s.s and I refuse to have my primary cla.s.s as a priest I am frontline fighter after all."

Zeus nodded at that normally people would argue that what is bad about being a priest but from what he had learned from forums that priests cannot wield any weapons except the scepter which has not only poor durability but also almost no physical damage, as such for someone like Tarasque it would be a bad choice.

As such he handed both the tomes which she learned it quickly as they tomes were destroyed in the process.

Zeus: "It seems we are at the end of the 5th floor I think it is the boss room, let us challenge it then."

The duo nodded at that as they all went towards the door leading to the boss room, Zeus gave them a small look as they both nodded as he pushed the door to the boss room. As they entered the room the door itself closed shut as a foul smell entered their nostrils, soon they saw gigantic lumbering piece of flesh covered in many parts with metal moving, the cuts and tears on its body was st.i.tched not st.i.tched was not a right word but held together using giant metallic wires. The hands of the being looked as if the left was a pole arm wielded to him and the right looked as if a giant axe was wielded to his hand.

A loud rumbling voice came to their ears, "FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", as the monstrous being opened its mouth as the saliva dripped on the floor with a loud hiss.

Zeus quickly used observe as he on the being,

[Captain Dretteus of the 5th infantry of the lich king

Level: 10

Cla.s.s: Lord

HP: 15000/15000

MP: 10000/10000

Element: N/A

Attack: 2000

Defense: 1500

Description: Once a very high level of a once a glorious empire, but his greed reduced him to an abomination of under the lich, he was one of the person who caused the fall of the empire but he did not mind as long as he could eat and have all the gold of the world. Being trapped in the dungeon by the Emperor by his dying breath, but he still wait for the time when his master will free him and he could eat all and plunder everything. A small rumor has it the skeletons outside were once people who followed him and after being trapped here, he ate them to satiate his hunger.]

With a roar the being charged towards the trio with an incredible speed, too fast in comparison to its size as it tried to skewer them with a spear, the trio dodged as the being followed after Tarasque quickly with its sword raised high up as it dashed after Tarasque intending to bisect her in one fell swoop.

Zeus: "Azi , Tarasque has drawn the aggro let us deal some damage while its back is turned to us."

Azi:"Da", with that the duo dashed towards the abomination, in order to slay it.

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