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Zeus: "More than Half way through Level 9 already a little bit more and we will reach level 10."

He spoke while sitting on the ground along with his teammates who were lazing around him. Azi sighed as she spoke, "Well let us open the chest and see what got from defeating him.

Zeus nodded as he moved towards the corpse of the boss as he used 'loot' on it causing the corpse to dissolve into light as a few items were left behind.

Zeus used observe on the items he received had received as a part of the loot,

[Captain Dretteus's Stretchable Underwear.

Profession Restriction: None

Level Requirement: N/A

Tier: Unique

Charisma: -100

Luck: -100

Spell: Perfume bomb (Pa.s.sive)

{Although it is stretchable enough to allow even an elephant to wear it successfully but it releases a highly unpleasant smell that causes any creature up to Level 20 with sense of smell to actively avoid you. Although you might end up attracting some undesirable beings lowering your charisma and luck even further.}

Cooldown: None (The status effect will exist for 2 in game days even after removal off the item, and you won't be able to remove before 5 hours of in game time has pa.s.sed.)

Durability: 9890/10000

Note: Even after being unable to wear his armor, because of the unique property of his underwear he still wore it until he was unable to remove it at all, if you look closely there are various stains on it.


As Zeus read it loudly the other two deadpanned at that as Tarasque spoke, "Young master is your luck stat really that high?"

Zeus glared at her as he snapped back at her, "My luck stat is about 50, do any of you have it then shut up."

The other items were mostly normal consisting of his axe and his lancer.

[Captain Dretteus's Lance

Profession Restriction: Teutonic Knights//Knights//Lancer

Level Requirement: 11

Tier: Unique

Strength Requirement: +400

Dexterity Requirement: +400

Physical Attack: +600

Spell: Knight's Lunge (Active)

{CAUSES +100% of overall damage, as well as increases Dex by 50%, FOR 10 SECONDS.

Cooldown: 5 MINUTES}

Durability: 3000/3000


[Captain Dretteus's War Axe

Profession Restriction: Teutonic Knights//Knights//Warrior

Level Requirement: 11

Tier: Unique

Strength Requirement: +400

Dexterity Requirement: +400

Physical Attack: +600

Spell: Knight's Slash (Active)

{Sends a devastating slash within the range of 25 meters.

Cooldown: 5 MINUTES}

Durability: 3000/3000


Zeus: "Who wants them?"

Azi winkled her brows as she spoke, "Not me.", Tarasque nodded with her in agreement as she spoke, "Me neither."

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "Well I can try learning those runes so when I make much better weapons next time."

Azi nodded as she spoke, "Let us move on and check the treasure chests."

Zeus made his way to one of the nearest chests as he opened it, a couple of items appeared in front of him.

Zeus as well as the others whistled at that lowly, as he spoke, "Cool Azi you got a bunch of cool arrows, at least it will cover those you have lost."

He got a few tomes on which he used 'Observe' on.

[Name: Chain Lightning

Tier: 3

Element: Lightning

Damage: 300 and it effects up to 3 people at once.

Cost: 500MP/use


[Name: Ma.s.s Heal

Tier: 3

The caster can heal themselves or any targeted person, up to 200 HP.

Cost: 500MP/use


[Name: Ma.s.s Heal

Tier: 3

The caster can heal themselves or any targeted person, up to 200 HP.

Cost: 500MP/use


[Name: Thorn Vine

Tier: 2

The caster imbues immobilizes a person using this for a period of 1 minute, is lower for people much higher level than the caster. Causes 10Damage per second.

Range: 100meters

Cost: 350MP/Use.


Zeus: "So who will take which one?"

Tarasque: "Since I am already learning healing spell, I want the ma.s.s heal."

Azi: "I am a ranged attacker, I need someone who could prevent people's movement as such I will take Thorn Vine."

Zeus nodded as he opened a couple of other chests there were nothing much spectacular except a few more armors and weapons which were nothing outstanding. A few pages of various recipes for cooking which Tarasque took with a smile, but the biggest gain was something else Zeus grinned as he spoke, "6 Silver, 100Bronze coins in total."

At that others grinned as they spoke, "It is so cool we can achieve much with such a thing."

Zeus nodded at that as he spoke. "Yes truly so, and I believe there is nothing more to loot here, should we move to the 'Nightmare Mode' now."

Tarasque: "Yes Please."

Meanwhile back in the real world, Quinn Carr gave a big smile as he signed a couple of papers on his father's behalf, he sighed at the thought of his father, he was hauled off due to tax evasion and what not and they have yet to produce him to court because of various reasons, but if he the deal he signed works then his family would strike reach.

Quinn Carr gave his most das.h.i.+ng smile at the person with whom he had a video conference with as he spoke, "Brother Chen, I hope this treaty will foresee the dawn of new age."

The speaker from the other side simply gave him a small rea.s.suring smile as he spoke, "Of course Brother Carr, well then I will be off, I have a certain game to complete."

Quinn Carr: "Embers of Isera I hope?"

Chen simply smiled as he spoke, "Yes after all it is on which is being discussed a lot nowadays, and today we are planning on being the first one to conquer the dungeon in 'Nightmare mode'."

Quinn smiled as he spoke, "Well then congratulations brother.", with that the connection was cut off.

Quinn stood up from his seat as he spoke, "Well this is a cause for celebration, so someone get me the costliest wine, now.", as he placed his headphone and started playing music in his I-band.

Everyone looked at him with distaste, they are very high level executives in the company and just because he is the owner's son he was ordering them like servants, one of them stood up as he left, as soon as he stepped outside he dialed a number, as a holographic projection of a Chen came up as the person spoke in a jovial tone, "Congratulations for having such a successful deal."

Chen smiled as he spoke, "Well it was only thanks to you, it was possible, I hope it won't be traceable to you, Mr. Ryan"

Ryan simply smiled as he spoke, "Not at all, I have made sure to make a scapegoat and before the Carr's realize they will be not in a position to demand anything but more importantly, it was so easy Quinn is an idiot he did not even read the agreement and just signed it, now you will not only be able to use their facilities and their resources, but you will get paid for using it on top of that the profit they will receive will be only 30%, such an idiot. He should learn a thing or two from you Mr. Chen, you are what 6-7 years older than him."

Chen simply laughed at that as he spoke, "True so true Mr. Ryan, and do not worry I am already giving him practical lessons for free, well then I will be off I have lots of things to do."

Ryan simply shook his head as he disconnected the call as he went to get him an 'expensive' wine bottle, well the bottle cover was for meant for something expensive not the inside.

Meanwhile for the members of the 'Manly Pink Fluffy Bunny', they were making their way through waist deep water inside the catacombs.

Azi: "Keep your eyes peeled this murky water could hide many things and this catacomb was making it difficult for our vision."

Suddenly a wail came from their side as a being made up of half human and half snake jumped towards Tarasque who swung her tabar bisecting it, as more attacked them, a single stab, slash followed by a power strike was enough for Zeus to kill the attackers, as soon as they were dealt with Zeus used observe on the being.

[Name: Undead Chimera

Level: 11

Cla.s.s: N/A

HP: 3000/3000

MP: 500/500

Element: Poison

Attack: 800

Defense: 200]

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