Forbidden Alpha 92 - Chapter 91 "Layla."

Forbidden Alpha -

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Kaleb and Josh were the sons of the hidden feared mage, they were still uneasy keeping their crossbow and arrows handy just-in-case Ally turned on them. With each step, she winced as the sharp pain within her wounds shook. However what numbed the pain was her surroundings, that deadly scent of decay was fading away and replaced with fresh linen and flowers. Trees flourished, little birds shouted down at them, almost as if life had returned. Ally wondered if Layla was the reason for this. It was said dangerous mages spread death around them warning off strangers.

Ally, "This place is beautiful." Kaleb smiled slightly while Josh brushed his fingertips against the rough tree stump.

Kaleb, "My mother keeps this place alive. Even outcasts can live in good conditions." It was slightly sad hearing her son so disheartened did that mean himself and Josh were also cast aside because of their blood. Strangely Ally could relate slightly.

Ally, "I'm sorry to hear that you seem like nice kids too." Kaleb p.r.i.c.ked up looking at her she didn't seem like the horrific hybrids taught in legends. Even-though his mother always said they were some diamonds in the rough.

Josh, "It's a shame you can't have children does it bother you?" Ally twitched thankfully she has been lucky with a promise wolf gene it was a nice feeling to be spoken too so normally.

Ally, "Actually I have a daughter, three months old I was very lucky." They both froze and spun around to a proud happy smile. Was that possible? Suddenly she felt like an alien as the sweet sounds around them cut out into silence.

Kaleb, "We were told hybrids couldn't have children because of fertility imbalance, how on earth did you conceive?" Nervously brus.h.i.+ng her silver locks behind her ears she shuddered, Kaleb knew about these things in more detail than supernatural beings would, the only reason Ally knew about it was because Luna had told her. Mothers aim to teach their children as much knowledge as possible ensuring they grow up to be successful adults, which pointed to Layla as the informer.

Ally, "I'm a unique form of hybrid, I'm sure your mother will know once she sees me." Josh looked a little startled at Kaleb's body language, it was twitchy and unsure almost like he was fighting with himself.

Josh, "Kaleb stop it, she's not her, we would have sensed it!" Almost trying to stop something invisible his younger brother leaped in-front of him. Ally's hairs began standing up almost like a cold wind clasped around her. Determined to keep her wits she stood and stared him directly in the eyes. Kaleb noticed that look wasn't manacing nor calm it was a scary s.p.a.ce in-between as if asking him not to try anything but if he did things would get very messy.

Kaleb, "Say it again what do you need with my mother?" Ally clenched her teeth, it was almost sad how protective they were of Layla, but they were her children what else could she expect.

Ally, "Guidance. All I need of her is that so that I protect the people I love. If I didn't have to be here I wouldn't be but my situation is critical. You don't know me but I swear on the life of my daughter I will not hurt her." Josh looked convinced and sympathetic, his brother, on the other hand, was still stone cold. Those glowing eyes looked full of pain like he'd been betrayed a hundred times before.

Kaleb, "I hope you mean that because if you touch my mother, your situation is going to get a lot more critical." Ally felt a flurry of rage rush through her veins, how dare he threaten her family. Instinctively her nails began growing longer and teeth sharper. You can't, he's just a kid. He's only protecting his family just like you would, stop this right now!
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Josh looked unnerved for a while as Ally turned around trying to stop herself from tearing him apart.

Josh, "I'm sorry about my brother he's had a lot of hards.h.i.+p protecting us all." Kaleb smacked the back of Josh's head violently. What was this boy so afraid of?

Kaleb, "Don't say another G.o.d d.a.m.n word Jos.h.!.+" Hissing rubbing his blue hair he looked down submissively. Ally wasn't liking what she was seeing.

Ally, "Protecting people and controlling them are completely different. Have you ever heard of learning as they grow?" Kaleb clicked his tongue and smirked.

Kaleb, "Have you ever lived your whole life as an outcast? Your flashy and strong I bet people flocked around you." Ally sighed he couldn't be more wrong.

Ally, "Actually I have, not only was I cast aside but feared by everyone including my family you should think yourself lucky at least you have your brother and mother." Kaleb wanted to brush that easing statement off until he saw those glossy red and blue eyes, filled with sincerity and desperation. Thinking, this girl had braved a dangerous territory on her own without showing a slither of fear.

Kaleb, "Your right, keep going it's just up ahead." Ally frowned, he was proud, to say the least, and very weary, who had hurt this boy? They walked further into treacherous land filled to the brim with razor-sharp thorn bushes, although they parted when Kaleb and Josh walked through them like magic, therefore she stuck close not to be torn.

Josh made her smile as he valiantly stayed beside him looking around for danger, his characteristics reminded her of Blake, a kindly naive boy. Kaleb kept glancing behind checking on her so Ally walked casually trying not to start another argument or it would take forever to get there.

Josh, "We're here!" They called out pulling aside a few tree branches. Ally eagerly peaked through only to gasp in exhilaration. It was a scene out of a fairytale. A beautiful cobblestoned moss cottage with a windmill attached to a long stream clear as the skies above. Cute little robins jumped from each branch, and fireflies danced around the sparling stream. Had she ever seen something so beautiful? Josh and Kaleb walked ahead waiting for her to follow but her eyes were wide and glued to the surroundings.

Kaleb, "Are you just going to gape there or actually come in?" Ally slowly shook her head, what she would give to live in such a place. Nature full and bright, these boys lived here all the time so maybe they didn't realize how lucky they were, did they realize the darkness outside of this paradise?#

Ally, "It's stunning here..." she walked gradually towards them looking up at the sky, like candle wax all her troubles melted away. Josh smiled seeing such a soft touching smile on her face. He also felt the same whenever coming back here. Kaleb clicked his tongue and ran over to the house.

Josh, "It's pretty right? Mom keeps everything like that." Ally looked at those suns.h.i.+ne eyes wander proudly over his home, so Layla appreciated scenery like this. Looks like they had something in common already. Kaleb's body disappeared through the front door giving Ally some lee-way.

Ally, "Josh..." He looked up at her with such an innocent face she felt guilty for asking such a thing but the glue holding their safety together seemed thin and she wanted to know why.

Ally, "Why does your brother despise strangers so much?" Josh's face seemed to drop at that question, it must be touchy. Nervously he twiddled his thumbs looking back at the house hesitating to say something. Maybe she should ask Kaleb and not Josh until his mouth seemed to burst open.

Josh, "Mom isn't very liked around here so people try to hurt her all the time, Kaleb protects the house when Mom is busy or sick. A few weeks ago people with guns came looking for us and shot Kaleb's arm so my mom had to use her powers..." Ally sat down a level to his teary eyes, why did that sound so taboo?

Ally, "People with guns? But I thought mages only used magic?" Josh slumped down and sighed, niggling in the back of her brain was an idea but she needed to hear it from them first...

Josh, "They weren't mages...they were-"

Kaleb, "JOs.h.!.+" Both of them startled as Kaleb screamed from the house with thunder on his face. Immediately his brother clamped up in fear. Ally didn't need any more clarification she already knew what had happened. It wasn't right that this child should live in fear, and like an automatic weapon, Ally began ranting.

Ally, "It was the S.E.S wasn't it, who attacked you?" Kaleb went red with rage jumping over the patio fence towards her, looks like she'd hit the nail on the head. Like a speeding train, he crashed into her sending her flying to the ground. Josh gasped and quickly ran into the house for his mother.

Kaleb, "You're with them aren't you!" Being touched wasn't one of Ally's strong points it was taking a lot of her mental strength not to hurt him but if actions couldn't proceed words most certainly could.

Ally, "Of course, I would just stroll through mage county with no weapons just for the fun of hurting your family. How f*cking stupid are you!" Kaleb pinned her down even harsher, she had a sarcastic tongue and it made his cold blood boil.

Kaleb, "Liar!" He reached in his back pocket for a blade, Ally rolled her eyes it wouldn't kill her but it didn't mean it wouldn't hurt. Kaleb threw it up and tried to slam it down into her chest when her strong grip caught his wrist. The pressure was so intense his hand went instantly numb and throbbed.

Ally, "Look at me kid I'm a hybrid, do you really think I would survive in a Supernatural Elimination Squad, I would be the first G.o.d d.a.m.n target." Her voice was calm trying to talk some sense into him but he still shook like a leaf with a vicious look in his eyes.

Ally, "You're scared. It must be tough feeling like the barrier between life and death trust me I know. That anxiety of not being strong enough eats you up until every living thing is your enemy. If you push too hard you will break do you understand me?" Kaleb was still fighting over control trying not to listen yet he could every word and it was so true it made his heart hurt.

Kaleb, "You know nothing about me! You have no idea what it's like to---"

Ally, "Be the outcast?" He stopped still for a moment panting in stress. Ally gave him a pitiful looking tilting her head to the side. This kid needed to take a deep breath and realize that he wasn't alone.

Ally, "Listen I spent my whole life being the outcast because I was different than everyone else, and all that taught me was self-pity. So, do you know what I did?" Kaleb shook his head carelessly thinking she would say something poetic but this is Ally King we are talking about.

Ally, "I forced myself into the crowds with my head held high and became the new normal because anyone who looks down on those who are different has a reason to and the majority of the time it's due to fear. We outlook normality and watch from the outside observing the grueling truth behind their masks. They feared me for what they didn't understand at first but then respected me for the force I was truly was. And...if that doesn't work then beat them to a pulp that ways much more fun." Kaleb listened intensely to her advice, completely eloped in her proud face as she told it like it was a great accomplishment in her life, which it was. Then with that last piece of advice, he burst into laughter.

Kaleb, "You just contradicted everything you said." he chuckled, Ally smiled so this kid could make such a face.

Ally, "People adapt differently, in my case I beat them up beforehand so holding my head high was pretty easy." They both laughed at each other, it was funny how conflict sometimes mended uncertainty.

In the midst of the scuffle, a lilac haired woman had made her way to the cottage porch and was filled by a strange nostalgia watching this silver-haired stranger laugh with her all too serious son. The way her bright-colored mismatched eyes grew dark while fighting then glow fluorescently as the animosity settled. This whole scene was bizarre to her. Kaleb kindly helped Ally up prepared now to let her meet his mother but as always she was one step ahead of him.

Kaleb, "Mother..." he said startled to see her prying eyes looking down on them. Immediately Ally spun around meeting with yellow curious eyes. This was the woman Luna had told her would be her salvation.

Layla, "What in G.o.d's earth is going on?" Kaleb scratched his head as if struggling with what to say. Ally was honestly stunned, she didn't look old at all considering Layla had been alive for centuries. At most maybe thirty, yet her curly lilac hair curled healthy in the basking light. They were practically in a deadlock studying each other. Ally flinched feeling a slight flutter in her chest and tears formed in her eyes, what was this feeling. Perhaps it was yearning, maybe Luna was happy to see her old friend.

Ally, "P-please forgive me for intruding on your land, my name is Ally King and...I need your help." Layla looked a little displeased with that, her lightly sharp eyebrows furrowed. Maybe that was too straight to the point. Kaleb also looked a little unsure about his mother's reaction.

Layla, "I don't offer help to those I don't know, Kaleb escort her out." Layla turned her back to leave and Ally felt like her whole world was cras.h.i.+ng down, there was no way in h.e.l.l she'd turn back now. Trembling with both frustration and fear she opened her mouth to speak when Kaleb did it for her.

Kaleb, "Mother this is the hybrid we heard the news of, the one from King pack!" Layla halted in her steps, Ally waited nervously for her to turn around. Then Ally let Kaleb's words sink in, he also knew she was from the King pack. With it being her second name it was clear he could have interpreted but her whereabouts were kept secret by the council and her death was also announced not long ago.

Layla, "I see your eyes make sense now. Blue for humidity and purity, red...for blood and power. How unfortunate..." Ally tilted her head, why did she sound so sad when saying that. It looked painful for her to even consider her const.i.tution.

Layla, "Before I let you in which one do you relate to more?" Kaleb looked at Ally with worried eyes as if this question was a trapdoor. Should she lie, or will this woman know... They all stood silently waiting for her hesitant answer. Two possibilities rested on her lips when an idea struck her. Maybe there weren't just two choices here...

Ally, "I..... am neither humid nor pure in any way. I have shed blood and abused power form does not define who I am. Causing destruction for pleasure and for survival are entirely different things. I may be stained in blood but that is only to s.h.i.+eld away from the people I love from the splatter." Kaleb stood a little stunned at what had just come out of this young girl's mouth. Ally glanced up slightly disappointed for laying her weakness out in the open, however...Layla looked almost exhilarated with pride.

Layla, "You are...a brave girl indeed. People have stood in that exact spot and lied blatantly to my face in order to use me for their own benefit. Yet you admit your soul is corrupted which only shows how much as you say the people you 'Love' mean to you." Kaleb let out a sigh of relief. Ally also felt her troubles lift as those kind yellow eyes met hers.

Layla, "Kaleb make some tea, it looks like we're in for a long chat. Come up my dear let's talk."

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