Forbidden Alpha 93 - Chapter 92 "Just Who Do You Want To Be."

Forbidden Alpha -

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As her feet touched the fluffy grey carpet a whoosh of energy flew by her, as if stepping into a different world. Its decor was antique yet charming, truly this was the house of a mage. Little gems and crystals on the wall caught her eyes as they seemed to s.h.i.+ne whenever looked at. It was daunting to feel it pull you in, and how comfortable she felt there. Layla came back from the kitchen to see Ally gently stroking a blue stone in the hallway. It was cloudy just like a sky at night under the clear glow of the moon. Something about this stone made her feel safe.

Layla, "It's a moonstone which is probably why you're so attracted to it. An old friend of mine used to keep it with her all of the time said it made her feel close to home." Her hand retracted quickly, Layla had a slightly kind yet mostly dark look when reminiscing. Luna squirmed inside of Ally's head, so she really meant her after all.

Ally, "I see, excuse my intrusion." Ally slipped off her boots and followed behind as they walked into the living room. Kaleb and Josh sat there comfortably, it was the first time Ally had seen them so relaxed. Layla curtly placed the tea on small orange coasters before gesturing Ally sit down. Quite frankly her eyes had found even more interesting memorabilia. There were old polaroid pictures framed along with taxidermy animals such as snakes and owl safely displayed behind gla.s.s polished cabinets.

Kaleb, "Mothers a collector of 18th-century antiques." Ally smiled, it was a nice hobby. After bypa.s.sing her curiosity they all sat down. Three pairs of eyes stared at her waiting to hear her story but for some reason, she had clamped up. Layla chuckled.

Layla, "Excuse us it's very rare to have a guest we seem to be caught up in fascination. If possible I would like to hear your story, from your own mouth." Ally tilted her head, 'from her own mouth' she stated that quite strongly maybe she meant to be honest with your feelings. Kaleb and Josh looked like little kids eagerly leaned forward. Ally twiddled with her fingers, would she really be able to tell them all in one sitting? Seeing she would have to talk soon a big sigh subconsciously left her mouth.

Ally, "Umm...I was born to Helen and Jackson King leaders of the King pack which I suspect you already know of. Originally they expected to have a single male child but after my twin brother was born I suddenly came along surprising everyone." Kaleb raised his eyebrows, so she had a twin? Did that mean he was also a hybrid?

Kaleb, "So which one of your parents was a vampire?" Ally looked up and awkwardly scratched her head.

Ally, "Neither of my parents were a vampire I was born purely of a wolf bloodline." Layla's eyes looked a little troubled. Ally felt a cold s.h.i.+ver run down her spine, why did it feel like she was talking about something taboo.

Josh, "Really? Then how did you become what you are now?" Layla hushed him and nodded for her to continue. Feeling uncomfortable she moved back in her seat and avoided eye contact.

Ally, "Ever since I was born I was always different from the others. My mind matured a lot quicker than it should have and after some time people became uneasy around me. Because of the scrutiny of my father, I became withdrawn leading to an obsession with superiority. I trained all day every day, instead of playing with dolls like other little girls I would fight until my knuckles bled." Layla had already guessed as much living for such a long time gave her good intuition. She had noticed when Kaleb had her pinned, that her hand's, legs twitched struggling for control not to hurt him.

Ally, "My whole life revolved around becoming stronger like it was my purpose to lead a world on my own until...I met a boy called Isaac. He's stubborn and gets on my nerves a lot of the time but I don't think anybody knows me quite like him." Layla clocked her pain-filled grin.

Layla, "Is this boy someone special to you?" Ally shuddered, this felt like a counseling session, Layla was trying to invade every corner of her insecurities. Should she really be going along with this, did she know something from her experience as a mage?

Ally, "Isaac...was my mate. Growing up with someone who could understand me made us both attached to the other which turned into love over the years. At sixteen we officially confessed and began dating. But..." Layla was like a human magnifying gla.s.s, every little twitch or bead of sweat was noted. It made Ally's skin p.r.i.c.kle.

Kaleb, "Did he die?" Ally looked at him slightly narked he could say something so horrible that easily as if it was natural. Again Layla hushed then seemingly more annoyed this time.

Ally, "Ahem, yes and no. Isaac was killed by feral vampires, I was with him when it happened. But I never lost of my friends breached Stature Law no.33." Josh looked confused but Layla knew the law like the back of her hand, it was the only thing that kept her safe. Stature Law no.33 stated that under no circ.u.mstances are wolves ever to be turned into vampires as it goes against nature's law. So, someone had crossed that boundary for her first love.

Layla, "It's a very serious breach, what was his reasoning?" Ally wasn't sure how to answer that, Joseph was like a second father to her and he had his reasons for doing such a thing and she was eternally grateful for it. Meaning there was no way she could risk his safety.

Ally, "My friend was the leader of the coven which turned feral due to lack of blood so he felt responsible resulting in him giving Isaac a second chance. Now he lives happily as a vampire."

Josh, "Was it not hard for him, it must have been painful becoming the enemy of your kind?" Ally gave a sad sigh in return, that didn't matter in her mind he could never be the enemy.

Ally, "My principles are different, we don't discriminate based on race. My pack consists of both vampires and wolves. Most people wouldn't believe they could co-exist peacefully, I proved them all wrong." Layla sipped her tea before nodding in interest. Such a young girl yet she'd accomplished such a thing still...that wasn't the information she was searching for.

Layla, "So I take it you and Isaac are no longer an item, does that mean you're currently with someone?" Ally was dreading this question. Surely Layla would know Luther was a descendant of Shezmu and would also hint at her spirit vessel.

Kaleb, "You said you have a child, so you must be with someone?" Layla froze dropping her cup to the ground.

Layla, "Child?" It was so she was trapped in a mountain of ice. After a time that welcoming warm house changed. The fire dyed down and both Josh and Kaleb looked the most uneasy she had ever seen them.

Ally, "Is that a problem?" Feeling threatened Ally put up her guard. Layla looked like a different person. That lilac hair browned and her eyes quickly turned black.

Layla, "It's genetically impossible for you to conceive, I should know I've been alive long enough to know. There was only one person who could manage such a thing..." Ally clenched her teeth as her sharp hissing tongue reached a nerve. Such a small detail yet it had given her away.

Josh, "Mother why are you so angry?" Layla stood up and opened the door, Ally dug her nails into the chair. There was no way she would leave, not now. Not when she'd come this far. Lives were on her shoulders, Lilly, Luther, Blake, Mom, Isaac, Aiden and everyone else!

Layla, "Boys leave us." Ally looked in bewilderment. Josh and Kaleb didn't object much, apart from a frustrated pout they left without a struggle. Did she hear that right? Layla wasn't going to show her out. Slowly that living room door closed leaving them both with no escape if things went badly.

Layla, "I had a small niggle inside my heart when I saw you on my property but I bypa.s.sed it believing it was just anxiety. That familiar feeling of excitement and fear, there was only one person who could satisfy me like that." She said her head pressed against the oak daring to be disappointed when turning back. Ally couldn't relax at all, not only had her body changed but her personality too. It was wicked yet attractive. A true pureblood mage.

Ally, "Your hinting an awful lot, if you want to say something then say it." Layla chuckled and spun around, it was true her eyes had gone completely black. Perhaps this was rage or maybe knowing she was speaking to Luna, it was comforting to show her true form.

Layla, "I want to hear it from your own mouth, you came here because you need something from me. You're a smart girl you should know it's an eye for an eye." How cunning it almost made Ally laugh. That gentle approach to win her over soon faded wasn't it just good manners to return ones, true soul, to another.

Ally, "Someone very acquainted with you took an interesting hold on me. You win Layla, I can't hide this any longer...I carry the Luna gene." Layla sat down abruptly and gripped Ally's cheeks. There was that touching thing again, it felt slithery like a snake. Such bold eyes glared into hers until eventually, they were both drowning. Ally sighed and let some of her preservative energy release revealing bright violet eyes. A combination of the two, the mold that kept her world together. Layla began shuddering with excitement.

Layla, "It's been a long time since I've seen those eyes. How extraordinary, your vessel doesn't even struggle to hold them. You finally got the upgrade you wanted Dear friend." Ally gripped her wrists and pried away those crooked hands. This was becoming too bizarre, where had that amazing mage gone Luna had spoken of. The kind woman she spoke to only moments ago.

Layla, "I see. Your still as sneaky as ever, leading the poor girl here." Ally felt a bad jolt of adrenaline in her blood, it was like before. Layla was watching those pretty violet eyes become riddled with unsureness.

Ally, "I came of my own accord."

Layla, "Because of desperation, am I correct?" Ally's voice was starting to get a bit panicky as Layla seemed to be hiding something from her. Tutting she gently pulled a notebook from under the table.

Layla, "I feel sympathy for you Ally. It must be difficult carrying the devil on your back day in and day out. If you want my help then stay but I can't promise this won't be hard to hear." It was a sly inviting grin, she hated people knowing what she didn't.

Ally, "You have no idea why I'm here so what could you possibly tell me that I don't already know. Is this a game of yours!" This was distressing, an unknown sense of terror she couldn't put her finger on. Like everything she'd known up until this point...had been a lie.

Layla, "On the contrary, I already know why you're here, I could guess by the way you reacted when Josh told you of the trouble we'd been having. About the men with the guns." Ally growled this woman had eyes and ears everywhere. If she knew then why would she ask about her life? What did she want?

Ally, "I won't leave so do your worst." Layla pulled out a pen with a gleaming smile and began jotting down notes about Ally.

Layla, "You don't have any objections dear Luna, you realize what I'm about to tell this girl don't you?" Ally felt her twitch inside of her, Luna was also afraid. But why, this was her old friend. She wanted to crawl into a ball and cry.

Layla, "I see. Very well then. Your already aware of our relations.h.i.+p in the past so I won't fill your head with the same story twice, however, the reason you're here is to know how to s.h.i.+ft is that correct?" Ally nodded avoiding eye contact, this woman was inside of her brain-picking it apart. The first enemy she'd faced who frustratingly she couldn't harm.

Ally, "If I learn I can teach the others. Luna said you could teach me while also keeping my sanity in-tact?" Layla sighed this time a bit annoyed at the false hope being thrown around.

Layla, "If only life were that easy. First off, tell me when you first encountered Luna?"

Ally, "I-I was seventeen just after I'd been transformed into a hybrid." Layla stopped writing...That seemed rather late on. Luna had concealed herself all that time, but for what reason? Unless...

Layla, "Ahhh, that means it was 'him' who turned you. How interesting and I thought he'd be shriveled up like an old prune by now. Your child's father, who is he?" Ally felt her saliva run dry, this wasn't how it was supposed to go. Luther was too precious to be told about especially to Layla. From what she'd worked out when the war broke out, valiantly Layla chose Luna's side.

Layla, "Your protective of him, how sweet. I think I recall him being called Luther now? Is that true?" Ally sprung up from her chair threateningly. Layla flinched a little giving leeway to Ally observation. So...she could also feel fear.

Ally, "If you already know then why ask! As if I would sacrifice the people important to me for your pathetic f*cking game of twenty questions. If you know then don't ask!" Panting with rage Ally closed her eyes pulling back her claws, killing her would ruin everything.

Layla, "Forgive me, it's my bad habit. I enjoy seeing people get worked up but your far too unstable to do such a thing. I'm sure I'd lose my head. Anyway carrying on..." Ally hated this, every last bit of it. Like a doll being poked at with needles, unable to move. All she could do was endure while this s.a.d.i.s.tic woman had her fun.

Layla, "This is a very important question, it will determine whether my suspicions are correct so answer me carefully." Impatiently filled we dread she sat there awaiting the question that may well tip her over the edge.

Layla, "All of the bad things that have happened in your life. Who would you hold responsible for them?" Ally gave a confused disgusted look in reply. What sort of question was that?

Ally, "What? No-one, like you, said life isn't easy. I've had my hards.h.i.+p but that doesn't mean anyone is responsible?" Layla surprised her with teary eyes on the brink of exploding.

Layla, "You truly believe that? Losing your mate, your father. Almost losing your child, all of that was just the standard level of hards.h.i.+p we all receive? Ally in the three centuries I've lived I have never had such luck like you." Bitterly Ally bit her lip. so now she was being pitied? Loss was a natural part of life, of course, it was no-one fault.

Layla, "The beatings, becoming an outcast, being yanked away from the people you love. Is all of that just fate?"

Ally, "What else would it be! What are you getting at Layla!" Those eyes...those clouded eyes were the ones Layla wanted to see. This wasn't a brave, happy girl that just accepted things as they were. This was a broken, seething angry young girl.

Layla, "What I'm about to tell you will change your perspective indefinitely and seeing Luna hasn't said a peep means her time is up. Your about to lose something else very important to you Ally, for what it's worth I'm sorry." Ally felt a tear tickle her cheek looking up as Layla's black eyes returned to the gentle yellow as if trying to comfort her. No, she didn't want to lose anything else. It would destroy her! Layla could see her eyes subconsciously glance at the door looking to run so she sat down placing her now smooth hands upon hers.

Layla, "Ally do you know what happens to a G.o.d once they leave heaven?"
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Ally, "T-They join humanity..." Layla shook her head slowly. It wasn't that easy, the reason Layla noted that Luna's vessel was containing her well is that the one she entered, the very first shattered and crumbled under the weight of her choice.

Layla, "Partly, but I mean do you know what they become?" Ally clenched her fists and shook her head. Luna...was weeping almost sobbing. It was the first time Ally hadn't felt connected with her emotionally leaving her a cold hollow sh.e.l.l. Why are you pulling away now, what are you afraid of?

Layla, "In heaven G.o.ds hold power, they are protected as a supporter but...once they leave. They become a calamity as punishment." Like a whoosh of electricity Ally's whole body ceased up. A calamity? But that meant a vessel for destruction and misfortune, there was no way that was true. Luna had always hel-- Layla watched her reasoning stop as a sudden realization shrouded that light inside of her.

Layla, "You understand, don't you? All that pain you've felt until now is because of Luna. Calamities aren't controlled and cause serious misfortune disguised as 'fate' or 'bad luck'. Therefore I'll ask you again...who is resonsible for all of your pain?"

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