Forbidden Alpha 91 - Chapter 91 "Goodbye...For Now."

Forbidden Alpha -

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'Before I start this I want to say sorry to all of you. The past week I've said and done some hurtful things, things I wish I could take back. I know your all going to be furious when you find this but please know I'm trying to give us a better chance. I'll be back soon. Please don't look for me. Goodbye...for now'

Blake, "What is this?" Gathered in the office they all looked on lifeless at the note she'd left. Luther had swept the whole house and surrounding territory and it was true, Ally was gone. Isaac studied it over and over, with an inkling that Ally was the one to write this and not Luna. It was personal and sounded like her. Helen held Lilly in her arms with her head down, what could her troublesome daughter be up to this time. A million terrible scenarios flashed through their mind.

Aiden, "I have no idea what she'd thinking. A better chance? Does that mean things are taking a turn for a worst?" Isaac shook his head, if that was true then she wouldn't have said she was coming back. This was something out of their knowledge.

Isaac, "Maybe Ally's onto something. We all know too well her priority is to protect this pack no matter what. If she left now that means we still have time before this all goes down. Have some faith in her." Luther couldn't understand why Isaac was so calm. Why would she leave just after things had been clarified between their feelings? Something wasn't right as always.

Luther, "Dammit, doing things alone again? What could she be doing that doesn't need us?" Helen finally raised her head. Luckily she knew her daughter and the way her bright mind worked. It wasn't that she wanted to do this alone, but...she had no choice.

Helen, " Ally made a promise not to do anything alone sincerely to all of us. I don't think she had a choice this time around we shouldn't blame her. I think we all need to remember that she is trying her best for us." It was a valid point but didn't dim the crus.h.i.+ng loneliness in their hearts. Wherever Ally had gone they all hoped she would come back quick.

----------------------West Territory-------------------------

Driving in the Black BMW consumed by silence Ally tapped the steering wheel anxiously. It had only been 12 hours but her withdrawal from Lilly was insane. All of her instincts screamed at her to turn around to safety. Even her arms shook trying to keep the steering wheel steady. Music didn't help nor radio. Every one must have noticed her absence by now, they must be furious with her. It wasn't as if she wanted to leave. Maybe if this worked out they could forgive.

Tiny splatters of rain tapped on her windscreen swept away by the wipers. The weather looked at how she felt, miserable. Still only a few more miles until mage county. Layla had to be there for the sake of surviving. Things would be hard and trust was already wavering. Mages were tricky people, very good at hiding their motives. While s.h.i.+fting Layla could kill her from vulnerability. Ally shook her head, negative thinking wouldn't get her anywhere, not everyone in this world was like George. That G.o.d d.a.m.ned sly smile was the last thing she saw of him. Sol's ragged eyes staring right through her. All of them would pay for even threatening to hurt any more of her family.

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As she pondered heavy warm air whooshed into her car causing her throat to run dry. Coughing she tried to bypa.s.s it but the feeling just got more intense. Through teary eyes choking on nothing, she had no choice but to pull over. Slamming open her car door she swung round on her seat gasping for breath. What the h.e.l.l was going on, the air was so humid it was suffocating? Now she was stranded in a woodland area, it was quiet and desolate making chills run down her spine. So, this was mage county...

It was eerie like a deserted plain of unfortunate events. A place of curses and hatred, it was dangerous here Ally could smell it embedded into the air. Scattered trees some alive and some rotting into the earth. A mixture of good and bad, how unnatural...

Snapped out of her thoughts she sighed and began trekking through the woodland looking for any sign of habitation. Mages were unfriendly for a reason, they were rejected by other races for their luck. Born without any choice but to grant wishes and misdeeds, it seemed like a painful life. Smoke in the distance alerted her of someone, treading carefully avoided sticks and roots Ally stalked the area behind the brush. As her footsteps got closer she noticed a child warming himself by the fire. Looks like she'd been detected, mage psychology was to lure people in my becoming their weakness. Being a mother, of course, her instincts were to approach this child without question believing he was alone and cold. Sadly that tempting image was just a farce, this person was a fully grown man looking for victims.

Ally, "Nasty trick, resume your true form and I'll come closer." Startled the child jumped up and frantically looked around. Ally palmed her forehead, what a stupid game this was keeping up the act. This man was an idiot.

"Who's there, please don't hurt me."

Ally, "Haaa, that depends on your actions. I'm not looking to be deceived so I'd appreciate it if you stopped the charade, I'm a busy woman." It took a few seconds before the boy clicked his tongue and returned to normal. His yellow eyes, black hair, tall figure almost like a stick. Bewitching people was also a talent of theirs so generally, they looked mesmerizing. Beauty was external to them masking their inner ugliness.

"What the h.e.l.l are you, your scents troubling." Smirking Ally stood up from the bushes glaring at him, immediately the man gasped and began his defensive stance. This was to be expected considering her const.i.tution made her immune to them. Wolves could be paralyzed by them and vampires could be lured into their grasp with blood however they didn't have any tricks for hybrids.

Ally, "Relax if I wanted you dead you would be already. Name?" On guard he thought carefully about telling her, if it could buy more time then he guessed there was no choice.

"Eren Vanguard, and you?" It was quite a nice name she thought, as expected from them. Even their names were alluring.

"Ally King, I'm sure you've heard of me I've been gossip for a long time." His face switched from stone cold to pale white accompanied by eyes of terror. There was a reason for that...

Eren, "You're the Luna conduit, what brings you to our territory!" Luna was feared by these people, because not only was she more powerful but could also control certain types of mages making her formidable in an attempt to eradicate them. Lucky for them that wasn't Ally's intention.

Ally, "You don't have to be frightened I'm looking for someone in this county. Before you ask my intentions aren't bad so before you call your friends here think carefully. Do you know of a mage named Layla?" Immediately that slick cold expression molded into fear. Therefore no matter what he said next Ally already knew the answer to that question.

Eren, "Layla died a long time ago, sorry to disappoint." Ally chuckled and walked closer to him, he flinched and moved closer to his house most likely looking for refuge. From far away she didn't look that intimidating however close up with those mismatched glowing eyes she looked like the highest form of predatory being.

Ally, "So then how did she die?" Eren began shaking, what was this immense pressure in his chest almost threatening him to breathe, this truly was the fabled hybrid of the north. Ally looked at the well-maintained house behind him when a thought crossed her mind. Could this boy be part of the border control?

Eren, "Mages like her aren't welcome here, they banded together and hung her for treason." Computerized words Ally thought, no hesitation or emotion came from that sentence almost as if he'd repeated them thousands of times.

Ally, "Nice try, mages have security measures in place for intruders. Most of the time they try to avoid conflict but when it comes to protecting secrets they'll kill whoever comes to challenge that. So, when will your friends be arriving Eren?" She looked at her watch impatiently. Eren scowled, she seemed to know a lot about their policies considering the majority of it was well protected.

Eren, "Why do you know so much, who have you been talking too!" Ally smirked, this next statement would change the direction of this argument. Eren felt a churning feeling in his stomach, as Ally smiled proudly.

Ally, "I'm part of the council bureau, I have special connections with Vermont. So try and fight me with all your might, see the repercussions." Eren's head drooped there was no chance anymore once you messed with the council it was all over. They were the highest form of power in the territory.

Ally, "I know Layla's alive so why don't you just give me her location?" Eren almost bit through his tongue. If he went against the elder's things could turn nasty. Ally squatted face to face with his conflicted glare.

Ally, "If you tell me I'll owe you favor how about that? I forgot your kind didn't give without getting." Eren looked up slightly. That principle was true.

Eren, "What could you possibly offer me?" Got him Ally thought he wouldn't have even considered it if Layla wasn't alive. This kid wasn't too smart, maybe they had put him on duty because he was disposable.

Ally, "Protecting, a place for refuge, even if you want me to kill someone for you I'm willing to do that." Eren looked flabbergasted, just how important was this woman to her? Still, it wasn't a bad deal. Ally could see a slight sparkle in his eyes which made her view this situation differently. All of a sudden he looked like a canary trapped in a cage unable to move without orders.

Ally, "If you're struggling to decide how about I give you some advice. It doesn't matter what race or background every single one of us strives to be free. To move on our own, talk when we like even use of gifts without prying eyes. I could give you all of that if you tell me where she is. I promise you that, I don't break promises." His att.i.tude changed from hostility to admiration, how did she know exactly what he wanted without asking?

Eren, "I need to write a contract." As he stood up eagerly her arm pulled him back with a serious expression.

Ally, "I don't have time for that. I'll give you something else instead." Ally reached in her pocket and pulled out a napkin, with a quick p.r.i.c.k of her teeth she dabbled it with blood then handed it over.

Ally, "If I lie or betray you, you can curse me. Even kill me if you like with this blood pact, I'm serious when I say all of this. Will you trust me, Eren?" He gently took the napkin and stared at the pure coagulated blood, so this was how desperate she was. With this, he had power over her. Sighing with a trembling lip he nodded.

Eren, "Okay...I'll tell you. Layla lives 10 miles north of here away from the village, she was banished but the elders were too scared of her to drive her completely out of this territory. It's a small hut on the outskirts next to the meadow." Ally smiled, that must have been hard for him.

Ally, "Thankyou very much, I'll come back so keep that tissue safe. Don't let anyone else get there hands on it. " Eren smirked and nodded, such a kind veil came over her face. Looks like the tales of the vicious heartless hybrid were lies, she was human just like the rest of them. Without looking back Ally was gone in seconds leaving a breeze of brown dirt. Eren clutched the napkin tightly, so someone was on his side after all...

North of Mage------------------------------------------------

Ally could feel the mud under her running feet thicken with each stride until she was jumping not to be sucked in, it was a dangerous place here filled with traps and reckless nature. It was like being stuck inside a venus fly trap just waiting for the teeth to shut off your escape forever. Thanks to her sensitive hearing she could avoid any people pa.s.sing on the way. Eventually, her only way of traveling safely was through the trees. It was a free feeling gliding from branch to branch. Its blue sky was almost close enough to touch, compared to the desolate darkness below it was paradise. Closing her eyes as the swift breeze tangled between her silver hair she took a gulp of healthy air and smiled.

Ally, "Ugh!" As her height reached it's limit a tight sharp pain spread through her body. It caused her to stumble on a tree branch. Gasping as the pain got more intense from the drop, her fingers clung to the sharp branch below. What the h.e.l.l was this feeling, it was agonizing. Trying to understand what was going on she heard a swoosh of air by her head, she dodged to see an arrow stuck in the bark above. No way, was she being shot at!

"The next ones for your head, turn back now!" Ally looked down in a panic, fighting up here would get her nowhere. Before she could find a safe path another arrow skimmed her fingers clutching the branch and like the breath was stolen from her lungs she fell hitting the leaves on the way down. They scratched her face b.u.mping her bones until with a great thud she landed at the bottom. The bruised sc.r.a.pes on her fingertips from hanging on stung as she dug her hands into the wet dirt to stand up. Slightly disorientated she stood up and looked around only to find two boys roughly her age with bright blue hair and glowing yellow eyes.

Ally, "Nice welcome party..." she muttered under her breath. Luna did warn her. Startled she could move they backed off when seeing her eyes.

"What the h.e.l.l are you! How can you stand?" Ally ignored them and put her sleeve in her mouth before groaning as the arrow pulled through her legs. Blood splattered and seeped into the orange leaves below. It was painful but frankly, she'd felt worse.

Ally, "What did you try? Dead man's blood or wolfsbane?" A little amused she smirked tilted her head back trying to dry the beads of sweat on her forehead. Both of the boys got a closer look as the sunlight showering through the street hit her florescent hair and tight skin.

"L-Load up another!" Panicked the older boy pulled an arrow from behind his back and fumbled to load it. Ally sighed...some people didn't learn. They both shouted as she sped forward knocking one of them against a tree and the other pinned to the floor. Quite casually she sat on top of him picking up each arrow and snapping it inches away from his face. They were terrified, her scent was unique, unlike anything they'd ever smelled before.

"Get off my brother!" Naively the other ran at her but with a quick sweep of her long legs, he was also on the bottom looking up at the trees stunned.

Ally, "Calm down I'm not here to start anything. If anything you should be apologizing to me...unless you're protecting something? I don't see why you would be shooting random people for nothing." Immediately their eyes looked away, so she was onto something.

Ally, "Listen I'm looking for a woman named Layla, do you know where she is?" Both of the boys looked at each other in worry. Ally clicked her fingers drawing their attention.

"We don't know who you're talking about!" If that were true they wouldn't be sweating so much, not only did they know where she was but they were also protecting her...

Ally, "Look I'm not into torture but I have a lot of lives at stake and I need her help. So tell me or I'll pay back that arrow you shot me with earlier. And believe me when I say; I don't miss." Both of the boys clicked their tongue and clenched their teeth looking for support but Ally couldn't sense anyone else around here. Their efforts were in vain. Eventually, after an intense stare-off, one of the brothers sighed in defeat glaring coldly at Ally.

"Your not here to hurt her?" Ally shook her head sternly with truthful eyes.

"So...what exactly do you want from my mother?"

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