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Daedalus was confused. He had decided to pursue the Gamer ability as a pastime, but he was stuck. To actually have the ability capable of being used he needed to have full control of the planet he is sending it to.

It was a ma.s.sive moral quandary. Technically he was giving someone super powers on a base world. The problems where numerous but it could also do good too. Thinking about it he realised it wasn't actually as big of an issue as he thought, he just had to program it so that the gamer would get quests to help people but also be heavily penalised for doing evil.


The system itself was honestly just a heads up display that basically have the user/gamer a limited admin privilege. Simply put they would have to do tasks to take in the energy that came from the formation that would allow the Gamer ability to work.


With that done Daedalus felt happy enough, he was tempted to just find a way to use it on this planet but that was very risky. So putting that idea to the side Daedalus had a realisation. He would have to go and look for a world himself.

Groaning in unhappiness his hobby had brought to him Daedalus stood from his desk and made his way into the living room. Andromeda was sat on the couch with bags under her eyes as she stared at the black screen of their TV.

She had been sat there for three days now and Daedalus knew why. Her favourite character had died. Daedalus had already decided he was leaving to do his thing so he had to confirm if she was going with.

So walking up behind her Daedalus yanked her into the air earning a disapproving yelp. Daedalus then set her down again and said "I want to go and find a planet with good technological advances for that project I was working on, want to come with?"

Andromeda sighed and said "Just make sure I can teleport over and I'll meet you when I feel like it, I still need to grieve!"

Daedalus only smiled and said "Alright, I'll be going then, see you later."

It was actually rather common for them to explore the nearby worlds. In fact it was on one such exploration trip that Daedalus managed to get lost floating in s.p.a.ce and created a makes.h.i.+ft teleporter to get home. So of course he made several spare ones as well so that anyone who explored out there could easily get back.

And with that, a new project began.

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