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Published at 22nd of July 2019 06:45:04 AM Chapter 198: 198

As he had finally finished most of the presents Daedalus decided that taking a break would be a good idea . So Daedalus cuddled up on the sofa with Andromeda . This caused her to wake up, she felt slightly surprised as she didn't even notice when she fell asleep .

Daedalus who saw her suprise chuckled softly and said "I finished with Reginn's gift a few moments ago, so I thought I would join you for a while . "

Andromeda smiled mischievously at this and suddenly jumped on him . Daedalus was definitely pleased with this turn of events .


After what felt like forever, which was only an hour or so, Daedalus was back in his chair at the crafting table . This time he would be working on Richard's gift, he had a lot of ideas for what he could make . Daedalus however could not chose decisively and spent around two hours not being able to chose .

Eventually Daedalus gave up and called rose in . Before that however he carefully his her present in a box and put it in his spatial ring . After that Rose entered the room with a curious look on her face .

Daedalus didn't bother beating around the bush and immediately said "I am making Richard a gift but I don't know what he would want, what do you think I should make?"

Rose began to look excited and said "How about a scarf, made out of dragon scales?"

Daedalus looked conflicted for a second before asking "And where are these scales?"

Rose looked down a little and mumbled something quietly, before picking up her head and showing him her puppy dog eyes . She then said "I shed a few the other day, we can use those, right?"

Due to her enormous skill at using the puppy dog eyes technique, Daedalus just couldn't say no . Sighing quietly Daedalus said "Fine, but we won't tell him they are your scales, okay?"

Rose then beamed an enormous smile and said "Thank you, daddy!"


And so Daedalus and Rose worked together to create a scale scarf out of Rose's own scales . Daedalus knew that, at least in wyvern culture, it was a sign of affection that was rarely used .

As they worked on the scarf together Daedalus felt it would be a good idea to split up the tasks . So in the end Daedalus was the one who dealt with the runes and enchantments while Rose was to work on actually styilising the scarf . This would mean that Rose would be the main creator of the gift, but Daedalus felt that it was better this way .

So after a few hours Daedalus and Rose finished making the protectively enchanted scarf . Rose seemed to be happier than ever as she looked at the carefully made scarf she made while Daedalus sighed still feeling rather conflicted . Rose also seemed to have found out about some of he customs of wyvern culture and knew about the tradition, however she didn't mention this .

Daedalus however could easily see that she understood and he could only sigh .

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