Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 71.1 - Jun Lintian’s plan (Part 1)

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Chapter 71: Jun Lintian’s plan (Part 1)

“Elder Brother, today’s dinner is really rich. If sister-in-law opened a restaurant in the capital of Haoyue Country, we don’t need to mix in with other restaurants.”

Along the way, Mu Yunhan has been boasting about Su Zimo’s craftsmans.h.i.+p.

When he turned his head, he found out Mu Yunxuan absent-minded.

“Big Brother, what are you thinking? Did you hear what I said?”

Mu Yunhan faced Mu Yunxuan. His elder brother seems to have been possessed.

“I was thinking what is Murong Shaofeng’s intention?”

Mu Yunxuan replied casually.

When he thought of how Murong Shaofeng looked at his wife gently, his heart was filled with anxiousness.

As long as Su Zimo has a slight affection for him, he will reveal the ident.i.ty of the four of them, to see who dares to fight with him.

“Big Brother, your worry is superfluous. I have observed the look in sister-in-law’s eyes. Sister-in-law has no such intention. Big brother, you should work harder and bring them to Yun City. Mother has been dreaming of hugging her grandson all day long.”

Mu Yunhan also likes lively places. If the three brothers and sisters were in Yun City, their days will be filled with happiness.

“Yunhan, you go back first. I still have something to do.”

After Mu Yunxuan finished saying those words, he didn’t wait for Mu Yunhan to answer and just disappeared quickly.

Mu Yunhan shook his head. If his elder brother won’t come back tonight, their mother will be furious.


Outside the gates of the Three Kings’ Palace, Shao Yu had brought Huaner here and waited.

It turned out that when the maidservant, Huan’er, left the Mingyue Mountain Villa, she went back to the Su Family Mansion.

When Su Ziyun saw Huan’er came back, she had already guessed what happened by 7 to 8 points. So, she didn’t ask her anything, she just sold her to the brothel. It can be seen that Su Zinyun didn’t care about the master and the servant’s relations.h.i.+p at all.

After dinner, Su Qi asked Shao Yu to quietly take Huan’er away. It was too easy for him to find someone in Haoyue Guojing.

Jun Lintian was also a vigilant person. If an outsider sent him a letter, he will not believe it easily.

However, if Su Ziyun’s maidservant sent a letter in, Jun Lintian will not doubt anything.

Moreover, they’re expecting that Su Ziyun will not dare to bring up this issue with Jun Lintian. Naturally, he will not know that Huan’er had been sold to the brothel by Su Ziyun.

After being sold in the brothel, she was rescued by Shao Yu. Huan’er hated Su Ziyun completely. So, she agreed to what Shao Yu has said.

The only condition is to send her out of town after the incident is completed.

This was a small matter for Shao Yu, so Shao Yu agreed.

“Uncle Shaoyu, are you ready?”

As soon as Su Li arrived, he asked Shao Yu.

“Li’er, everything is ready. How about you?”

Shao Yu said and pointed at Huan’er.

Su Li looked at Huan’er coldly, “You have experienced Su Ziyun’s heartlessness today. Now, as long as you send this letter to the Third Prince, after coming out, Uncle Shaoyu will send you out of the capital right away. If you want that, then send this letter in.”

Su Li pa.s.sed the letter to Huan’er.

Huan’er looked at the letter and fell in thoughts. Although she knew that Su Ziyun was vicious, she didn’t expect that she was so vicious to the point of selling her close maidservant to the brothel. Such a master will not feel distressed even if she died.

“Young master, rest a.s.sured! I will send the letter in. Su Ziyun’s letter is usually sent by this slave. The Third Prince will not doubt me.”

Huan’er bit her lip, this matter has nothing to do with her. Su Ziyun wanted to destroy her. What else should she care about?

After receiving the letter from Su Li, Huan’er bit her lip, suppressed her emotions, and walked towards the gate of the Third Prince’s Mansion.

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