Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 70.2 - Seducing other men in his presence (Part 2)

Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures -

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Chapter 70: Seducing other men in his presence (Part 2)

At the entrance of the dining room, they smelled a flavorful scent, which aroused their appet.i.te.

Upon entering the dining room, a long table capable of accommodating more than a dozen people were filled with a variety of special dishes.

Everyone was stunned. When they looked at the dishes, they could tell that it will taste good. The arrangement made everyone feel like it was a feast.

Especially Mu Yunxuan, his eyes lit up instantly. Are these all made by his wife?

Mu Yunhan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Are these delicious food made by his sister-in-law?

However, he had never seen these dishes before.

“Momo, your craftsmans.h.i.+p is getting better and better. Today, I’m sure I’ll enjoy everything.”

Murong Shaofeng spoke slowly. His elegant appearance could make people hesitate to diver their eyes. He has always been elegant like this.

At this time, Su Li, Su Qingjue, and Su Zinian also came over.

Everyone greeted each other.

Since Su Zinian met Jun Shaochen, she always has this a little bit trace of playfulness on her face. Just like a little girl who just fell in love.

Su Zimo noticed this, but she didn’t say anything. In truth, she hoped that her elder sister could have an ordinary family so that she could live in peace. In the imperial family, especially in the harem, most beauties lived a bad life since ancient times. She didn’t want her elder sister to live a sorrowful life deep in the palace.

“Let’s get started! After a busy day, I’m a little hungry.”

As soon as Su Zimo said those words, everyone started.

Especially Su Qi, he started eating his favorite braised pig’s trotters.

Mu Yunxuan held Su Xin and sat next to Su Zimo.

Murong Shaofeng, who wanted to sit in that seat, his face drastically changed in an instant. Mu Yunxuan’s performance was a bit abnormal… … could he be Su Zimo’s… …?

No, Murong Shaofeng didn’t want to think about it. What should he do? Should he confess to Su Zimo?

“Oh! Uncle Murong, please sit down! We’re going to start!”

Su Qi pulled Murong Shaofeng’s sleeve and let him sit next to him.

“Oh! Good!” Murong Shaofeng smiled softly and sat down.

After looking at the dishes, he gently looked at Su Zimo and said, “Momo, you have worked hard. The table is full of my favorite dishes.”

Murong Shaofeng’s words made Mu Yunxuan’s hands paused in the air.

What did his wife cook? All his favorite dishes? Can Murong Shaofeng finish all these dishes alone?

There were so many dishes. He doesn’t believe that he could eat them all.

When Murong Shaofeng saw Mu Yunxuan’s reaction, his lips involuntary curved into a smile. He wanted Mu Yunxuan to know his position in Su Zimo’s heart.

“You are the guest of Mingyue Mountain Villa today. If it’s not you, who else could it be? Shaofeng, you should forget about your face today, just eat more.”

In fact, Su Zimo didn’t think too much about it. She regarded Murong Shaofeng as a friend.

In ancient times, for someone like her, who’s unmarried and have children, who would want to marry her? So why would she think Murong Shaofeng has other thoughts about her? Besides, she knew his real ident.i.ty. So she just really regarded him as a good friend!

Su Qi’s eyes turned between Murong Shaofeng and Mu Yunxuan.

Why does he feel like there was a gunpowder smell between his Uncle Murong and his father?

There was slight friction between the two men, but only a few people noticed it. Everyone’s attention was focused on the delicious food at the top of the tabled.

“A guest is a guest. Please eat more.”

In the face of familiar people, Su Zimo was warm. But in front of outsiders, Su Zimo was cold and unapproachable.

“What is this made of? It’s very fragrant, smooth, soft, and tastes great!”

Mu Yunxuan praised after eating a piece.

He had never eaten any dishes like these before. All the dishes were full of color and flavorful taste.

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