Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 70.1 - Seducing other men in his presence (Part 1)

Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures -

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Chapter 70: Seducing other men in his presence (Part 1)

“Is it Su Ziyun?”

Su Qi’s eyes rolled.

d.a.m.n it, he hasn’t made time to clean her up yet. She’s the first moth that they should have been cleaning up.

“Grandma Mo, let her go back! You don’t need to tell this matter to my mother. My mother has been very busy these days with her business, but I’m sure she’ll solve this herself.”

Su Qi’s cunning eyes squinted. Anyone familiar with Su Qi knew that the person behind the scene will be unlucky.

“Listen to me.”

Mo Niang naturally knows what Su Qi was thinking. It’s not a big deal anyway. Su Qi can solve this himself.

“Thank you, thank you!” The little maidservant didn’t expect that they would let her go.

She turned around and quickly run outside, in fear that Su Qi will regret it.

“Mo Niang.”

Su Zimo’s surprised voice sounded.


“Mo Niang, you’re finally back, you made me worry to death.”

Su Zimo enthusiastically rushed into Mo Niang’s arms.

“Mo Niang, I miss you so much!”

Regardless of other people’s presence, Su Zimo showed her coquettish side, which she rarely shows even in front of Murong Shaofeng.

“Master, I also miss you!”

Mo Niang patted Su Zimo’s back lovingly. For the past 2 years, she has treated Su Zimo as her biological daughter. Su Zimo also treated her better than her biological mother, which made her always think that she’s becoming old.

Mu Yunxuan looked at Su Zimo with a smile. If this little wild cat can also act coquettish in his arms, what a loving scene would that be, right?

Su Zimo, you stole my heart 6 years ago, I, Mu Yunxian will make you fall in love with me.

“Mo Niang, you came back just right in time. I personally cook a lot of delicious food today. The bowls and plates are all loaded with delicious foods!”

Su Zimo began to show off her cooking skills. She was a foodie in her previous life. In terms of cooking, no one could beat her at all.

“It seems I will be full again.”

Mo Niang was very excited. This feeling of having a family was really good!

“Hee hee!” Su Zimo then turned to face Murong Shaofeng.

“Shaofeng, I originally invited you to eat dinner me. But now, there are a few more people. Shaofeng, I hope you don’t mind!”

After speaking, she looked at the Mu Yunxuan and Mu Yunhan unhappily.

Mu Yunxuan, this despicable guy, let Su Qi begged her so that he could stay for dinner. She doesn’t want to agree with Su Qi, but Su Xin also b.u.t.ted in and begged.

Poor Mu Yunxuan, he was wronged! It was Su Qi’s own intention. He has nothing to do with it. He doesn’t know that Su Zimo put another crime on his head.

Seeing her unhappy eyes, Mu Yunxuan raised an eyebrow. This little wild cat, it seems that he has to straighten things up. She was seducing other men in front of him. She has to pay a price for this.

“Momo, I don’t mind. Didn’t you say the food tastes better if there are a lot more people?”

Murong Shaofeng smiled reluctantly. In fact, he wanted to have dinner with her alone.

He likes her unpretentious and straightforward look in front of him. It was also a pleasure to watch her eating. What’s more, eating her dishes makes things more memorable.

“Then, let’s move to the dining room, the dishes are ready.”


Murong Shao Feng nodded his head and habitually wanted to hold Su Xin.

However, he found out that Mu Yunxuan had picked up Su Xin one step ahead.

In an instant, two pairs of deep eyes collided in the air, which made the atmosphere covered with gunpowder.

Two people who could have been good friends now regarded each other as love rivals.

Murong Shaofeng turned around as his eyes turned gloomy.

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