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On the Cloud s.h.i.+p, inside a box.

Ye Xuan sat on the ground, cross-legged. He was surrounded by a surge of weird Conceptions... It looked weird because this surge of Conceptions was vague and flickering...

At the entrance of the second layer, another piece of paper fluttered in front of Ye Xuan.

On the paper, there was still a sword, behind of which was a big "?".

After a while, Ye Xuan suddenly opened his eyes. He glanced at the paper in front of him and whispered, "I don't know either..."

When his sound fell, he got up. The Ling Xiu Sword in his body suddenly flew out. The next moment, the entire first layer was crisscrossed by sword light. The whole sword body was covered with faint Sword Light and a stream of flickering Conceptions!

Meanwhile, the integration degree between the Li Xiu Sword and Ye Xuan had reached 99%!

Now, he didn't need to control his sword by harnessing the Qi, instead, he could use the "Conception" to control the sword!

The speed of the sword had increased by at least five times than before!

Now, he finally got real control over his sword!

The Cloud s.h.i.+p was getting closer and closer to Ning Country.

Ning Country!

Ning Country was very close to Jiang Country and Tang Country. It could be said that the geographic distributions of the three countries formed a triangle. But Ning Country had an advantage over Jiang Country and Tang Country, or it could be said that Ning Country was the most powerful one among the three countries!

It was mainly because of that there had been a feud between Tang Country and Jiang Country. The two countries had never stopped fighting so they suffered from more consumption than Ning Country!

While Ning Country had been focused on its own development!

In addition, Ning Country also had a natural geographical advantage that this country and the places around it were rich in minerals, and it got no natural enemies. Therefore, Ning Country had the most powerful national strength among its neighboring countries!

Ning Country remained neutral all the time and it wouldn't partic.i.p.ate easily in any other countries' battles!

That was also why many other countries wanted to establish diplomatic relations with Ning Country, whatever it was Jiang Country, Tang Country or other neighboring countries!

Early in the morning.

A Cloud s.h.i.+p slowly approached the Imperial Capital of Ning Country. When it was 300 meters away from the Imperial Capital of Ning Country, a middle-aged man suddenly appeared in front of the Cloud s.h.i.+p. The middle-aged man looked at the Cloud s.h.i.+p coldly and asked, "Have you got a pa.s.s?"

"A pa.s.s?"

On the deck of the Cloud s.h.i.+p, Ye Xuan looked toward Ji Anzhi while Ji Anzhi explained to him at a low voice. "Any Cloud s.h.i.+p that has no pa.s.s is not allowed to enter Ning Country, even if it's a Cloud s.h.i.+p of the Drunken Fairy Building."

With this, she paused a little and then added, "Whether it is the Drunken Fairy Building or the Cangmu College, both of them have low impacts on Ning Country. Because the Royal Household of Ning Country is very strong. In the past, the two forces were nearly eradicated by Tuoba Fu, the strongest expert in Ning Country. Though he didn't wipe out the two forces in the end, the two forces need to rely on the power of the Royal Household of Ning Country if they want to do anything in Ning Country!"

The words of Ji Anzhi made everyone a little surprised. One must know that both the Drunken Fairy Building and the Cangmu College were quite overbearing and arrogant in Jiang Country!

At this time, Steward Li suddenly appeared in front of the middle-aged man in the distance. He bent his finger and clicked. Then a card fell in front of the middle-aged man and the middle-aged man soon turned around and disappeared.

The Cloud s.h.i.+p continued to move forward. After a little while, the Cloud s.h.i.+p went slowly down and landed safely in the Imperial Capital of Ning Country.

On the deck of the Cloud s.h.i.+p, Steward Li walked up to Ye Xuan and the other three. He gave them a little salute. "Childe Ye, I have already found out the conspiracy of the Cangmu College. They have notified the high reward for your head to the surrounding countries. The reward they offer is extremely high. Therefore, there may be a lot of people who will come to the secret area, none of them is weak. And their purpose is definitely not to explore the secret area but to hunt you!"

Ye Xuan nodded. "I knew! Thank you for informing!"

Steward Li glanced at Ye Xuan who looked so calm. He hesitated for a second and then added, "Childe Ye, the people who come are not ordinary people. Some of them are even people on the Warrior List!"

Ye Xuan cupped his fists at him. "It's very kind of you to help me. I'll always remember that. Goodbye!"

After that, he turned around with Ji Anzhi and the other two, and they walked down the Cloud s.h.i.+p. After a short while, they disappeared at the end of the street in the distance.

On the Cloud s.h.i.+p, Steward Li turned around. Not far in front of him stood an old man!

It was precisely the Ninth Floorlord of the Drunken Fairy Building!

Steward Li said in a deep voice, "Floorlord, this time Cangmu College really splashed out on their aim to kill Childe Ye. And we chose to support him openly, which is really a little risky."

The Ninth Floorlord said indifferently, "Risky? If we don't help him in his days of distress, we will never get the second chance to bridge the gap between the Drunken Fairy Building and him..."

With this, he turned to look at the sky in the distance.

"There is a Sword G.o.d supports this boy behind!"

"A Sword G.o.d!"

"There has never appeared a Sword G.o.d in the entire Qing Continent!"

"Even that Sword Lord of Cang World didn't reach the level of Sword G.o.d at last!"

"Let alone it was only a branch of Cangmu College, even the headquarters of Cangmu College have to bow to a Sword G.o.d!"

"But now, people from Cangmu College concentrate all their efforts on taking furious revenge on Ye Xuan..." Thinking of this, the Ninth Floorlord suddenly shook his head and smiled. "Cangmu College... What made you so excellent..."

Inside the Imperial Palace of Jiang Country.

A woman was sitting on a dragon throne. She wore a golden dragon robe and she didn't look heavy in the robe. In fact, it fitted her very well, which showed her womanly body off nicely. The hair of the woman hung down loosely at her back. She looked at the memorial before her calmly with a sense of humble dignity between her eyebrows.

This woman in front was exactly Tuoba Yan, the King of Ning Country!

After a while, Tuoba Yan closed the memorial. "Is Ye Xuan the person I asked you to look for?"

In the dark corner, a voice sounded. "Yes, he is, Your Majesty. I have already found out his origins. He is from Qing City in Jiang Country. His parents are unknown. He grew up only with his sister. He had an extremely hard time before 12 when he stayed in the Ye Family with his sister. Later he was chosen by the Patriarch of the Ye Family and then was made the Heir Apparent of the Ye Family..."

Before long, the voice told her almost everything happened to Ye Xuan from Qing City to the Imperial Capital. Of course, there were some exceptions.

After a while, Tuoba Yan leaned on the dragon throne and slowly closed her eyes. "You checked only the surface!"

In the dark corner, the voice added, "According to our a.n.a.lysis, apart from Canglan College, there should also be a master behind him. But we are unable to find out who this master is. However, Ye Xuan stayed safe and sound after he had killed a steward of the Drunken Fairy Building on its Cloud s.h.i.+p. But not only did the Drunken Fairy Building let him go, but the Drunken Fairy Building kept trying to make it up to him. Therefore, we deduced that the master behind him should be an extraordinary master!"


Tuoba Yan suddenly opened her pair of eyes which looked as cold as the blades.

It was then that she remembered the moment when she was nailed to a tree by two wisps of sword light.

She didn't even have the power to fight back when she faced with the two wisps of sword light!

At this time, there came the voice again. "He is the person that Cangmu College desires to kill with our cooperation. Your Majesty, on behalf of everybody in the "Brain Trust Cabinet", I suggest that you should turn down the request of Cangmu College."

Tuoba Yan asked in an indifferent tone, "Why?"

In the corner, the voice rang again. "From Qing City to the Imperial Capital, then from the Imperial Capital to Frontier City, and then again from Frontier City to the Imperial Capital, during which periods it can be said that Ye Xuan had been improving his strength by leaps and bounds. Plus the good att.i.tudes that the Royal Household of the Jiang Country and the Drunken Fairy Building hold toward him. Therefore, we speculated that there must be an extraordinary great master or an extremely powerful force behind him. So our Ning Country shouldn't easily make Ye Xuan its enemy."

Tuoba Yan looked faintly at the portrait of Ye Xuan but didn't make any reply.

At this point, a man in black suddenly appeared in the hall and he knelt down on one knee. "Your Majesty, this time a total of 76 people will come to hunt Ye Xuan. All these 76 people are geniuses and marvels from all other countries. Among them, there are three on the Warrior List. Moreover, the branch of Cangmu College in Great Cloud Empire also sent someone here. As for who it is, we haven't yet found out. Besides, even the Dark World has sent people here, but we haven't figured out who it is!"

"The Dark world!"

Tuoba Yan's dark eyebrows slightly frowned. "Did this Kill Organization also want to come here to join in the fun?"

The man in black said in a low tone, "The reward offered by Cangmu College is really too big that no one can resist its temptation."

Tuoba Yan nodded slightly. "You can leave now!"

The man in black turned around and left.

The hall was quiet again.

After a while, Tuoba Yan suddenly said, "After we open the secret area, we'll not partic.i.p.ate in the killing this time. Inform all the aristocratic families in Ning Country and those Royal Household members that they mustn't join the hunt for Ye Xuan. Anyone who disobeys my orders will be killed!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

In the Imperial Capital of Ning Country, scarcely had Ye Xuan and the other three entered into the street in the Imperial Capital, they were surrounded by a bunch of people!

In front of Ye Xuan and the others were more than a dozen people, all of whom were wearing the same costume, and they all got the same logo on their left chest!

The logo of Cangmu College!

On both sides of the street, countless people came around. Obviously, they all wanted to watch the fun.

Opposite Ye Xuan, a Cangmu College student sneered. "I guess you must be Ye Xuan from the Canglan College in Jiang Country. I heard that your head is very valuable..."

At the same time, Ye Xuan disappeared in situ all in a sudden.

The next moment.


The voice of the man who was speaking stopped abruptly, and in the meantime, his throat split suddenly with blood spattering all over!

In the field, everyone's face changed dramatically.

Ye Xuan didn't stop. He spread out his palm, and the Ling Xiu Sword in his palm suddenly flew out.

"Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!"

In the field, a streak of sword light ran through the bunch of Cangmu College students like a b.u.t.terfly dancing in the flowers...

"Ah, ah..."

An unceasing stream of terrible screams sounded, and at the same time, the heads of those Cangmu College students fell to the ground one after another!

None survived!

Everyone on the spot was dumbfounded.

Ji Anzhi and the others were also stunned, and they looked at each other with a hint of worry in their eyes.

Because this time, Ye Xuan behaved so brutal!

He looked like a changed person!

The Ling Xiu Sword fell steadily before Ye Xuan with a drop of blood slowly dripping from its tip.

Ye Xuan sheathed his sword and walked slowly toward the distance. After two steps, he suddenly stopped because there was a middle-aged man stood in front of him. He fixed his eyes on Ye Xuan. "This is Ning Country, not Jiang Country, it's not the place where you can act wildly..."

At this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly disappeared. The next moment, he cropped up above the head of the middle-aged man. Immediately after that, a sword cut straight down!

The sword cut down at an extremely fast speed such that the middle-aged man was cut into halves before he could even react!

His blood spilled all over the ground!

Ye Xuan sheathed his sword!

He wiped the blood splashed on his face and murmured, "I just come here to bring my sister home..."

With this, he glanced around blankly. "Where is my sister?"

Everyone around looked greatly frightened and their eyes were full of fear.

It was at this moment that Ye Xuan's expression suddenly became ferocious. The next moment, the sword in his hand gave out a violent tremble, and a beam of sword light flashed across the field.


In the distance, a house collapsed all of a sudden!

"This guy is crazy. Run!"

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