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Published at 12th of July 2019 09:36:09 PM Chapter 88
Chapter 88 I Will Take You Home Right Away!

Everyone could see that Ye Xuan's mind at the moment was somewhat abnormal .

Those onlookers no longer dared to stay around him . All of them fled crazily in all directions .

While Ji Anzhi, Mo Yunqi, and Bai Ze all hurriedly came up to Ye Xuan . Seeing that Ye Xuan was going to continue launching attacks, Mo Yunqi quickly threw his arms around him . "Elder Brother . . . please calm down, please calm down a little . . . "

Ye Xuan went blank for a while and then he turned his head to look at Mo Yunqi . "What are you doing?"

"I . . . "

Mo Yunqi looked quite puzzled . "You, don't you remember what happened just now?"

Ye Xuan's brows knitted tight . "What happened?"

Mo Yunqi, " . . . "

At this time, Bai Ze pointed to the bodies scattered around on the ground not far away .

Ye Xuan glanced at those bodies around him, and then he looked toward Mo Yunqi . "Did you do that?"

Mo Yunqi jumped up immediately . "f.u.c.k, did you really lose your memories or did you just fake it?"

Ye Xuan's brow wrinkled deeper . "Did I really do this?"

Mo Yunqi and the other two were speechless, " . . . "

At this time, Ye Xuan shook his head . "Let's go . Go to the secret area!"

After that, he slowly walked to the distance with his sword .

In situ, Mo Yunqi said in a deep voice, "It looks like that this guy didn't fake it!"

Both Bai Ze and Ji Anzhi nodded .

Mo Yunqi uttered a sigh . "The feelings between the siblings . . . If something bad really happens to that little girl, I really cannot visualize what may become of him . Alas, let's go!"

Then in a hurry, the three of them followed Ye Xuan .

Ye Xuan now was really a bit abnormal!

The news that more than a dozen Cangmu College students were killed by Ye Xuan soon was spread to the Cangmu College in Ning Country . After a while, dozens of Cangmu college students ran out of the college and rushed straight to Ye Xuan .

Somewhere at the crossroads, Ye Xuan and the other three suddenly stopped because a group of Cangmu College students had already dashed up to them .

Not far away, among the group of Cangmu College students, a man who led them pointed at Ye Xuan furiously . "This is Ning Country, not your Jiang Country . You . . . "

At the same time, Ye Xuan disappeared in situ all at once .

Seeing this scene, the face of the man who was speaking changed greatly and he was going to retreat . But at this time, a streak of sword light cut toward him like a bolt of flying lightning!

The sword moved too fast!


Before the man could react, his head flew straight out in an instant .

But Ye Xuan didn't stop . Driven by his thoughts, the Ling Xiu Sword once again dashed out to kill . In next to no time, the body of a Cangmu College student was cut in half from the waist . . .

Seeing this scene, the faces of the group of Cangmu College students changed dramatically and they drew back rapidly one after another . However, without even the slightest stop, Ye Xuan continued to chase after them like mad .

"How dare you?"

It was at this point that a shout of anger suddenly came from the air . Immediately after that, a stream of invisible pressure enveloped Ye Xuan .

An expert in the Secluding Realm!

Ye Xuan suddenly looked up . Above his head stood an old man who fixed his eyes on Ye Xuan with the unrestrained killing intent .

The old man was about to speak, but Ye Xuan suddenly stomped his right foot hard and then his whole person rose up to the sky!

"One Sword Strike Decides Life and Death!"

In the air, the old man's face changed abruptly . He folded his hands vehemently and then pressed down .


An invisible wave swayed down from the air . However, the wisp of sword light rose from below tore the wave into pieces with great ease . The next moment . . .


A b.l.o.o.d.y head fell from the sky!

Everyone around was dumbfounded . Especially the group of Cangmu College students who were not far away, they were completely petrified!

The old man just now was actually an Elder from the external branch of Cangmu College!

He was a real expert who had reached the Secluding Realm!

However, did he just get killed by only one sword strike from Ye Xuan?

Mo Yunqi and the others also felt a little shocked . They knew that Ye Xuan had powerful strength . They also knew that he must have the strength to defeat an expert in the Secluding Realm . However, it never occurred to them that Ye Xuan could actually kill an expert in the Secluding Realm instantly!

Ye Xuan killed him in an instant!

In the air, Ye Xuan put away his sword and landed on the ground slowly and steadily . He looked up at the group of Cangmu College students who were not far away . The group of students suddenly changed their faces and turned to escape . . .

Ye Xuan meant to chase after them . But it was at this point that Mo Yunqi suddenly appeared beside Ye Xuan, and he dragged Ye Xuan's arm tightly . "Elder Brother, stop, stop chasing . I, we are going to find your sister . We will find your sister first and then deal with other things . . . "

Mo Yunqi also saw it now .

Ye Xuan now really became abnormal . It should be said that something was wrong with his mind!

Now this guy wanted to kill everyone he saw and the more he killed, the more energetical he would become!

"We must find Ye Ling as soon as possible, otherwise I really don't know what kinds of horrible things this guy will do!"

Mo Yunqi walked for quite a while, holding Ye Xuan's hand in his . Then abruptly, Ye Xuan cast his eyes on him . "c.o.c.k Mo, why are you holding my hand?"

Mo Yunqi, " . . . "

After an hour, the four of them arrived at the Jade Mountains which looked endless with seemingly no end in sight .

After Ye Xuan and the other three people entered the vast mountains, Bai Ze's brows suddenly knitted . "Something is wrong!"

All the four of them stopped .

Bai Ze lay on the ground . He carefully sniffed the ground . Before long, he turned to look at Ye Xuan and the other two . "There are smells from human beings, and more than one person's!"

There were more than one person!

Mo Yunqi wanted to say something, But Ye Xuan suddenly walked toward the distance . "I am not afraid . I am responsible for killing enemies, while you are responsible for burying them!"

Right after he said that, he sped up!

Seeing this scene, the expressions of Mo Yunqi and the other two changed greatly, and Mo Yunqi dashed out in a hurry . "Bandit Ye, you calm down . . . "

Ye Xuan was running at an extremely fast speed . Mo Yunqi and the other two followed behind him closely .

Didn't know how long it took, Ye Xuan suddenly stopped . Just when he stopped, Mo Yunqi appeared on his side and he was about to talk to Ye Xuan . But Ye Xuan pointed to the ground nearby . Mo Yunqi looked at the place where Ye Xuan pointed to him . Well, he found nothing but only leaves on the ground .

At this time, Ye Xuan kicked gently with his right foot . Then a stone flew directly to the ground not far away in the front .


The entire ground suddenly collapsed, and at the same time, countless sharp arrows were shot into the sky from the ground .

In an instant, there were more than one hundred arrows came out, and the top of each arrow was coated with green liquid, which obviously was highly toxic!

Seeing what had just happened, Mo Yunqi's face changed suddenly .

If they had gone past the place, they would have been shot into something like hedgehogs with a hundred over arrows inserted on their backs!

At this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly clicked gently with his tiptoes . Then his whole person floated directly to the right side where he spotted three men behind several big trees!

When the three of them saw Ye Xuan, their faces changed dramatically . They exchanged looks with each other and were about to launch their strikes . But the sword in Ye Xuan's hand disappeared all in a sudden . The next moment . . .

"Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!"

The heads of the three people flew out instantly!

Ye Xuan tiptoed gently on the ground, and his whole person floated out . He was getting faster and faster . After a short while, he came to a tall tree . He glanced at the middle part of the big tree where there was a small footprint .

A brief moment of silence .


A sword rose up into the sky, and soon, the Ling Xiu Sword returned to his hands .

But at his feet, there was a b.l.o.o.d.y head!

Ye Xuan stepped hard on the head and the whole head was then crushed .

"Very impressive!"

A voice then suddenly sounded in the near distance .

Ye Xuan looked up and found a long-haired man stood dozens of meters away before him . The man had a rather hideous face . Especially his mouth, which missed a piece . Moreover, his eyes looked as tiny as the eyes of the mouse . His whole person looked very obscene and ugly .

The man grinned . "You are truly worth every penny of the big reward . Just as I expected that you have real skills . But . . . it's only the beginning . I heard that your sister has been placed in the secret area . We will be waiting for you in the secret area, but if you are late, hey hey . . . "

After that, his figure quivered a little and disappeared right into the distance .

Ye Xuan also disappeared at the same time, but his speed was obviously slower than that of the long-haired man . So the distance between the long-haired man and him was getting longer and longer .

In the distance, the long-haired man suddenly turned his head and threw a look at Ye Xuan . "You have to hurry up . Otherwise, your sister may end up in h.e.l.l, haha . . . "

Just then, a figure suddenly appeared before the long-haired man out of nowhere!

This person was exactly Mo Yunqi .

Mo Yunqi looked coldly at the long-haired man . "Do you think you are fast?"

When his sound fell, Mo Yunqi suddenly disappeared in situ . At the same time, a residual image abruptly appeared in the field!

Seeing this scene, the long-haired man's face changed greatly . He floated backward and waved his right hand forward, and streams of silver light shot out from his palm at a high speed!

In the distance, Mo Yunqi flashed and dodged these hidden weapons . A scream of the long-haired man came from the distance at the time when he wanted to launch his strike!

Mo Yunqi looked up at the distance . Not far away, the long-haired man lay on the ground . Ye Xuan had cut off both of his whole legs!

Now, Ye Xuan didn't want to kill the long-haired man at once . He violently thrust the sword into the long-haired man's collarbone, and then dragged the long-haired man toward the distance by the sword . On the ground, a long line of blood was left behind them!

The long-haired man screamed ferociously . "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, f.u.c.king give me a quick death, give me a quick death . . . "

Ye Xuan ignored his pleading . He still dragged the long-haired man like that and walked toward the distance .

At this time, Bai Ze and Ji Anzhi arrived . Mo Yunqi whispered a sigh, "These people . . . Why do they always want to provoke this sister-protecting paranoid?"

A sister-protecting paranoid!

After getting along with Ye Xuan for some time, they found that usually, Ye Xuan was actually very funny and was harmless to humans and animals . However, his sister was his unique untouchable treasure!

Whoever dared to touch his sister, this guy would instantly become a completely changed person!

A real sister-protecting paranoid!

Mo Yunqi once again uttered a sigh . "Let's go . Some of these people who come here may play fair and square, while some may play dirty . . . "

With this, he looked at Bai Ze and Ji Anzhi . "Bai Ze, you have an extremely tough body . You can stay with Ye Xuan later on to block arrows shot from hiding for him; Senior Sister Ji, get in touch with Mr . Ji as quickly as possible to see if he can find some people who are willing to help us here . To tell you the truth, I feel a little panic now because there are just the four of us! Especially Bandit Ye, he behaves abnormally from time to time!"

Ji Anzhi nodded . "I have already tried to contact Mr . Ji!"

Bai Ze looked at Mo Yunqi . "What about you? What will you do?"

Mo Yunqi whispered, "My speed is the fastest among the four of us . After we enter the secret area, I will separate from you to find Little Ling'er first . I'll try my best to find her before those people! Let's go! Now that guy Ye Xuan is alone, I really feel very anxious when he is alone!"

After he said that, they hurriedly followed Ye Xuan .

Ye Xuan dragged the long-haired man out of the jungle by his sword and went to a plain . The long-haired man was still roaring madly and constantly asking for a quick death .

But Ye Xuan didn't give him what he wanted!

Suddenly, Ye Xuan stopped . He turned to look at the long-haired man who kept mourning . Looking at the long-haired man, Ye Xuan grinned . "I was too kind in previous . So, they dared to bully my sister . In the future, I won't be so gracious . "

The sound fell, and he slammed his feet vehemently against the head of the long-haired man .


The head was instantly thrown into the air with a stream of blood behind .

On the spot, Ye Xuan held his sword and walked to the distance with a dull look in his eyes . "Little girl, don't worry . I will take you home right away . . . I won't let anyone who has hurt you go . I won't let them get away with this . . . "

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