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At the foot of Canglan Mountain.

Ye Xuan stopped abruptly. In front of him stood Mo Yunqi, Bai Ze, and Ji Anzhi.

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, "This is my own business. You don't have to get involved."

Mo Yunqi was a little dissatisfied. "f.u.c.k, why do you say this... The words you have said mean that you don't take us as your brothers!"

Ye Xuan still wanted to say something but Mo Yunqi suddenly said solemnly, "Don't think so much. Ye Ling is not only your sister but also our sister..."

After that, he gently patted Ye Xuan's shoulder. "I'll pa.s.s those sensational words. Let's go!"

Ye Xuan looked at his three friends and then nodded.

After a quarter, the four of them boarded the Cloud s.h.i.+p.

They were now on their way to Ning Country!

When Ye Xuan and the other three just boarded the Cloud s.h.i.+p, an old man suddenly appeared in front of them. The old man gave Ye Xuan a little salute. "Childe Ye, I'm the steward of the Cloud s.h.i.+p. You can just call me Steward Li."

With this, he looked around and said, "This time, there are only you four pa.s.sengers on the Cloud s.h.i.+p. In terms of safety, you can be rea.s.sured because people from the above have already told us to make sure your safety. All around this place are guarded by strong experts. In addition, the Ninth Floorlord of the Drunken Fairy Building is also secretly protecting you. Thus, if people from Cangmu College want to launch a sneak attack, the Drunken Fairy Building will stop them in the first place!"

Upon hearing Steward Li's words, Mo Yunqi and the other two all looked a little shocked.

The overbearing and proud of Drunken Fairy Building was no worse than Cangmu College!

Now, the att.i.tude of the Drunken Fairy Building to Ye Xuan... was actually a little flattering!

Ye Xuan cupped his fists at Steward Li. "I remembered your kindness this time!"

Upon hearing what Ye Xuan said, a bright smile appeared at Steward Li's mouth corners. "Childe Ye, Floorlord also told us to thoroughly investigate the conspiracy of Cangmu College this time. We will definitely give you a satisfying answer before the four of you arrive Ning Country!"

Ye Xuan nodded. "Thank you!"

Steward Li smiled gently. "All of you take an early rest. Please let me know if there is anything you need."

After that, he gave a slight salute and then drew back.

At this time, Mo Yunqi stared at Ye Xuan. "Are you an illegitimate child of the boss of Drunken Fairy Building?"

Ye Xuan shook his head.

An illegitimate son?

Of course, Ye Xuan knew why the Drunken Fairy Building was so nice to him. It was all because of the mysterious woman!

Ye Xuan looked at the other three. "You guys rest early!"

After that, he turned around and left.

Ji Anzhi glanced at Ye Xuan and then followed.

In situ, Mo Yunqi took a look at Ye Xuan's back and sighed softly. "This guy... Luckily, I didn't join the so f.u.c.king shameless Cangmu College!"

Bai Ze nodded. "Shameless!"

Mo Yunqi turned to look at Bai Ze. "Big guy, now we may have no chance to live."

Bai Ze looked at the Mo Yunqi and said, "To die with you... I may need to think about it..."

"f.u.c.k you..."

Just when Ye Xuan entered into the box, he suddenly turned around. Not far before Ye Xuan was Ji Anzhi who followed him here.

Ji Anzhi went up to Ye Xuan. "Cangmu College doesn't dare to hurt her."

Ye Xuan nodded. "I knew."

Cangmu College definitely didn't dare to kill Ye Ling. Because once people from Cangmu College killed Ye Ling, they would lose their bargaining chip and would suffer from Mr. Ji's mad reprisals.

Cangmu College didn't dare to die with its enemies!

However, they couldn't let Ye Xuan continue to make progress like this. If Ye Xuan kept growing up, the situation of Cangmu College would become worse and worse in the future.

Ji Anzhi took a look at Ye Xuan. "Have a good rest. We'll take her back."

Ye Xuan looked toward Ji Anzhi and whispered, "It is definitely a dangerous trip!"

Ji Anzhi looked Ye Xuan directly in the eye. "If it is not dangerous, we won't come with you!"

After that, she opened the luggage she brought. Then she took out two steamed buns and handed them to Ye Xuan. "Don't starve yourself!"

Ye Xuan, "..."

After a while, Ji Anzhi left Ye Xuan's box.

In the box, Ye Xuan sat in a chair. He took out a small wooden figurine which looked exactly the same with Ye Ling!

Ye Xuan looked at the little wooden figurine in his hand without any fluctuation in his eyes!


All of these days, he thought that he was strong enough. At least among the people in the younger generation, only An Lanxiu might have the strength to fight against him.

It wasn't true if he said that he felt no proud at all!

But this time, the cruel facts let him know that he was actually too weak to stand attacks!

Li Xuancang and the man in the black robe took Ye Ling away. But what about him? He could only stand by and watch! What was worse, if it were not for Mr. Ji, he might even get no chance to see that!

He didn't blame Mr. Ji, nor anyone else!

He only blamed himself for being so weak!

"I am too weak!"

Ye Xuan then slowly closed his eyes!

Being weak meant that he had no right to speak!

Being weak meant that he could only be bullied!

Being weak meant that he had to endure all kinds of unfair things!

Ye Xuan clasped both of his hands tightly. In his palms, blood was overflowing! In his body, the Ling Xiu Sword trembled slightly and then it trembled fiercer and fiercer. In the end, the entire body of Ye Xuan began to tremble!

Didn't know how long it took, all over his body exuded a stream of fuzzy Conceptions...

At this point, a piece of white paper floated out from the second layer.

On the paper was a picture of a sword surrounded by a stream of Conceptual Sword Skill. Behind the Conceptual Sword Skill was a big "?".

Obviously, the being in the second layer was to ask him what kind of Conceptual Sword Skill it was...

In the Imperial Capital.

It was not known who had spread the news that Cangmu College hijacked Ye Ling. Before long, almost all the people in the Imperial Capital knew the news.

For a moment, the entire Imperial Capital boiled!


It was the mood of everyone in the Imperial Capital at the moment!

Originally, they didn't like Canglan College very much. It should be said that they only preferred the strong side. And undoubtedly, Canglan College was the weaker side when competed with Cangmu College. Hence, at the very first beginning, everyone stood on the side of Cangmu College!

In this world, people naturally preferred the stronger ones!

However, what happened afterward, especially the fact that Cangmu College had invited people from Tang Country to Jiang Country, which completely disgusted those people in Imperial Capital. One must know that Jiang Country and Tang Country had been fighting for countless times. How many people in Jiang Country had died in the hands of Tang Country's cavalries?

Especially those ordinary poor people, most of their loved ones were killed by people from Tang Country. Besides that, the soldiers in the Imperial Capital, how many friends of them were killed by the soldiers from Tang Country?

However, Cangmu College actually invited people from Tang Country to deal with Ye Xuan. After all, Ye Xuan was from Jiang Country. Therefore, countless people chose Ye Xuan's side without any hesitation.

But out of fear, most people were forced to keep their resentment toward Cangmu College to themselves!

Now, in order to kill Ye Xuan, Cangmu College actually took Ye Xuan's sister Ye Ling as their hostage!

But she was just an ordinary little girl!

Such an approach of Cangmu College made all the people in Imperial Capital so furious that they finally dared to express their anger. At the moment in every household, road and lane, people were talking about Cangmu College. Whenever they talked about it, all of them looked contemptuous.

It could be said that the reputation of Cangmu College now was stinky to the extreme!

In the Cangshan Mountain.

Inside the Cangmu Hall.

"Who is it?"

An angry roar suddenly sounded in the hall.

At the head of the hall, Li Xuancang's face became dark red with anger. "Who is controlling the public opinion?"

At this time, Li Xiu who was below the head place stood out and said, "Perhaps, it's the Drunken Fairy Building, or maybe the Royal Household of Jiang Country..."

Li Xuancang's eyes suddenly cooled down. "They have no reason to stand on the side of Canglan College!"

Li Xiu's look was a bit ugly. "According to our investigation, the Ninth Floorlord of the Drunken Fairy Building escorts Ye Xuan and the others in person during their trip to Ning Country... In addition, the previous King of Jiang Country also escorts them secretly!"

Upon hearing what he said, all the people's faces in the hall became a little bad. Because the two people who escorted Ye Xuan had made it clear that they were on the side of Canglan College!

There were three forces in Jiang Country: Cangmu College, Drunken Fairy Building, and Royal Household of Jiang Country. But now, two of the three forces chose to stand on the side of Canglan College!

Something was wrong!

Everyone looked at Li Xuancang who then slowly closed his eyes. "Li Xiu, have you really found out the origin of Ye Xuan?"

Li Xiu nodded. "He comes from Qing City..."


Li Xuancang suddenly growled, "How could a small Qing City cultivate a Sword Cultivator? Let alone that Ye Xuan is actually a Great Sword Cultivator! That boy had already become a Sword Cultivator before he joined Canglan College, which means that he had already got his skills before he entered Canglan College. Moreover, when he came back from Frontier City, he made huge progress such that his strength became so powerful that he even killed Fen Jue. Can such kind person be someone ordinary? Those who are in charge of collecting intelligence, are you that incapable?"

Li Xiu's face turned a little pale. Now it could be said that he had become the most hated person in Cangmu College. If he paid a little more attention and made Ye Xuan a Cangmu College student at the beginning, then Cangmu College would surely get another splendid period for countless years!

As for Canglan College, it would be much destroyed and it would have no hope at all!

However, now Canglan College had a hope but Canglan College's situation was getting worse.

All this was only because of that Cangmu College gave up on that boy! The teenager who had always dreamed about joining Cangmu College!

At that time, Cangmu College mocked Ye Xuan as a student who was not wanted by Cangmu College. Now, the whole Imperial Capital was laughing at Cangmu College. They said that the trash Cangmu College littered killed the strongest student of Cangmu College!

In the field, Li Xuancang abruptly said, "Forget it. The things happened in the past are irreversible. So there is no need to continue to be entangled with those things."

After he said that, he glanced at everyone in the hall. "Now, what we have to do is to unite as one. No matter who is behind Ye Xuan and no matter what is the origin of him, he must die. I guess all of you are quite clear about how Canglan College declined."

In the field, everyone nodded to show that they knew it clear.

Now, there couldn't be any internal problems in Cangmu College!

Li Xuancang turned to look at Mo Song, the a.s.sociate Dean, in the near distance. "How is the preparation going?"

Mo Song said in a low voice, "Almost done. Tuoba Yan, the King of Ning Country has promised that she will cooperate with us then!"

Li Xuancang nodded. "What about the students in Great Cloud Empire?"

Mo Song hesitated a little, and then said, "They ask for a scroll of Heaven Stage Martial Art Skill. If we promise them, they will instantly send their people there."

"Promise them!"

Li Xuancang then added, "If they kill Ye Xuan, we'll give them not merely a scroll of Low-grade Martial Art Skill at the Heaven Stage, but also a scroll of Low-grade Practicing Method at the Heaven Stage. Besides, we'll give them a Spiritual Weapon at Bright Stage!"

Upon hearing his words, all the people on the spot were astounded!

At the Heaven Stage!

They were truly priceless objects!

After so many years, Cangmu College only inherited less than five scrolls of Heaven Stage Martial Art Skills, and left only three of them! As for the Spiritual Weapons at the Bright Stage, there were merely six pieces in the whole Cangmu College!

And the six pieces were acc.u.mulated by Cangmu College through almost a thousand years!

To send these things out like this, everyone felt a little distressed in their hearts!

It was then that Li Xuancang threw a cold look at all of them. "If Ye Xuan is not dead, he will rise with Canglan College. At that time, Cangmu College will be very likely to follow the same old disastrous road of Canglan College. If we lose our valuable things, we can earn them back. But if our college is gone and our people are gone, then everything will be meaningless."

In the hall, all the people fell in silence.

Li Xuancang looked toward Mo Song. "What about the others?"

Mo Song replied in a low tone, "In addition to the college in Great Cloud Empire, there are some other countries which also have shown their interest in this. Among them, there are a few very famous people and one of them is even a marvel on the Warrior List. In addition, there are some Individual Cultivators who have already known the strength of Ye Xuan. Therefore, the ones who dare come must have enough confidence."

Speaking of this, he looked at Mo Song. "I heard that even some Killer Organizations have sent people there!"

Li Xuancang slightly narrowed his eyes. "Did the Dark World send anyone there?"

Mo Song shook his head. "I don't know!"

Li Xuancang fell silent for a while and then said, "You send someone to tell them that if their men kill Ye Xuan, they can also get a scroll of Low-grade Martial Art Skill at the Heaven Stage! No, give out the message that anyone who can kill Ye Xuan, Cangmu College will reward the person with a scroll of Low-grade Martial Art Skill at the Heaven Stage, a scroll of Low-grade Practicing Method at the Heaven Stage, and a Spiritual Weapon at the Bright Stage!"

Mo Song looked at Li Xuancang and exclaimed with amazement. "Rewards like these... are enough to kill ten people in the G.o.d-allied Realm! Possibly that even some old experts will come..."

Everyone in the field was dumbfounded. "With such big rewards, not to mention to kill Ye Xuan, some people may still be tempted if the request for the rewards is to kill Mr. Ji." Of course, being tempted was one thing, whether or not they had the courage to come was another thing!

With a ferocious look, Li Xuancang said mercilessly, "Canglan College wants to protect him. Then, I will make Canglan College the enemy of the whole world!"

An hour later, with the rewards for the head of Ye Xuan being officially advertised, all the surrounding countries directly boiled!

These rewards! These rewards were crazily horrible!

At this moment, even some mountain forces near to Jiang Country were somehow tempted!

In the Frontier City, inside a camp.

Jiang Jiu looked at the secret memorial before her for a long long time. Finally, she slowly got up. "Notify my father that I need Elder Lin to guard this place!"

When she finished speaking, she hurried out of the camp and mounted a horse.

Behind him, an old man quickly said, "Your Highness, you are a commander of the army, how can you leave easily? You..."

Jiang Jiu took out a golden card which Ye Xuan gave to her! She had transferred the money in it but she still kept the card.

Looking at the golden card in her hand, Jiang Jiu grinned. "He treats me so well, how can I stand by and watch him die?"

When her sound fell, she spurred away.

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