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Published at 9th of July 2019 11:58:42 PM Chapter 85
Chapter 85 I'm Too Dumb!

By harnessing his sword, Ye Xuan turned around and flew away . It was just that his flying speed was too slow!

He flew really too slow!

He was like a crawling turtle!

Behind Ye Xuan, Bai Ze looked really puzzled!

"Is he controlling his sword to fly?"

"He is indeed flying by controlling his sword . . . But it seems that something is wrong . . . "

Soon, Ye Xuan flew to a jungle on his sword . At this moment, a person running not far away there stopped!

This person was precisely Mo Yunqi who was cultivating crazily!

Mo Yunqi stared at Ye Xuan who controlled his sword to fly in the distance with an astonis.h.i.+ng look . "Bandit Ye . . . What the h.e.l.l are you doing?"

Ye Xuan's hands were clasped behind him . He threw a look at Mo Yunqi . "Please call me Sword G.o.d Ye . Thank you!"

After he said that, he moved slowly to the distance on his sword .

Mo Yunqi looked at Ye Xuan in a daze, and it took him quite a while to come to his sense . "This guy . . . "

Didn't know how much time Ye Xuan had used . He arrived at the courtyard of Mr . Ji on his sword . Unfortunately, he couldn't fly over the wall because the distance between the sword and the ground was too close!

Therefore, Ye Xuan went into the gate on his sword .

Mr . Ji was lying on the lounge chair . As usual, he exuded an unpleasant smell of alcohol from head to foot .

At this moment, Mr . Ji suddenly opened his eyes and looked toward Ye Xuan . Ye Xuan straightened his body with his hands behind him and gave an oblique look to Mr . Ji . "Mr . Ji, please call me Sword G.o.d Ye!"


Mr . Ji squirted a stream of wine out of his mouth . He glanced at Ye Xuan and then bent his finger to click . Then a gold coin fell in front of Ye Xuan . "Go to see a doctor now . Don't waste any time!"

Ye Xuan, " . . . "

After two hours, Ye Xuan sat in front of the stone steps of Canglan Hall . His Ling Xiu Sword suspended quietly before him .

Looking at the Ling Xiu Sword in front of him, Ye Xuan felt somewhat anxious .

Now he could control the sword for real . But no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn't lift his speed . Not only that, but he felt particularly difficult .

"There must be something wrong!"

"But the question is what the problem is?"

Ye Xuan pondered but he couldn't get the answer!

After a while, Ye Xuan gave up thinking about this problem and began to practice his Sword-controlling Method!

Under his control, the Ling Xiu Sword continued to fly over his head at a really fast speed which was more than twice of his previous speed . Not only could that, but he now control the sword with a growing sense of ease!

When confronted with people, the power of his Sword-controlling Method was quite strong . In fact, it had a miraculous effect!

It was a pity that he always felt that there were some deficiencies . But he was not quite clear about where those deficiencies were . He had asked Mr . Ji, but he didn't understand it at all . Or more precisely, Mr . Ji didn't want to teach him anything about the Tao of the Sword!

This made Ye Xuan a little depressed!

The mysterious woman hadn't yet woken up so he actually had no one to ask .

He could only ponder this problem himself!

Inside the jungle at the back mountain, Ye Xuan sat cross-legged on the ground, and a sword continued to fly across the field . Each time the Ling Xiu Sword flew over, a big tree in the field would be cut in half . . .

From time to time, Mo Yunqi would come to the jungle to fight with him . However, every time when Mo Yunqi was at the point of losing, he would immediately run away .

In this way, the days went by .

One day in the morning .

In the courtyard of Mr . Ji, an old man suddenly appeared .

The one who came was Li Xuancang, the Dean of Cangmu College!

Mr . Ji lay on the lounge chair, still drunk, and didn't want to wake up .

Li Xuancang threw a look at Mr . Ji and said while smiling, "Mr . Ji, you've really lived a comfortable life!"

Mr . Ji said indifferently, "Tell me your bulls.h.i.+t!"

Li Xuancang was not angry . He took a look at the position where the back mountain was located and said with a smile, "An unknown secret area was discovered in the Jade Mountains which is in the Imperial Capital of Ning Country . It should be left by Tuoba Fu, the previous strongest expert in Ning Country . One should know Tuoba Fu had already broken through the Peak All-methods Realm . So there must be many good things in this secret area . This time, Ning Country opens this area to all the neighboring countries . Anyone who has achieved the Ascending Realm before 20 can partic.i.p.ate . What do you think of that? Will Canglan College partic.i.p.ate in?"

"No!" Mr . Ji answered very decisively .

Li Xuancang smiled and said, "No? You will definitely partic.i.p.ate in!"

At this moment, Mr . Ji suddenly opened his eyes . The next moment, he was going to disappear in situ . But it was then that Li Xuancang in front of him abruptly slammed forward .


For a moment, the whole small courtyard was shattered .

At the back mountain, the faces of Ye Xuan and the others changed dramatically, and they rushed toward the Canglan Hall one after another .

Above one of the ruins, Li Xuancang and Mr . Ji stood far apart facing each other . Behind Li Xuancang, there was a man in a black robe, in the hands of whom carried a little girl . She was Ye Ling!

Li Xuancang gave Mr . Ji a cold look and smiled . "Tell Ye Xuan, if he doesn't partic.i.p.ate in, then his sister will die in the secret area!"

After that, he turned around and was about to leave with the man in the black robe .

Just then, a roar suddenly came from below . "Old dog, let go of my sister!"

As the voice fell, a streak of sword light rose up to the sky and cut straight to Li Xuancang .

In the air, a touch of sneer emerged at Li Xuancang's mouth corners and then he pressed down his right hand gently .


The streak of sword light burst into pieces . In the meantime, a sword fell straight down and pointed right at Ye Xuan who was below it .

Mr . Ji suddenly popped up in front of Ye Xuan . He drew gently with his right hand and all the power in the sword was unloaded . Then, he waved his right hand and the Ling Xiu Sword fell steadily in front of Ye Xuan .

Ye Xuan still wanted to continue fighting, but he was stopped by Mr . Ji who glared firmly at Li Xuancang in the air . "It seems that Cangmu College has dropped every single bit of its dignity in order to kill Ye Xuan! You two experts in the Peak All-methods Realm come specially to catch an unarmed little girl . "


There was a hint of sarcasm at Li Xuancang's mouth corners . "If Canglan College had been more determined at that very year to kill Dean Gu, how would you have fallen into such a situation?"

Mr . Ji slowly clasped his hands . "If you dare to do something bad to her, I will kill all the students of Cangmu College!"

Li Xuancang said with a cold smile, "If you dare to make any move, she will definitely die!"

With this, he pointed at Ye Xuan . "I believe that he will not let you take any move, will he?"

Ye Xuan stared steadily at Li Xuancang . "Old dog, you are somehow a Dean of a college . If there is anything you don't like about us, could you please come straight at the bunch of men of us?"

Li Xuancang shook his head with a smile . "Dignity? Well, how much does it worth? I only know that if you stay alive, then Cangmu College will lose not only its dignity but it’s the millennium foundation . "

After that, he glanced at Mr . Ji coldly . "Relax, I won't hurt her . I will only throw her into the secret area . However, if you dare to take any move, she will die!"

His sound fell . Then he turned around and disappeared at the end of the sky with the man in the black robe .

Ye Xuan was going to chase after them, but Mr . Ji stopped him . Ye Xuan looked toward him with his red eyes .

Mr . Ji shook his head . "Sorry, I never thought that they would behave like this . "

Ye Xuan then slowly closed his eyes!

After a while of silence, Ye Xuan suddenly turned around with his sword . "I don't blame anyone . I'm too dumb!"

In the field, Mr . Ji uttered a sigh .

At this time, Mo Yunqi, Ji Anzhi, and Bai Ze appeared at the side of Mr . Ji .

Mo Yunqi wore a deathly pale face . "Mr . Ji, Cangmu College is too d.a.m.n shameless!"

Mr . Ji whispered, "Shameless? The talent and strength shown by little guy Ye have already frightened them! If they didn't fight desperately now, they would never have the chance to get rid of him because the headquarters of Canglan College may accept Ye Xuan when he grows up for a while!"

Mo Yunqi said in a deep voice, "Can't you notify the headquarters now and ask for their help?"

Mr . Ji shook his head . "He is not excellent enough . . . At least he should become a Sword Master before 20 . At that time, he may get the attention of the headquarters of Canglan College . . . "

Mo Yunqi took a deep breath . "Cangmu College is too f.u.c.king d.a.m.ned shameless!"

Just then, Ji Anzhi on the side suddenly said, "Ye Xuan is already down the mountain! I suppose that he is going to Ning Country!"

All in a sudden, Mo Yunqi said, "I will go with him!"

Bai Ze nodded . "Me too!"

After he said that, they turned around and were about to leave .

At this point, Mr . Ji suddenly said, "This is a trap, a trap specially set for him . The secret area is a desperate area for him! And it is the same desperate area for all of you if you go there!"

Mo Yunqi stopped . After he gave it a thought and then smiled bitterly . "I know that it is a desperate area for us . . . That's exactly the reason that I have to go there with him!"

After that, he walked away quickly and disappeared into the distance .

Bai Ze hurriedly followed him .

On the spot, Mr . Ji looked at Ji Anzhi . Ji Anzhi said in a soft voice, "Take care!"

After that, she turned away and went back to the Canglan Hall . After a little while, she took a big luggage bag and went down the mountain .

In the ruins, Mr . Ji stayed in silent for a while . Then he came to a small hall in the back mountain . The small hall was piled up with various spirit tablets . There are lots of tablets which were more than a thousand!

Looking at those spiritual tablets, Mr . Ji had no trace of drunkenness at this moment .

Didn't know how long it took, he suddenly lay down on the ground . Then he took down the wine gourd on his waist and took swigs of wine from it . "It was my incompetence . I failed to protect you . . . "

A quarter later, an old man suddenly left Canglan Mountain and no one knew where he went .

Inside the Imperial Palace of Jiang Country .

Somewhere in the darkness, an old man sat on the ground and he was teasing a black puppy .

At this time, a middle-aged man appeared at the entrance of the hall . He gave a gentle salute to the old man inside the hall and said then something to him .

After a while, the old man in the hall suddenly exclaimed, "Cangmu College . . . is really obscene . . . "

The middle-aged man said in a low voice, "The boy is already on his way to Ning Country!"

The old man remained silent for a while and then said, "Find out who the man in the black robe is that made the move tonight . And send Shadow Guards to escort the boy . . . Well, forget it . I will escort him myself . After all, he is the person who dared to fight for Jiang Country . . . "

Just as he finished speaking, the old man disappeared on the spot .

Inside a box of the Drunken Fairy Building .

A man in black suddenly appeared in the box, and he saluted slightly toward the old man in front of him . . .

After a while, the old man sneered . "What a great Cangmu College! It really determines to ruin itself . Give out my orders . Use all the power to find out who the man in the black robe is . Moreover, send someone to escort the boy to Ning Country . . . Well, forget it . I'll escort the boy myself!"

The man in black said in a low tone, "Floorlord, are you going to choose your side openly?"

The old man answered him in a gentle voice, "Yes, I am . I choose to stand on the side of Canglan College . Give out support to Canglan College in its days of distress now is far better than add brilliance to Canglan College's splendor later, am I right?"

After he said that, he turned around and disappeared in situ .

In the Frontier Mountain!

A man suddenly appeared in front of a thatched cottage, and he kneeled down on one knee . "Honorable Lady, the little girl was hijacked by Cangmu College . . . "

After a while, the thatched cottage collapsed all in a sudden .

A little girl came out from the cottage with an extremely grave face . "Cangmu College? What a f.u.c.king piece of tras.h.!.+ If something bad happens to the little girl, I will kill all the students of Cangmu College!"

" . . . "

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