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Under the Canglan Mountain, Ye Xuan and the others looked very cheerful. All of them smiled happily from ear to ear.

All four of them had gained a lot!


Beyond any doubt, the four people were very poor because now there were no resources for cultivation in Canglan College. Not just the resources for cultivation, but they even had to find their own meals!

As for Spiritual Weapons and the like, they wouldn't even think about those things, let alone the Highest Grade Spiritual Weapons!

At this moment, Ye Xuan quickly put away the sword and he looked at Ji Anzhi and the other two. "Come here, everyone!"

The four of them gathered together.

Ye Xuan glanced at Ji Anzhi and Mo Yunqi. "Are you seriously wounded?"

They shook their heads, and Mo Yunqi said, "Just traumas, not particularly severe."

Ye Xuan nodded, then he motioned everyone to sit down.

The four of them sat on the ground.

Ji Anzhi and the other two all looked at Ye Xuan and waited for the following!

Ye Xuan thought for a while, then said in a low voice, "The battle in the alley, we won. But the battle just now, we lost!"

Ji Anzhi and the other two remained silent.

Ye Xuan looked at them. "After the previous battle in the alley and the battle happened just now, I believe that those Cangmu College students from other places will have a rough idea about the strength of us, which means that we will have more and much stronger opponents next time!"

Mo Yunqi grinned and smiled. "Don't worry. Let's beat all of them up!"

Ye Xuan looked toward Mo Yunqi. "What if we can't win?"

Mo Yunqi fell silent.

Ye Xuan softly said, "Our opponents will become increasingly stronger, and there may even appear some geniuses and marvels that we can't even imagine, for example, people at the same level as Miss An..."

Upon hearing his words, the looks on Mo Yunqi and the other two gradually became serious.

This kind of thing could happen because the rewards offered by Cangmu College was really tempting.

With such generous rewards, there would definitely come many real super marvels. Feng Yixiu who appeared just now was the most striking example.

He was actually someone on the Warrior List!

However, Feng Yixiu was only in the position slightly above the average on the Warrior List!

"What if those marvels who rank high on the list come to fight with us?"

At the point, the four of them in the field felt great pressure.

Ye Xuan added, "One more thing, Cangmu College may also play other dirty tricks. The relation between them and us has become so tense that it can be said that either we or they will die. Therefore, they won't give up."

With this, he stood up. "The three of you, our current situation can be said to be a desperate one. We'll have no way to retreat when we are in a desperate situation. Well, we may not have our ways in front either. It's true that Mr. Ji has great strength but he alone can't deal with so many people. If we want to survive, we must rely on ourselves. We should force ourselves to face the reality and do something!"

After that, he turned around and left.

In situ, Mo Yunqi whispered, "This guy gives me a lot of pressure all in a sudden."

Bai Ze said nothing. He got up and walked up to the mountain. But soon, he stopped and then looked at Mo Yunqi. "If you are killed, I will give you an elaborate funeral!"

Mo Yunqi, "..."

In the Canglan Hall.

Just when Ye Xuan arrived at the Canglan Hall, he saw Ye Ling who then walked over to him and hugged him tightly.

Ye Ling didn't speak.

She saw the battle between Ye Xuan and Feng Yixiu just now.

Although she was not very clear about the situation of Ye Xuan and the others, she knew one thing that many more people would bring trouble to her brother!

Ye Xuan tenderly rubbed Ye Ling's small head and said while smiling, "I'm okay!"

Ye Ling clung to Ye Xuan without any words, but her eyes turned a little cold.

An hour later, Ye Xuan returned to his room. After he closed the door, he entered the Prison World Tower.

Ye Xuan sat on the ground cross-legged. In front of him were three Spiritual Swords!

The Spiritual Swords!

Ye Xuan slowly closed his eyes, and secretly ran the incantation of "Invincible Sword Body". After a moment, he guided the Spiritual Sword in front of him with his right hand. Then the sword suddenly turned into a beam of sword light and fell into his chest!

The whole body of Ye Xuan trembled fiercely!

Inside his body, the Ling Xiu Sword suddenly began to shake!

Before long, the Ling Xiu Sword transformed into countless energy and converged on Ye Xuan. At this very moment, he actually emitted sharp and dazzling Sword Light all over his body!

At this very moment, he felt like he was a sword!

Gradually, his body trembled more and more fiercely, and the Qi came out of him was getting stronger and stronger at the same time...

After about two hours, Ye Xuan once again gently guided another Spiritual Sword in front of him, then another sword went into his chest.


A wave of powerful Sword Light suddenly swayed away from his body and went in all directions. But it vanished immediately after it touched the wall of the Prison World Tower.

In the body of Ye Xuan, the Ling Xiu Sword was shaking fiercely!

The Ling Xiu Sword was absorbing the Spiritual Sword!

In fact, it was simply swallowing the Spiritual Sword!

The Ling Xiu Sword itself was not capable of doing that, but Ye Xuan gave it the ability by taking advantage of his Practicing Method. That was to say, the Ling Xiu Sword now could enhance itself by swallowing other swords!

What was more, it was now Ye Xuan's Elixir Field. Once it became stronger, Ye Xuan could use it to break through himself!

It could be said that Ye Xuan's cultivation method was quite special. If the news of this got out, it would definitely cause an uproar.

It was then that the sword in front of Ye Xuan suddenly flew up, turned into a sword light and went right into his chest!


A strick of Sword Light spread around in Ye Xuan's body like waves. Meanwhile, the Ling Xiu Sword suddenly rose up to the sky.


A stream of powerful Qi appeared around Ye Xuan!

The Ascending Realm!

Ye Xuan opened his eyes, and there was actually a faint Sword Light sparkled in his eyes, but it disappeared before long!

The "Invincible Sword Body Incantation" made Ye Xuan's human body a sword!

Ye Xuan took a deep breath, now he felt his body was full of power! He looked up at his Ling Xiu Sword and gently waved his right hand. Then the Ling Xiu Sword flew directly into his hand. The moment when he held the Ling Xiu Sword, it trembled a little and uttered a piercing sword sound.

The Top-grade Bright Sword!

The Bright Sword had three levels: the Low-grade, the Top-grade, and the Highest Grade. Ye Xuan had absorbed three Spiritual Swords so not only did he reach the Ascending Realm but also his Ling Xiu Sword became a Top-grade Bright Sword!

Both of him and his sword were upgraded!

After he reached the Ascending Realm, his overall strength also increased a lot, plus his sword was also upgraded. Therefore, he could be 60 percent to 80 percent sure that he could kill Feng Yixiu if he confronted him now!

The reason why he was not 100 percent sure was that Feng Yixiu must also have his own trump card.

A genius or a marvel like him must have his own ace in the hole.

Seemingly thinking of something, Ye Xuan suddenly looked up at the entrance of the second layer. Looking at the entrance of the second layer, "humph, humph," he snorted...


Just then, with a crisp slap sounded, the whole body of Ye Xuan instantly flew out which then brought him out of the Prison World Tower.

In reality, Ye Xuan lay on the ground, face down. His body kept trembling.

After quite a while, he climbed up.

Ye Xuan rubbed his face and shook his head with a bitter smile. He thought that he could at least take two moves from it after he had reached the Ascending Realm!

However, the fact told him that he was still a little brother!

He couldn't afford to offend it!

Ye Xuan did a little tidying and left the room. He then came to the back mountain.

He came to the mountain where he used to practice. He walked to the top of the mountain, or more precisely, he flew there!

The Ascending Realm!

Now he was already able to fly by lifting his Qi!

Of course, his goal was not to fly in the air. But as a Sword Cultivator, it would be cool of him to fly by controlling the Qi!

To control the sword to fly!

He had been looking forward to it for a long time!

Soon, Ye Xuan came to the top of the mountain. Looking down from there, he could tell that the mountain was at least 600 meters tall!

A little high!

Now Ye Xuan had some hesitation. "What if I fail to control my sword after I jump down from such a high place?"

Eventually, he didn't choose to jump directly. He got an idea in his heart. The Ling Xiu Sword then flew out from his body and suspended steadily in front of him.

Under his control, the Ling Xiu Sword lay horizontally under his feet. Soon, he stood on the sword. However, the Ling Xiu Sword couldn't bear his weight and fell directly on the ground!

Seeing this, Ye Xuan's brows wrinkled. "It feels wrong..."

Because he found that the sword couldn't bear the weight of his body!

"What should I do?"

Ye Xuan's brows knitted. He now was dying to ask the mysterious woman because she could certainly give him the right answer. But it was a pity that the mysterious woman was still asleep. As for the guy on the second layer, he didn't want to provoke it!

Because this guy always slapped him without warning...

Now, he could only rely on himself!

On the top of the mountain, Ye Xuan stared at the Ling Xiu Sword in his hand for a long long time. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. "The sword can cut the mountain open and smash stones, so with such great strength, why can't it bear the weight of one person?"

Thinking of this, he felt like a window was opened for him and numerous ideas flooded into his mind!

"If I want to control the sword to fly, I must make the sword stronger!"

Ye Xuan held the Ling Xiu Sword which then trembled fiercely. In no time, the sword body emitted sharp and dazzling Sword Light.

His right hand slowly loosened. However, he didn't cut off his connection with the Ling Xiu Sword. Instead, he continued to try hard to activate the Ling Xiu Sword.

After a moment, his body slowly floated up. Before long, his feet stepped on the Ling Xiu Sword.

The Ling Xiu Sword fell down a little, but it didn't land on the ground. It took him on!

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan was mad with joy.

"I may make it!"

He quickly calmed himself down. Soon, he tried to activate and control the Ling Xiu Sword under his feet by harnessing the Qi. The Ling Xiu Sword suddenly began to quiver violently, but it was moving slowly at the same time!

When he noticed the movement of his sword, Ye Xuan's mouth corners gradually lifted up, and soon, the corner of his mouth was lifted higher and higher...

In this way, Ye Xuan stood on the Ling Xiu Sword and floated away to the distance. He floated very slow, very very slow, even slower than the speed when he walked. However, he was indeed flying by controlling the sword...

After a while, Ye Xuan came to the foot of a waterfall by controlling his sword. He actually spent nearly an hour to cross the less than 300 meters distance! Moreover, his sword was very close to the ground which was less than the height of an adult.

Under the waterfall, Bai Ze, who was cultivating, suddenly raised up his head and looked up at Ye Xuan who was nearby. He said in great surprise, "Bandit Ye... You..."

Ye Xuan's hands were clasped behind him. He looked at Bai Ze who was under the waterfall with a little arrogance out of the corner of his eyes. "Please call me Sword G.o.d Ye from now on. Thank you!"

Bai Ze, "..."

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