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The Warrior List!

Ye Xuan had heard that it was said to be a list in Qing Continent and no one knew who built it!

People only knew that all those who could be on the list were the greatest marvels in Qing Continent.

In the whole Jiang Country, only one person was on the list!

It was An Lanxiu!

Ye Xuan didn't underestimate Feng Yixiu who was now right in front of him, but neither did he fear him!

With the increasingly fast speed of Ye Xuan, the Ling Xiu Sword in his hand fiercely trembled.

On the opposite side of Ye Xuan, Feng Yixiu got a smile hanging on his mouth corners, but his eyes looked solemn.

He didn't underestimate Ye Xuan either!

Cangmu College paid such a horrifying high price to attempt others to kill Ye Xuan. So, could such a person be someone ordinary?

Those who could get on the Warrior List must have pretty good strength and high IQs. In addition to that, those who could be on the list should have experienced countless battles. Thus, they all knew very clearly how stupid it would be to underestimate a person in a battle!

Of course, they could underestimate an enemy, but only when the enemy was dead!

Next to Feng Yixiu, the woman in black bent her bow and set her arrow against the string. She aimed at Ye Xuan, who was rus.h.i.+ng toward them.

At this time, Feng Yixiu pressed down the longbow of the woman in black. "Let me do it by myself!"

After that, he cast his eyes on Ye Xuan in front of him.

Now Ye Xuan was only a few meters away from Feng Yixiu! Then a terrible momentum suddenly enveloped Feng Yixiu!

The Sword Momentum!

At this moment, Ye Xuan gave them an impression that he was a sword which might be able to puncture the sky!

A trace of incredible emerged in the eyes of the women in black beside Feng Yixiu.

Because this kind of momentum shouldn't appear on a person who was just in the Qi Harnessing Realm!

But Feng Yixiu looked quite calm. All in a sudden, he spread out his right palm. The next moment, a weird white whirl appeared around his palm, and then, even the ground under his feet was twisted and became unreal!

Ye Xuan arrived and his sword went down!

"One Sword Strike Decides Life and Death!"

His sword cut down with overwhelming Sword Momentum as if it could smash the ground.

Right after that, Feng Yixiu raised his right hand slightly. In an instant, the white whirl in his hand directly engulfed Ye Xuan's sword!


With them as the center, the ground within dozens of meter trembled wildly for a second and then cracked!

In the meantime, both of them retreated dozens of meters. Before them, there was a 1.5-meter-deep ditch!

And all around them was a mess!

Ye Xuan cast a glance at the Ling Xiu Sword in his hand, then looked up at Feng Yixiu not far away. "The Secluding Realm!"

The strength of this person in front of him was not in the Ascending Realm at all!

He was actually in the Secluding Realm!

A person in the Secluding Realm at the age of twenty!

In the distance, Feng Yixiu glanced at his right hand which was already full of cracks!

If he had got a slight contempt and hadn't tried his best, he would have been killed or at least been seriously crippled by this sword strike from Ye Xuan!

Feng Yixiu raised his head to look at Ye Xuan. "You are indeed a Sword Cultivator. You can obtain such a horrifying fighting capacity in the Qi Harnessing Realm. What a surprise!"

Ye Xuan spoke nothing, instead, he once again charged at Feng Yixiu with his sword!

He never liked talking about nonsense in a battle!

It was a life-and-death battle, not a playing house game. Did it make any sense to talk?

It didn't make any sense!

To win was the most important thing!

Ye Xuan was very fast and he was getting faster and faster. The Ling Xiu Sword in his hand trembled fiercely with its body exuding fierce Sword Light!

Feng Yixiu slowly closed his eyes, and an invisible momentum appeared around his body out of nowhere!

The momentum from a strong person in the Secluding Realm!

At the same time, the ground under his feet started to tremble violently. Countless gravels suddenly gathered in front of him. His palm facing down, he then whispered, "Ground-chant!"

His sound faded.


The ground at the foot of Feng Yixiu trembled fiercely all in a sudden. Then in a flash, the whole surface of the ground was suddenly lifted up. The opened ground swept toward Ye Xuan like a tornado!

Seeing this scene, the faces of Bai Ze and others not far away suddenly changed!

This strike from Feng Xixiu already showed a trace of the power from the Heaven and Earth. That was to say, the Martial Art Skill Feng Yixiu exerted was at least at the Earth Stage!

The Earth Stage Martial Art Skill displayed by a strong expert in the Secluding Realm was unusually horrible!

It was then that a sword sound reverberated through the field. Immediately after that, a wisp of Sword Light cut down from the distance.


As a shocking explosion sounded, two figures retreated backward repeatedly among the riprap and dirt!

The two figures were exactly Ye Xuan and Feng Yixiu!

In the process of retreating, Ye Xuan suddenly loosened his right hand and the Ling Xiu Sword in his hand directly turned into a wisp of Sword Light and cut toward Feng Yixiu through the air!

Opposite Ye Xuan, Feng Yixiu's right palm faced down, and then it lifted upward.


Numerous gravels gathered together in a sudden and blocked the sword attack from Ye Xuan!

However, his whole person was knocked back meters away!

As soon as he stopped, Ye Xuan appeared again in front of him. Feng Yixiu vehemently stomped his right foot on the ground and then his whole person shot out at a high speed.


They barely touched. Instantly after that, they separated and returned to their original places respectively!

Just when Ye Xuan landed, the ground under his feet burst right apart. He looked up at Feng Yixiu in the distance, calmly.

The Secluding Realm!

There was, in fact, a very big difference between the Secluding Realm and the Ascending Realm. If one had reached the Secluding Realm, he could not only fly but also master a slight power of the s.p.a.ce, which would be of great help to him!

The most obvious thing was that when he wielded the Martial Art Skill, he could maximize the power of some Earth Stage Martial Art Skills!

Because some Martial Art Skills needed the strong support of his own strength. Especially when he used the Earth Stage Martial Art Skill, he absolutely couldn't exert the power of the Martial Art Skill with insufficient strength for he might suffer from its side effects if he forced himself to use this kind of Martial Art Skill.

"Feng Yixiu in front of me is in the Secluding Realm, but it's obvious that he has just reached the Secluding Realm. Therefore, he is actually not quite skilled in using some power of the s.p.a.ce!"

"But if he really had grasped the power of the s.p.a.ce..."

Thinking of this, Ye Xuan's look gradually became serious!

He would never be blindly arrogant, nor would he lose himself. He would a.n.a.lyze the strengths and shortcomings of himself and his opponents.

"I need to upgrade my realm!"

At this very moment, Ye Xuan deeply felt the inadequacy of his realm. If he didn't reach the Ascending Realm as soon as possible, he might not be capable of fighting with his opponents in the Secluding Realm in the future.

Right in front Ye Xuan, Feng Yixiu also looked extremely serious because the fighting capacity of Ye Xuan was totally not what he had expected!

He didn't reserve the slightest from the very beginning in this battle such that he even wielded his Earth Stage Martial Art Skill in the first round!

However, he still couldn't do any harm to the person before him!

But Ye Xuan was only in the Qi Harnessing Realm!

"If he had reached the Ascending Realm or the Qi Harnessing Realm..."

Thinking of this, Feng Yixiu's clenched hands slowly loosened!

The killing intent?

Feng Yixiu had it for an instant.

But his killing intent vanished in a flash. After all, he didn't have a big grudge against Ye Xuan! "Since there is no deep hatred, why should I become a deadly enemy of such a person?"

Feng Yixiu turned to look at somewhere where an old man with a crutch appeared quietly!

Seeing this old man, the looks of Ye Xuan and his friends slightly changed.

This old man might be at the same level as Mr. Ji!

The old with the crutch walked up to Ye Xuan. He glanced toward Ye Xuan with a trace of complexity in his eyes. "I heard that you wanted to join the Cangmu College in Jiang Country. Is that true?"

Ye Xuan nodded.

"Didn't they take you in?" asked the old man with the crutch.

Ye Xuan nodded again.

The old man with the crutch shook his head and sighed. "All of them are a group of morons."

With this, he threw a look at Feng Yixiu who was nearby and then said to Ye Xuan. "No discord, no concord. Let's make friends with each other. Is that okay?"

Ye Xuan was silent.

The old man with the crutch smiled slightly. "I know that my little disciples have hurt your friends..."

As he said that, he suddenly bent his finger and clicked. Then two white jade bottles appeared before Mo Yunqi and Ji Anzhi respectively. Meanwhile, a golden flying dagger popped up in front of Mo Yunqi and a long saber with burning flames appeared before Ji Anzhi.

Two Spiritual Weapons at the Highest Grade!

Both Mo Yunqi and Ji Anzhi were stunned.

The old man with the crutch smiled gently. He looked very amiable. "In the bottle are the finest Incised-wound Pills. The market price for each pill should be 300,000 gold coins, and there are five pills in each bottle. As for the golden flying dagger, it's a Highest Grade Spiritual Weapon. I got it by accident; that long saber named Red Flame is also a Highest Grade Spiritual Weapon. If the two friends of you get any chances, they can upgrade the two Highest Grade Spiritual Weapons into the Bright Stage."

Upon hearing what he said, Ji Anzhi in the near distance instantly put away the white jade bottle and the Red Flame. Especially the Red Flame, Ji Anzhi looked at it with undisguised affection in her eyes!

Mo Yunqi also quickly put away his white jade bottle and the flying dagger. Staring at the golden flying dagger in his hand, Mo Yunqi already grinned from ear to ear.

The Highest Grade Spiritual Weapon!

He hadn't even touched one before!

Bai Ze glanced at Mo Yunqi with apparent disdain in his eyes. "Look at yourself!"

In the distance, Ye Xuan looked toward the old man with his crutch. "Why?"

The old man with the crutch smiled and said, "We just want to make a few more friends!"

Ye Xuan was silent.

The old man added with the same smile hanging on his face. "It doesn't matter if you are unwilling to make friends with us. If there is any chance in the future, you can get to know my disciples at that time."

Ye Xuan shook his head. "It's not like that. It's just..."

Speaking of this, he took a look at Mo Yunqi and Ji Anzhi nearby, and then said, "They all have received welcome gifts, but I haven't yet..."

The old man's expression stiffened for a second. But soon, he laughed and clicked with his bending finger. Then a sword suspended in front of Ye Xuan.

The Highest Grade Spiritual Sword!

Ye Xuan hurriedly put away the sword and was about to say something. But at this time, Bai Ze, who was not far away, abruptly asked, "Where is mine?"

Ye Xuan, "..."

Mo Yunqi threw a look at Bai Ze with a sneer hanging at his mouth corners. "Look at yourself!"

The old man with the crutch glanced at Bai Ze, he hesitated a little and then said, "You cultivate your body mainly so I don't have something suitable for you... Well, I give you a bottle of Dan Pills as the gift!"

As he said, he bent his finger to click. Then a white jade bottle appeared in front of Bai Ze.

Bai Ze didn't refuse, instead, he put away the white jade bottle which was worth a lot of money!

The old man with the crutch glanced at Ye Xuan and smiled. "Then the three of us are going to leave. If you have time, all of you are welcomed to visit Chu Country!"

After that, he glanced at somewhere on his right side, then turned around and disappeared in the distance with Feng Yixiu and the woman in black.

In a hurry, Ye Xuan said hospitably, "Come here often in the future!"

Somewhere in the air, the old man with the crutch quivered slightly...

In the air, Feng Yixiu suddenly asked, "Master, why did you give so many valuable things away?"

The old man with the crutch answered him calmly, "You have underestimated Ye Xuan, while I have also underestimated Mr. Ji."

Hearing this, Feng Yixiu understood.

After a moment, seeming thinking of something, he then said, "They... are so poor. And they are so thick-skinned..."

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