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Chapter 381: Priest DRen

After five years of rebuilding, the inner city has changed a lot .

The conference hall has become a three-storey megobject situated in the middle of the inner city, where the main places of business, both military and political, are basically concentrated . The medical rooms and schools on both wings were cancelled, and the medical rooms were transformed into small hospitals and moved to the west to form a separate building .

In the east, a large area, from the river on the East and back of the conference hall to the Mer-people Lake, that area was excavated for Yan Mo's Mer-people island, and the land belongs to the Chief's residence, but Yuan Zhan, unlike other Chief, has made his residence a tribal symbol . He still lives in the original stone house hidden in the woods, but it has been expanded, along the river bank . Guard camps have also expanded considerably .

Interestingly, both schools connects to this Chief residence . Priest DRen doesn't like to climb up and down every day .

By the way, the doorway of the two schools is the most bustling two streets in the inner city . Apart from the shops with fixed stores, many students like to put up the stalls here, and put some of the gadgets they produced or the rare things that they get out when they practice . They say that Chief DRen and Priest DRen also like to wander around these two streets so most people like to run here .

Young people seem to have nothing urgent to do today, smiling while walking slowly in the shopping mall at the gate of the Zhan Mo College .

There are many people on the road, besides ordinary humans and dwarfs, there are other intelligent and non-intelligent creatures, such as the big bear of the Duo-Na Clan, the Snake People with snake tails in the lower half, the Tribesmen of Bianxi who looks like wolves beasts, such as the Winged Yingzhao, and some humans with strange body features . Everyone walked together without fear or exclusion . They mix together and are in perfect harmony .

Juvenile audience creatures can bargain or shout at each other in various ways even if they have no language to trade . But when they are in a hurry, they will wield their fists, open their mouths and bite people or move hoof, so they cannot help make the whole area burst into laughter .

After a short stroll, a bear cub, who was not tall enough to reach his calf, suddenly rolled out of the roadside, hugging his leg and refused to let go .

"Whoop . " A baby bear rubbed his head and whimpered with grievances .

"What's the matter, little fellow? Who bullied you? "The boy knelt down with amus.e.m.e.nt . Compared with humans, these animals were more sensitive . Once they had met him, many could remember him, and could recognize him without looking at his face . Even if they hadn't seen him in a while, they could tell that he was different from other human beings .

The little fellow held his leg in one claw and held out one claw, pointing in the direction he ran out .

It happened that the man inside the shop noticed that the cub had disappeared, and ran out to look for it . The cub was pointing at him .

"h.e.l.lo! That's mine . Hurry up let go of my little man . . . Ah!” The little boy with dark skin, about eighty-nine years old, was so arrogant that he wanted to grab the bear cub when he saw it hugging someone else, but before he had finished looking, he probably recognized who the boy wearing the hat was, and was so frightened that he turned around and ran away .

"Xiao Hei! You stop right there!” The young boy stood stiff .


Xiao Hei's body shook, his outstretched legs and feet slowly returned to the original place, turned around and sprinted . He ran to hold the young bear . His expression and tone changed instantly and he bawled out flatteringly, "s.h.i.+fu, I missed you so much . "

The teenager, Priest DRen of the Jiu Yuan, pinched his face and laughed wildly . "Miss me like that when you don't see me in a day? Well, you can follow me today and do your homework on the way . "

Xiao Hei's expression collapsed quickly, and he shook the teenager's waist . "s.h.i.+fu, no, today's the school break, you can't deprive me of the right to rest . "

Yan Mo gave Xiao Hei an ear pull . "Since when is that for let you bully people? This is a bear cub of NRan's family . Do you know who that family is, why are you taking their baby out? What about his brother? Where did you throw him?”

Xiao Hei smiled, but he did not answer .


Yan Mo thumbed him on the head . “Nonsense, the child is only two years old . He can't even say a word . What if something happens to him? Don't bully him . If someone comes to complain on you again this time, I'll let you go to the military academy ahead of time . "

"Well, I'd like to go there since long ago, and Chief agrees, that if it hadn't been for s.h.i.+fu, you always said I was young, otherwise, I would have gone long ago . " Xiao Hei's eyes lit up when he heard he could go to the military academy .

"Do you really want to go?”

"Hmm!" Xiao Hei nodded forcefully .

Yan Mo was thinking, Xiao Hei added, "Can I take Xiong Bao with me?”

"No!" Yan Mo bent over to pick up the cub, who let him pick him up .

When the cub was supported, he clapped his hands and went to smack Xiao Hei's face .

Xiao Hei immediately had two more red marks on his face . He was not upset either . He grabbed the cub's paw and bit it with open mouth .

The cub shrieked in horror and turned to hold Priest DRen's neck and refused to look at Xiao Hei again .

Xiao Hei is a bastrd . Look at him, he kept poking the cub xss like this .

Yan Mo felt the pain of the bear cub, he grabbed the paw of Xiao Hei, and reluctantly said, "Little fool, liking people who have such likes, you always bully people like this . Even if you are nice to others, people will not want to play with you . What's more, you always separate the two brothers!”

"Who told him to only like his brother, not play with me?"

"Stupid!" Yan Mo's brain suddenly burst out with a young but cold sneer .

Yan Mo . . . Ask in mind: "When are you willing to come out?”

"Ask your son!" Wu Guo's voice was filled with bizarre anger . He seemed to have a vague sense that even if he left Yan Mo's body, he would not grow up smoothly unless the other half of the fruit grew up well . It was because of this that he tolerated another conscious being, waiting for habits of toleration, and then he genuinely took this Du-du as his brother, but that did not mean that he would not be angry .

Yan Mo is dumb . It’s probably not that Du-du didn't want to come out, but that Du-du couldn't come out before he fulfilled The Guideline's requirement to subtract 100 million Sc.u.m VALUE .

But the old SMa of the Maple Clan told him that Wu Guo in his body already had two independent consciousness, and had no intention of hurting him . If they wanted to come out, they should be able to come out, but how to train them to adults after they came out, he still needs to consult the Human-face Kunpeng Clan .

Now that the Jiu Yuan has entered a stable stage of development, Yan Mo thinks that when Jiu Feng wakes up from this upgrade, he may be able to ask him to take him with him to find the Human-face Kunpeng Clan .

Xiao Hei didn't know that someone was despising him . He wanted to hold the cub, but the cub huddled himself into a ball, ignoring him . Xiao Hei rolled his eyes around and ran back to the store .

After a while he came out again, and there was a small pot in his hand . "Xiong Bao, look, what is this?”

The bear could not resist his instinct when he smelled the familiar fragrance and sweetness . He couldn't help turning his head .

"Come on, if you let me hold you, I'll give you something to eat . " Xiao Hei opened the honey pot to tempt him .

"Whoop . " Xiong Bao shouted at Xiao Hei .


Yan Mo helped translate: "he said you should take this to brother so he can eat with him, otherwise he would not play with you . "

"Dad, I want to eat too . " Du-du came out .

But before Yan Mo answered, Wu Guo shouted at the top: "what are you being greedy about? When I go out, what can’t I taste for you?"

Du-du murmured, "But now I want to eat from Xiao Hei's brother . "

Wu Guo nearly died of anger .

Yan Mo nearly whined, five years later, although two little children are not born, but their thinking consciousness has become clearer and more grown than before, and this is more urgent for him to make these two little guys hurry to the world .

Little bear cub finally failed to resist the temptation of honey, and Xiao Hei promised that he would take him to his brother . When Xiao Hei reached for him again, he refused .

Xiao Hei is not weak, not with a little strength, one hand holding a chubby cub, one hand holding a honey pot, he very easily ran, of course, before running, he did not forget to give his s.h.i.+fu a salute, by the way, he still asked his s.h.i.+fu not forget to send him to military school .

Yan Mo smiled and shook his head . He stuffed Xiao Hei with a bag of the bones coins to make up for pocket money and patted him on the xss and let him go .

Nowadays, for the convenience of linking up with other city forces, the monetary system used by tribes is also the bone coins and yuan-crystal coins, except that the bone coins are exchanged for 100 of the bone coins to 1 for 1st rank yuan-crystal coins and 10 to 1 for yuan-crystal coins .

Wu Guo is very jealous . He actually wanted to go out for a long time . It seems more fun to be human . Two years ago, Yan Mo had a weird thing that seemed very suitable for cultivating him and Du-du, but when someone who had previously obtained a fake Wu Guo discovered its scent, they tracked it all the way to the vicinity of the Jiu Yuan . Yan Mo was afraid of accidents . Wu Guo didn't know how to hide his scent after going out, so he dared not go out .

That's why Yan Mo wanted to consult the Human-Face Kunpeng Clan, because the old SMa of the Maple Clan said that when he was training the Fruit of Witchcraft, few people noticed that the Fruit of Witchcraft was there .

Du-du also admires Xiao Hei who got pocket money to buy delicious food . Didn’t he watch a group of brothers grow up? Seeing that the youngest one amongst his elder brother had turned from the little point that he would only climb on the ground to the little troublemaker who could do everything in the mountains, Du-du was envious . He wanted to go out with Wu-Wu and play with a few younger brothers .

Yan Mo patted his stomach to rea.s.sure them that he would find ways to bring them out as soon as possible .

Du-du was greedy and bought several snacks with his father .

Yan Mo laments that it is no wonder that pregnant women eat a lot and their favorite foods change three times a day . This child's heart is not calm like the June weather . It's a pity that everything goes into his mouth and it's him who is ending up fat . If Wu Guo hadn't been sharing all the nutrients in his body for a moment, he would have been fat for two years .

Suddenly there was a commotion in the street . Everyone in front of him looked behind him . Yan Mo turned around . Then he saw her Highness Lamo-Na, The Great Princess of Yincheng-Sound City, who had just arrived the day before .

Lamo-Na her Royal Highness has already been played . At the beginning, Lamo-Ling said that she had been basically set up to marry a Huocheng- Fire City Prince, but the news came later that the Huocheng- Fire City prince went to Yincheng-Sound City when he was not pleased with the little princess . She would rather abandon the original agreement of marrying the great prince and take the little princess as his wife .

Lamo-Na was betrayed by double betrayal, and begged her parents to agree to the proposal of Huocheng- Fire City for him to propose to Lamo-Er . She herself said she would not marry .

Yincheng-Sound City's Lord, who felt that he  owed her eldest daughter, agreed to her plea and, with the support of the Temple High Priest, gradually involved her in some of Yincheng-Sound City's major political affairs .

This time Lamo-Na came to the Jiu Yuan, ostensibly for business purposes, but it has not yet been revealed why .

This is the first time that The Nine Great Cities dispatched an envoy to the Jiu Yuan . Before the most upper envoy came from Hai-cheng, an affiliated city of Tucheng-Earth City, it was obviously for nothing good .

Of course, there are also the upper cities' people and other tribes who came to the Jiu Yuan secretly, but they did not name their envoys, and it was very difficult for them to enter the inner city .

Don't look at the inside and outside city gate guards who do not check pedestrians, but they know exactly who the Jiu Yuan people are and who are outsiders, not to mention two general wear, no one can escape their eyes . And most of the people from the big powers who come to the barren land do not change their wearing for a need to show off to a savage land tribe, which makes it better to distinguish .

As for the method of distinguis.h.i.+ng, besides being familiar with the eyes, the Jiu Yuan mostly accepted tribal savages from barren places . Most of these people have tribal tattoos or other marks on their faces, and those without such marks could also check for differences in temperament, speaking accent, walking, appearance and decoration .

Just as most people can see who is local and who is out of town, these specially trained gatekeepers have more snake like eyes .

"DRen!" A tall figure approached the teenager quickly .

Yan Mo looked up and smiled at the person .

With a sigh of helplessness, Yuan He went to Priest DRen and whispered, "Why didn't you come out without a guard? What about Ding Ning Ding Fei?”

"You have become my symbol . If I take you with me . Everyone knows who I am . I can't wander around at will . Besides, I did take them with me . " Yan Mo smiled at his shoulder and saw the familiar pair of the Carnivorous bees flapping their wings at DHe .

Yuan He was relieved to see the Red Wings and Flying Thorn, but he couldn't help saying, "Jiu Feng DRen is hibernating now . There are still too few guards around you . This time, Yincheng-Sound City sent people over and we still do not know what the purpose is .  DRen is better to bring more people out . If you have something to you, what about the Jiu Yuan?"

Yan Mo didn't want to embarra.s.s his loyal guard leader so he clapped him on the shoulder and promising, "Okay, I know, next time I come out, I will bring at least two people with me . "

Yuan He thought that there only two people were too few, and he thought he should take at least six people with him, but he didn't want to be too restrictive about Priest DRen . Even the Chief said what Priest DRen wanted to do was bad . He was too upset, but he just couldn't help worrying .


"You can take the two boys in my family . The eldest said he wanted to go to the military academy ahead of time this year . When he came out, he said he would guard you like me . " Yuan He mentioned his two sons, with a slight smile on his face .

"Isn't your eldest only sixteen? Wouldn’t you like to wait any longer?”

Yuan He shook his head, and his voice was full of uncontrollable joy and pride . "He wanted to test himself, and his ability was good . He just inspired his blood ability this morning . He can control the soil as well as I . I don't expect him to be as strong as Chief, as long as he can grow up to be a s.h.i.+eld for DRen . That kid's also good at fighting . He's better than I was . He's already 3rd rank strength now . ”

Yan Mo thought, "In recent years, children have eaten well and trained well . There are indeed more and earlier breakthroughs than before . "

Yuan He looked at the teenager and said in reverence, "That's all because of you DRen . If you weren't there, how could we be the Jiu Yuan now?”

Yan Mo has heard a lot of similar words . His face has been thick and red by it . He raises his chin and points to the front of his finger . “This princess is shopping?'

"DRen, I'm here to tell you this . Her Highness, I don't know where she got the news . She said that we sold bone objects over 6th rank in Jiu Yuan . She suddenly came out to see if we really sell bone objects here . "

So it was for bone objects . Yan Mo has an unexpected feeling that in order for Jiu Yuan warriors to be strong, in addition to improving their abilities, it is also necessary to equip them with powerful weapons .

With the Bone Sculpting People's heritage in his arms, it would be strange not to start refining a pile of bone objects to arm his tribal warriors .

In the past three years, because he was busy, he could not afford to do anything about the sculpting . In the past two years, especially in the past two years, he devoted all his energies to developing drugs and refining bone objects, because there were tribes and barbaric warehouses, and the support of the Mer-people and dwarf people . He made a lot of bone objects, among which the better ones were awarded prizes to the leaders or others . The weaker bones are usually a.s.signed to ordinary warriors, but some of them have special or poor functions . He occasionally sells them in the city .

In addition, several of his disciples also learned from him how to make bone objects . Unfortunately, it may really need some talent . In the end, only Sa Yu, who was intent on entering the special team, could make some simple bone objects . None of the others could .

Xiao Hei is also a talented person . He has as strong spiritual force . Yan Mo wants to train him as The Priest, but he is only interested in fighting . He will follow all of the following captives after he walked .

As a matter of fact, the prisoners and coolies in the tribes now belong to Dda management and training . They were really trained by Dda to be a strong willed and aggressive knave, and Dda was also one of the chief of the regiment .

As for the 6th rank bone objects sale, it has something to do with Sa Yu .

Since the little boy began to refine bone objects, and was sure to have talent, Sa Yu himself has been particularly fond of sculpting bones . Now many of the bone objects that come out of the market are his training products, and this kid has made his mother isolate a place in her shop to sell his bone objects .

Because the kid's training materials were too rough, things had not been sold there for a long time, and his mother had to clear up his training materials and refused to give him another place . He ran up to him and asked him to make several objects of the town store in his mother's shop .

He was also bored at that time, and Sa Yu rarely asked him for anything . The 6th rank bone objects is one of the treasures he gave to Sa Yu's town store . The bone objects are a bow and arrow . Although the 6th rank can add power by embedding crystal, in fact, this bow and arrow is one of the unsatisfactory works he made for Bing . All other unsatisfactory works have been destroyed by him . Only this one was left by him .

Sa Yu got this bow and arrow and a few other gadgets, and happily carried them to his mother's shop . He didn't know how he told his mother, and his mother gave him the center of this precious store that was right at the gate of the Zhan Mo College . Yan Mo guess that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d must have used him as the banner saying this is Priest DRen shop .

Yuan Zhan later learned about this and simply put the store in Yan Mo's possession . In addition, he compensated Sa Yu with a larger inner-city street store .

Yan Mo was too lazy to operate it, so he handed the store over to Si Hei . The shop Xiao Hei had just entered was the one they managed .

This shop has become quite famous in the Jiu Yuan now . Whenever there is anything new and special, this shop is always the first one to have it . Sometimes, some special products can only be bought in this shop, such as bone objects, such as new paper and ink .

After that, the bow and arrow bone object was bought by a traveler from the south at a high price at the end of last year . Yan Mo took yuan-crystal coins for granted . Unexpectedly, that sale attracted His Highness the Great Princess of Yincheng-Sound City to come here more than half a year later .

"What about Wu Chen and Ye Xing? Aren't they responsible for the reception of the Princess?” Yan Mo said .

Yuan He guessed, "They should have received the news, I think they are coming soon . ”

Yan Mo looked at the Lamo-Na highness who was led from the road and looked more luxurious and generous . "Let them take the princess directly to their shop . Besides red salt, training method and bone objects, we have many other good things in the Jiu Yuan, such as porcelain, such as bamboo products, such as new paper and ink . The first three are regulated and cannot be traded freely, but they are not . We can strongly recommend them . We believe that our Highness Princess will be dumped by the paper made by the dwarves themselves . ”

The Jiu Yuan was able to make paper early, but in the near future, they brought paper in order to cooperate with the development of dwarf people . However, the dwarf people are indeed skilled in making things, they have spent more than five years to experiment with how to make paper . They come out very beautifully . They also have made hard pens and ink, and even Yan Mo can't find anything equal to their crafts .

Nowadays paper has been gradually popularized in the Jiu Yuan, but no one outside knows for the time being that the Jiu Yuan has such a sharp commodity .

Yuan He nodded and understood what Yan Mo meant, but he did not rest a.s.sured that Priest DRen wanted the guard to come forward and guard for .

Yan Mo waved to him, "Don't worry, the princess can't recognize me even if she saw me . " He said to the outsiders that he was sacrificing for the G.o.ds in the temple these days and that he had not seen the princess until today .

The Priest escort, scattered around, quietly approached Priest DRen a little, but did not come near .

Yan Mo didn't stay in the same place, so he turned around and went to Zhan Mo College . But unfortunately, just as he was about to raise his leg, he heard someone shouting, "Chief DRen is coming!"

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