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  • I Can Speak with Animals and Demons

    Alternative : I can speak with animals and demons; 俺、動物や魔物と話せるんです
  • Author(s): 錬金王
  • GENRES: Action - Adventure - Fantasy - Harem - Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 24-Feb-2020 08:42
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I Can Speak with Animals and Demons summary:

Wato Akira was sent to another world due to a foreigners anger. He hit his head and unfortunately died.
Sadly, the foreigner misunderstood the word’s of encouragement [F I G H T!] as a sign of aggression, what a regrettable way to die…. The G.o.ddess of creation took pity on him and allowed him to reincarnate in another world.

I Can Speak with Animals and Demons Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 35 Part2 Feb-24-2020
Chapter 35 Part1 Feb-24-2020
Chapter 34 Part2 Feb-24-2020
Chapter 34- Part1 Feb-24-2020
Chapter 33 Part2 Feb-24-2020
Chapter 33 Part1 Feb-24-2020
Chapter 32 Part2 Feb-24-2020
Chapter 32 Part1 Jan-28-2020
Chapter 31 Part2 Jan-28-2020
Chapter 31 Part1 Jan-18-2020
Chapter 30 Part3 Jan-12-2020
Chapter 30 Part2 Jan-03-2020
Chapter 30.1 Dec-14-2019
Chapter 29.2 Dec-11-2019
Chapter 29 Part1 Dec-11-2019
Chapter 28 Part2 Dec-11-2019
Chapter 28 Part1 Dec-08-2019
Chapter 27 Part2 Dec-07-2019
Chapter 27 Part1 Dec-07-2019
Chapter 26.2 Dec-07-2019
Chapter 26.1 Dec-07-2019
Chapter 24 Part2 Dec-07-2019
Chapter 24 Part1 Dec-07-2019
Chapter 23 Part2 Dec-07-2019
Chapter 23 Part1 Dec-07-2019
Chapter 25.2 Dec-03-2019
Chapter 25.1 Dec-02-2019
Chapter 24 Dec-02-2019
Chapter 23 Dec-02-2019
Chapter 22.2 Nov-12-2019
Chapter 22 Part1 Nov-12-2019
Chapter 21.2 Nov-12-2019
Chapter 21 Part1 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 20 Part2 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 20 Part1 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 19.2 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 19.1 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 18.2 Nov-04-2019
Chapter 18.1 Oct-17-2019
Chapter 15 Part3 Oct-17-2019
Chapter 15 Part1 Oct-17-2019
Chapter 15 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 17 Part2 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 17 Part1 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 16 Part2 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 16 Part1 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 15 Part2 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 14 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 13 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 12 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 11 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 10 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 9 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 8 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 7 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 6 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 5 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 4 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 3 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 2 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 1 Jun-10-2019
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