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On the eighth day of christmas,
My translator gave to me,
Eight marriage proposals,
Seven fried eggs,
Six sweet carrots,
Five hours sermon,
Four useless scratches,
Three little goblins,
Two swords clas.h.i.+ng,
And a chapter of ICSWAAD!

It looks like the story is finally starting go move forward!

For a while, I was living a life of listening to the animal's and monster's worries, and focusing on sword practice with my father.

After a year, Gillion followed in the footsteps of Gladys, and also left for the capital.

This brother of mine went to the magic school, and unlike Gladys, he never returns to the mansion and doesn't even send letters.

My parents are aware about this, and sometimes sigh.

When he was leaving, he said “Okay, time for me to cast magic”, but he got dragged into the carriage by my father.

I don't know why, but I was disappointed by this.

I don't think he can be forgiven, even though my mother stopped being angry last year. When it comes to magic, Gillion can become hot blooded and get injured.

I want you to stay at school as much as possible.

I'm not in the mood to see your face.

The only siblings remaining in the mansion are Julia and I.

Julia is the same as Gladys, 13 years old.

What will my sister do?

Does she want to marry out, or bring home a brother-in law?

I don't know what she will choose, but I won't think about that for now.

Although, she has many marriage proposals, she doesn't react to any.

My sister Julia just says “there are no interesting guys”.

This is why Julia is like an older sister.

I want someone to catch up with my elder sister and make her transform like a b.u.t.terfly.

Eventually, she said something about becoming an adventurer with me. Well, my father won't allow it.

Five years later.

I, Jed Clifford, am 11 years old now.

I'm around one meter and fifty centimeters tall.

Compared to when I was six years old, my body is so big that it's incomparable.

My hair is a dull leafy coloured hair, where my father's green hair and my mother's red hair are mixed. I wanted it to be a bright green like my brothers, or a beautiful red like Julia.

My face is fairly well arranged, but it is a little childish.

I want to believe that as I grow up, my face will develop a fearless countenance like my dad and my brother Gladys.

Also, I will be 12 years old in about a month. It's the legal age to be registered as an adventurer.

I'm training whilst looking forward to next month.

I wonder if will be possible to travel soon….

There are many days I think of places I've never seen before.

“No, no. Although I'm used to it, this is a dangerous forest. I have to be vigilant.”

I tap my cheeks to remind myself.

This is not the nearby forest where I play. The living organisms and plants are completely different.

I have the ability to interact with the ferocious animals and monsters, understanding all languages.

There have been monsters that can't speak and won't let you speak to them because their hatred is too big.

In this place, once you've beaten them properly, if they can compromise and stop fighting, they'll avoid the fight.

I walk through the dense forest with poor visibility, dissappearing.

If I listen carefully, I can hear various whispers.

『I can't find a good game today.』

『Oh, that's right. For some reason, the amount of prey has decreased….』

When I approach the voice, I notice a kobold with a spear and a wooden club.

『Hmm? What's that smell?』

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