Demon's Diary summary:

Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners aren’t controlled by any guard or security. When the island sinks due to “mysterious” events, only a handful of people survive – those survivors are then pursued by the government.
On the other hand at another place two pract.i.tioners are worrying about what will happen to them because the young master that they were supposed to protect had died.
Their young master looks nearly like our MC
What will happen?

Demon's Diary Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1532: Trust Apr-03-2024
Chapter 1527: Reunion Mar-27-2024
Chapter 1519: Revenge Mar-15-2024
Chapter 1513: Besiege Mar-07-2024
Chapter 1484 decision Jan-28-2024
Chapter 1439: Trap Dec-01-2023
Chapter 1438: Ambush Dec-01-2023
Chapter 1435: Set Off Nov-21-2023
Chapter 1414: Truth Oct-26-2023
Chapter 1399: Exit Oct-09-2023
Chapter 1397: Wake Up Oct-05-2023
Chapter 1377: Refine Sep-11-2023
Chapter 1376: Gain Sep-11-2023
Chapter 1367: Liu Yao Aug-30-2023
Chapter 1357: Puppet Aug-22-2023
Chapter 1356: Reunion Aug-18-2023
Chapter 1338: Pursuit Aug-08-2023
Chapter 1330: Ruins Jul-21-2023
Chapter 1305: Looting Jun-20-2023
Chapter 1292: Domain Jun-05-2023
Chapter 1278: Covet May-19-2023
Chapter 1261: 2 Women May-08-2023
Chapter 1253: Hu Mei Apr-20-2023
Chapter 1249: Mo Tian Apr-17-2023
Chapter 1245: A Plot Apr-12-2023
Chapter 1230: Deal Mar-28-2023
Chapter 1195: Attack Feb-14-2023
Chapter 1194: Deal Feb-10-2023
Chapter 1152: Kun Yu Dec-30-2022
Chapter 1120: Crush Nov-23-2022
Chapter 1115: Warning Nov-17-2022
Chapter 1113: Fei Zu Nov-15-2022
Chapter 1100: Yin Liu Nov-01-2022
Chapter 1069: Pursuit Sep-26-2022
Chapter 1066: Crush Sep-22-2022
Chapter 1065: Chaos Sep-21-2022
Chapter 1062: Ambush Sep-19-2022
Chapter 1060: Team Sep-16-2022
Chapter 1057: Tribute Sep-14-2022
Chapter 1052: Tunnel Sep-07-2022
Chapter 1041: Token Aug-25-2022
Chapter 1016: Return Jul-27-2022
Chapter 1008: Search Jul-18-2022
Chapter 992: Turn In Jun-30-2022
Chapter 990: Return Jun-28-2022
Chapter 955: Dogfight May-23-2022
Chapter 954: Berserk May-23-2022
Chapter 948: Ji Ying May-16-2022
Chapter 937: Meeting May-05-2022
Chapter 934: Regroup Apr-28-2022
Chapter 923: Yao Ji Apr-15-2022
Chapter 910: Coercion Mar-31-2022
Chapter 900: Chaos Mar-21-2022
Chapter 895: Visitors Mar-18-2022
Chapter 882: Trap Mar-02-2022
Chapter 851: Visit Jan-26-2022
Chapter 837: Lifespan Jan-18-2022
Chapter 833: Betrayal Jan-18-2022
Chapter 823: Return Dec-28-2021
Chapter 820: Return Dec-23-2021
Chapter 810: Team Up Dec-10-2021
Chapter 807: Trapped Dec-07-2021
Chapter 805: Paths Dec-06-2021
Chapter 793: Ranking Dec-06-2021
Chapter 706: Pursui Aug-21-2021
Chapter 705: Escape Aug-19-2021
Chapter 676: Wu Kui Jul-21-2021
Chapter 664: Shopping Jul-06-2021
Chapter 660: Forging Jun-30-2021
Chapter 630: Kill May-28-2021
Chapter 604: Reward Apr-28-2021
Chapter 599: Liger Apr-25-2021
Chapter 511: Icesilk Dec-25-2020
Chapter 503: Gain Dec-25-2020
Chapter 496: Return Dec-25-2020
Chapter 493: Escape Dec-25-2020
Chapter 491: Planning Dec-25-2020
Chapter 473: Tes Dec-25-2020
Chapter 463: Yu Qing Dec-25-2020
Chapter 453: Draw Lo Dec-25-2020
Chapter 440: Split Up Dec-25-2020
Chapter 432: Prison Dec-25-2020
Chapter 431: Luo Hu Dec-25-2020
Chapter 424: Guili Dec-25-2020
Chapter 409: Feather Dec-25-2020
Chapter 403: Lan Xi Dec-25-2020
Chapter 401: Recrui Dec-25-2020
Chapter 399: Yan Luo Dec-25-2020
Chapter 397: Xin Yuan Dec-25-2020
Chapter 391: Antidote Dec-25-2020
Chapter 386: Bounty Dec-25-2020
Chapter 380: Guard Dec-25-2020
Chapter 366: Pursui Dec-25-2020
Chapter 348: Red Glow Dec-25-2020
Chapter 342: Conflic Dec-25-2020
Chapter 330 Soul Lock Dec-25-2020
Chapter 313: The Seal Dec-25-2020
Chapter 304: Han Li Dec-25-2020
Chapter 302 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 301 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 300 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 299 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 298 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 297 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 296 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 295 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 294 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 293 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 292 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 291 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 290 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 288 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 287 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 282 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 267 - 援兵 Dec-25-2020
Chapter 264- Li Sha Dec-25-2020
Chapter 258 - Fight Dec-25-2020
Chapter 255 - Border Dec-25-2020
Chapter 106 – News Dec-25-2020
Chapter 76 – Totem Dec-25-2020
Chapter 70 – Cui Er Dec-25-2020
Chapter 58 – Search Dec-25-2020
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