Demon's Diary Chapter 734: Heavenly Thunder Imprin

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Chapter 734: Heavenly Thunder Imprin

Liu Ming was not surprised, but the joy in his eyes was evident.

Speaking of which, since the 8 tentacles sea beastkin absorbed the Sky Beastkin blood essence by accident, it had been evolving at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed as if it had taken a buff elixir. In just a few years, its body had already had a huge change.

The effect of the Sky Beastkin blood essence was really amazing. It took Liu Ming 5 years to fully absorb it.

In the past 5 years, his physical body had almost strengthened by twice. What made him even more happy was that the crimson dragon scales in his body were even more powerful under the nourishment of the Sky Beastkin blood essence.

At present, the crimson dragon scales in the body didn’t only have a defense that was several times higher than before, but it was comparable to the Real Pellet State dragon scales. What’s more, he could even blast them out with spiritual power when necessary.

According to his judgment, the attack power of these mutated dragon scales was no less than that of a superb spiritual weapon.

However, after the dragon scales left his body, they could no longer be reabsorbed into his body. The scales were consumable. If it was not necessary, he would avoid using such a method.

At this time, the 8 tentacles sea beastkin’s body had already completed the transform. It suddenly waved 1 tentacle.

With a flash of black shadow, the tentacle smashed a stone table in the secret room.

Although this 8 tentacles sea beastkin had advanced to adulthood, it still had no signs of maturity. All its behaviors were base on its instincts unlike Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull who had developed their own minds.

Liu Ming naturally had no way around it.

Thinking of this, he once again checked the soul-recovering bag around his waist with Divine Thought. He found that Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull showed no signs of waking up.

These two little guys had been asleep for 8 years since they absorbed a portion of the Sky Beastkin blood essence.

At this moment, there was a “boom” again in the secret room. For some reason, these 8 tentacles sea beastkin repeatedly b.u.mped its st.u.r.dy head against the secret room’s wall.

Liu Ming shook his head somewhat helplessly. With a glance, he found that there were visible dents on the stone wall hit by the sea beastkin’s head.

When he built this cave house that day, in order to avoid accidentally smas.h.i.+ng the cave house while practicing Dragon Tiger h.e.l.l Prison, he added a lot of defense and reinforcement enchantments to the surrounding cave walls. Even if he punched the wall directly, it would take some effort to destroy it.

The physical body of this 8 tentacles sea beastkin was actually harder than the stone wall of this secret room. It should be the body strengthening effect of the Sky Beastkin blood essence.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming couldn’t help getting a little excited in his heart. He couldn’t wait to see what kind of new changes the beast armor had.

He immediately waved with 1 hand, and a light breeze rolled the 8 tentacles sea beastkin back.

After it shrank, the 8 tentacles spread out and clung tightly on Liu Ming’s chest.

Liu Ming chanted, patted the head of the sea beastkin lightly, and channeled all his spiritual power into it. Silver spirit patterns lit up on the 8 tentacles sea beastkin. With a silver flash, it turned into a silvery beast armor.

As the chant changed, the silver beast armor transformed into a silver glove and wrapped his hands in it.

Liu Ming flickered immediately and launched a heavy punch at the stone wall.

There was a loud rumbling noise!

After a s.h.i.+ne of blue light, the surface of the stone wall shattered, and it suddenly shattered, and the entire mountain trembled violently. A 3 feet deep punch hole was left on the stone wall.

Seeing this, Liu Ming nodded with satisfaction.

The power of this punch was so powerful that if a physique cultivator of the same rank took it forcibly, his internal organs would be seriously injured or explode on the spot in the serious case.

When Liu Ming put away the gloves, he found that his hands weren’t injured at all.

If it kept growing at this rate, after the 8 tentacles sea beastkin entered the Crystallization Period or even the Real Pellet State, the beast armor would be really worth his expectation.

After this beast entered adulthood, the spiritual power needed to inject into this beast armor had also increased exponentially. It also consumed more spiritual power to maintain this beast armor.

If it was a protracted battle, this would inevitably be a weakness, but there was no good way to solve this problem at the moment. Liu Ming could only forget about it. He kept the octopus and closed his eyes to rest again…

More than 10 days later, on a thunderous night with heavy rain and countless silver lightnings dancing wildly, a young man with a naked upper body appeared in an uninhabited rocky valley with a flash. It was Liu Ming.

Speaking of which, during these 8 years, he had used the Illusive Demonic Pupil to practice Heavenly Thunder Spell almost every day without interruption, and he had asked Luo Hu to raise the level of lightning by 1 level, from ordinary lightning to heavenly lightning. His proficiency in this skill advanced by leaps and bounds.

He was now a step away from the Heavenly Thunder Spell perfect stage.

Since the thunder absorbed in the illusion couldn’t be brought out of the illusion and he needed to combine the heavenly thunder power with his own spiritual power to achieve the perfect stage, Liu Ming had been waiting for a thunderous night patiently.

In general, he could absorb mostly ordinary thunder in the thunderous night, and the number was limited. If he wanted to achieve the perfect stage, he had to wait for a real large scale thunderstorm.

After waiting for nearly half a year, he finally encountered this long-waited thunderstorm.

At this moment, a thick thunderbolt directly struck Liu Ming’s raised arm.

Liu Ming’s arm was buzzing; the lightning arc penetrated into the body like golden snakes, and a heart-piercing pain traveled all over his body.

He couldn’t use the Dragon Tiger h.e.l.l Prison power to resist. Instead, he had to use his physical body to resist the heavenly thunder power. Even Liu Ming, who had simulated thousands of times in illusion, still felt a little overwhelmed.

However, his perseverance couldn’t be compared by that of ordinary people. He snorted and calmed his mind, channeling the gesture to convert the heavenly thunder, then he used his own spiritual power to slowly guide the heavenly thunder.

Under the guidance, the heavenly thunder gradually turned into a series of tiny sparks that flowed into his body, and it gradually merged with the spiritual power in his body.

After 3 hours, he took another golden lightning strike again, and he successfully absorbed it into his body and connected it with the heavenly thunder power he stored.

“It looks almost done!”

After Liu Ming muttered to himself, he suddenly clenched his fists, raised his arms above his head and began to chant.

Lines of silver lightning sparks emerged on his body surface, roaming around his body. In this dark thunderstorm, he looked like a s.h.i.+ny silver man.

At the same time, the dark clouds and lightning in the sky seemed to be attracted by Liu Ming, and they gradually gathered above his head.

The rumbling sound continued, and golden lightning arcs that were a little thicker than before quickly gathered. Bursts of golden lightning arcs struck on Liu Ming.

Liu Ming made a gesture, and the silver lightning on his body instantly gathered from his whole body to his palm.

Immediately after he groaned, a silver lightning ball of 10 meters in size was condensed on his palm. The overwhelming golden lighting arcs all struck at the lightning ball and disappeared.

As more and more golden lightning arcs were absorbed, the silver lightning ball on Liu Ming’s palm was getting bigger and bigger. The lightning of golden and silver intertwined like 2 small snakes, transforming the silver lightning ball into a huge golden-silver lightning ball.

When all the golden lightning arcs were absorbed by him, the golden-silver lightning ball in Liu Ming’s palms had already reached the size of tens of meters.


Liu Ming gritted his teeth and uttered a word gently. The lightning ball was disintegrated into golden-silver sparks that went into his body through his palm.

He only felt a heart-piercing pain spread throughout his body; green veins burst out on his forehead and 4 limbs. It was so unbearable that he could no longer stand still and almost collapse to the ground.

At this time, if he could use spiritual power to resist it, he could alleviate the physical pain immediately, but there was a high chance of failing the training of this Heavenly Thunder Spell. If that was the case, he would have to wait for the next thunderous night.

Liu Ming naturally would not allow this to happen. He endured the pain and felt the pure heavenly thunder power roaming in his meridians. His brain kept playing the scenes of him encountering life-threatening situations before.

The scene where he exploded the sword embryo to fight against the Real Pellet State Siren King; the scene where he fought to life and death with the evil cultivator who ranked top 1, Blood Emperor, in the demon ruins; the scene where he fought desperately with the Celestial State Golden Savage Tribe elder in the Thunder Pool Mountain’s secret realm…

Having experienced so many infinitely close to death situations, the pain caused by training the Heavenly Thunder Spell seemed insignificant.

After 10 minutes, Liu Ming gradually looked relieved. He stopped rolling on the ground, and slowly stood up.

The pain in his body was gradually disappearing. It was replaced by a tingling sensation.

After another half an hour, Liu Ming found that there was no strange feeling in his body anymore, but there was a strange golden lightning imprint on his chest.

The imprint was looming with silver light which looked quite peculiar.

When he stood up and tried to activate the Heavenly Thunder Spell again, he only felt that the spiritual power of the 153 crystals all surged into the lightning imprint on his chest.

The lightning imprint instantly released golden light, and bursts of golden-silver sparks wandered on his body. As he lifted his hand, a large amount of golden-silver lightning arcs condensed in his palm quickly.

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