Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing Chapter 45 – Did You Sleep With Him?

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Chapter 45: Did You Sleep with Him?

Mo Yuanxiu looked at Lu Manman meaningfully.

What was this unpredictable woman thinking?

Lu Manman was indeed smart.

He had given her a look during the lunch banquet, which Lu Manman immediately understood. She knew that if she made Wen Yun uncomfortable in the afternoon, it would be easier to control him at night. At the same time, her act of protecting Wen Yun earlier also made it easier for him not to suspect her. What was most important was that the kiss with him in the afternoon had evidently angered Jiang Yiyao, and an angry woman was always best used.

Everything was in place.

All that was lacking was whether Lu Manman was willing to do it.

He slowly opened the door.

Inside, Wen Yun was still leaning against the couch, and the gla.s.s of water in front of him was empty.

It seemed like he had worried too much.

Lu Manman hated Wen Yun to this extent?

Mo Yuanxiu quietly returned to his seat to watch the people in the room sing.

Looking bored, Gu Xin walked toward Lu Manman with the microphone. “Sing a song.”

“I don't know how to.” Lu Manman shook her head.

She had seen Wen Yun drink the gla.s.s of water with her own eyes but still could not put her finger on how she felt. She could not figure out what ending she wanted at this point, but no matter what, she could not let herself be softhearted.

She was just a little nervous.

“Come on, sing a song.” Gu Xin dragged Lu Manman to the karaoke room.

She chose the song “Person by My Bedside”.

Lu Manman found the lyrics to be really appropriate.

“The him by my side, sharing a strange bed and daydreaming at the ends of the earth. All I got in return for love was a lifetime of entanglement. What course to follow? Where did he come from? What worries do we have? Oh, the person by my bedside. I'll forget it and reincarnate. Be rid of worldly affairs…”

Forget it and be rid of worldly affairs.

Lu Manman smiled as she sang, but her eyes started to sting.

If she could reincarnate by forgetting it, then why did she have to relive it again?!

She turned to look at Wen Yun, who was leaning against the couch.

Wen Yun's eyes were closed. It was said that the drug's effect was slow, about half an hour.

That was because it needed time.

After the music ended, the crowd applauded.

She had never sung so well in the past. Perhaps it's because she was thinking more deeply this time.

Gu Xin pouted unhappily. “You sing so well! We're done here!”

Lu Manman did not have the time to bicker with Gu Xin. She simply picked up her gla.s.s and downed it with Gu Xin, who was still in shock but had no choice but to down her gla.s.s.

Following that, Lu Manman drank a lot with everyone else.

She really had a lot to drink.

She rarely touched alcohol and only grabbed a drink at the dining table when she could not hold a candle to Gu Xin. But even then, she did not drink much. Her tolerance for alcohol was not good to begin with, so after one round, she was really drunk.

She had to be committed to her acting.

Walking in a zigzag manner, Lu Manman left as everyone else watched.

Gu Xin thought for a while before running out after informing Di Yi.

She had just reached the corridor when Lu Manman could not take it anymore. She ran to the toilet and threw up.

Gu Xin patted her back and asked, “Is there a need to do this? You can't even drink alcohol. Why did you have to drink so much? You're just like your Wen Yun.”

“Wen Yun doesn't belong to me.” Lu Manman rinsed her mouth and wiped it.

“I really don't understand,” Gu Xin said. “Wen Yun is still in the private room. Do you need me to send both of you home?”

“Gu Xin, don't bother about me now. I have a mission for you.”

“I won't do anything illegal.”

“Don't worry. I don't want you to die yet.” Lu Manman tried her best to stay clear-headed. “Try to get Jiang Yiyao to send Wen Yun home.”


“You know I won't answer you. Just help me.” With that, Lu Manman puked two more times.

Gu Xin was speechless. She watched as Lu Manman staggered out of the washroom.

What was going on?!

She ran out angrily.

She had just left when she saw Lu Manman fall head first into a man's arms. It was none other than Mo Yuanxiu.

Mo Yuanxiu smiled at Lu Manman.

Gu Xin felt like Lu Manman was digging her own grave.

Mo Yuanxiu was such a sc.u.mbag!

She angrily walked away.

Mo Yuanxiu's eyes flickered, and he looked down at Lu Manman's head on his chest. “Miss Lu, I can send you back, but don't vomit on me. You can't afford it!”

Lu Manman was still holding onto Mo Yuanxiu's s.h.i.+rt. When she heard what he said, she felt even worse.

She clenched her teeth and kept quiet.

“Silence means consent.” Mo Yuanxiu suddenly turned Lu Manman around, and with a rough movement, Lu Manman felt as if her world was spinning.

Mo Yuanxiu, don't you know that drunk people shouldn't be swaying about?!

You'd better not let me catch you drunk!

Lu Manman clenched her teeth. She felt as if the world was spinning around her because of Mo Yuanxiu. Before long, she was placed inside a car. She slumped against the seat and closed her eyes to regulate her breathing.

Mo Yuanxiu did not say another word. They were both silent, and the faint smell of tobacco lingered around them.

The car drove very quickly.

At the entrance of the Lu family's villa.

Mo Yuanxiu turned to look at the weak Lu Manman. “Do you want me to carry you back, or do you want to walk on your own?”

“I'll go on my own.” Lu Manman was rational enough.

If Mo Yuanxiu sent her home at such a late time, her parents would surely be triggered.

She struggled to get up to open the car door.

Did Mo Yuanxiu have no manners at all? As a man, should he not open the door for a woman?!

It took Lu Manman a while before she could open the car door and get off.

Mo Yuanxiu suddenly pulled her arm back forcefully, and her nose knocked against his chest, making her tear up from the pain.

“What's wrong with you?!” Lu Manman was so angry she wanted to kill someone.

Mo Yuanxiu stared at Lu Manman's angry face and even smiled. d.a.m.n it, was it so funny that she was drunk?!

“Miss Lu, do you know something?” Mo Yuanxiu's voice was low, and his face was very close to hers. As he spoke, she could practically feel the heat from his mouth on her burning cheek. “I don't like the way you and Wen Yun kiss for some reason. Tell me. Did you sleep with him?”

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