Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing Chapter 44 – Carrying It Out (4)

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Chapter 44: Carrying It Out (4)

Di An smiled. “Okay, I will join you guys.”

Gu Xin was still the same as before. She did not harp on the details, nor did she harp on the past. She only lived in the present.

“It's settled then. Let's go to Sleepless Charm. I heard you're familiar with it, Mo Yuanxiu. Book a room for everyone.” Gu Xin was always so sociable.

Everyone else had nothing to do with Mo Yuanxiu, except for her.

Mo Yuanxiu nodded. “Alright, I'll arrange it. Just tell them my name when you get there.”

“Then, let's go!” Gu Xin was elated. She wrapped her arms around Di Yi and leaned against him intimately.

Lu Manman glanced at them and then turned to glance at Di An.

Di An was smiling as usual.

Lu Manman put her arm around Wen Yun's shoulder. “Let's go together.”


They parted ways in twos and threes. In less than half an hour, everyone was seated in a luxurious private room with eye-catching style and decor. No wonder Mo Yuanxiu liked to stay inside and enjoy life.

Gu Xin was the person who livened up the atmosphere the most. She started with a song, and although she was in the right tone, it sounded average and was not particularly nice. Anyway, the atmosphere livened up with her around.

It was easy for youngsters to relax in the setting. After a while, everyone started drinking.

“Young Master Wen, are you planning to drink on Miss Lu's behalf again?” Mo Yuanxiu picked up his gla.s.s and looked at Wen Yun and Lu Manman.

Wen Yun was about to say something when Lu Manman said, “Mr. Mo, we might be a couple, but that doesn't mean we have to drink together. If you really want to, why don't you toast with us individually?”

Mo Yuanxiu narrowed his eyes for a moment before smiling. “Miss Lu really dotes on her fiancé. Since you've said so, I'll surely accompany you. Young Master Wen, please.”

Wen Yun picked up his gla.s.s, and they clinked

Mo Yuanxiu then toasted Lu Manman.

Wen Yun already had a little too much to drink in the afternoon, but after a short break in the afternoon, he felt a lot better. Now that he was drinking again at night, it was easy for him to get drunk. Soon, he leaned against the couch, appearing uncomfortable.

Lu Manman whispered into his ear, “Wen Yun, you're obviously feeling uncomfortable. Shall I send you back first?”

“What about you?”

“It's hard for me to leave as the host. You know Gu Xin. No one can stop her if she goes crazy.”

“If you don't leave, I'll stay with you. I'm worried about leaving you alone.”

“Then… alright.” Lu Manman looked a little helpless. “I'll get the attendant to get you a gla.s.s of warm water.”

“Thank you.”

Lu Manman got up.

Before she left, she stole a glance at Jiang Yiyao.

Jiang Yiyao was extremely well-behaved today. Lu Manman wondered if it was because she had exposed her at the last dinner, and she was just afraid of making a fool of herself again. But this time, Jiang Yiyao was especially quiet and even deliberately avoided her.

The more careful and cautious she was, the easier it was for her to anger her.

Lu Manman left the private room.

Mo Yuanxiu came out a while later.

The two of them walked side by side.

“Miss Lu, think carefully. Don't regret it.” Mo Yuanxiu reminded her.

Lu Manman kept looking ahead. Ye Heng was standing in front with an attendant who was holding a gla.s.s of plain water. It was obvious what was in the gla.s.s.

Under Mo Yuanxiu's instructions, Ye Heng handed the gla.s.s of water to Lu Manman.

Lu Manman held it in her hand for a while. “Don't lose him tonight.”

“Why don't you do it yourself?” Mo Yuanxiu smiled. “It'll be more interesting to watch it with your own eyes.”

“I've already seen it before,” Lu Manman said before turning to leave.

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