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Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss summary:

The aristocratic Lu family has produced a joke, a beautiful one, but a joke nonetheless. The daughter they have been rearing all this while turns out to be an imposter! With the real heiress returning to take her rightful place, everyone is eager to know the outcome of the imposter…
Will she be able to survive in poverty after living a life of riches?
Having just transmigrated, Huo Yao imagines that this experience will be pretty interesting. However, imagination and reality are always so different!
Dad: “Daughter! Take this black card. It has no limit! Use it freely.”
Mom: “My dear Yao Yao! If you don’t like this jewelry, I’ll get them to change it immediately.”
Huo Yao: “…”
Weren’t they supposed to be poor and ordinary? What is with this hidden lavish behavior?
Her eldest brother, an investment company’s CEO: “Sis, inherit my company!”
Her second brother, a top lawyer: “Whoever dares slander my sis will face the full brunt of the law!”
The third brother, an international genius doctor: “Bullying my sister? Should I display the prowess of my scalpel?”
Mysterious fourth brother: “My sis is the cutest!”
Huo Yao: “…”
What happened to being a good-for-nothing person who lives off her parents?
A top aristocrat secretly changes into his cheap clothes and drives his c.r.a.ppy old car to her. “Baby, my heart is yours. Why don’t we get married to test if I’m telling the truth or not?”
Everyone who knows about it, doesn’t dare say it out loud.
All they can do is curse inwardly: “Bah! Keep acting! No one believes it!”

Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1425 - Kidnap Oct-27-2022
Chapter 1419 - Arrest Oct-24-2022
Chapter 1328 - Help Sep-06-2022
Chapter 1308 - Weak Aug-29-2022
Chapter 1292 - Relax Aug-23-2022
Chapter 1248 - GPS Jul-28-2022
Chapter 1193 - Regret Jun-19-2022
Chapter 1169 - Y Jun-02-2022
Chapter 1159 May-28-2022
Chapter 1158 May-28-2022
Chapter 1157 May-28-2022
Chapter 1156 May-28-2022
Chapter 1155 May-28-2022
Chapter 1067 May-18-2022
Chapter 948 - Closer May-18-2022
Chapter 918 - Regret May-18-2022
Chapter 902 - No Cure May-18-2022
Chapter 796 - A Visit May-18-2022
Chapter 666 - Regret! May-18-2022
Chapter 645: Reported May-18-2022
Chapter 594: The Huos May-18-2022
Chapter 467: Followed May-18-2022
Chapter 413: A Guest May-18-2022
Chapter 145: May-18-2022
Chapter 66: Slander? May-18-2022
Chapter 46: Debt May-18-2022
Chapter 12: Unfair May-18-2022
Chapter 6: Departure May-18-2022
Chapter 4: Falling May-18-2022
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