Fey Evolution Merchant summary:

A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, the world enters a new era. Humans are able to absorb the world’s awakened spirit qi, allowing them to tread on a new path—spirit qi occupations!
Simultaneously, the plants and animals on the planet are also evolving toward their ancestry line or developing spiritual mutations.
Lin Yuan realizes that he can a.s.sist feys in evolving limitlessly and constantly purify their bloodlines. He starts off with a small fey evolution store on the Star Web and rises up from there.
Lin Yuan: “There is no problem that I cannot solve to deliver the goods. If there is a problem, it is because the goods are better than expectations!”
This is a story purely about pets!

Fey Evolution Merchant Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1210 Jun-26-2022
Chapter 1209 Jun-26-2022
Chapter 1208 Jun-26-2022
Chapter 1207 Jun-26-2022
Chapter 1206 Jun-26-2022
Chapter 1205 Jun-26-2022
Chapter 1204 Jun-26-2022
Chapter 1203 Jun-26-2022
Chapter 1202 Jun-26-2022
Chapter 1201 Jun-21-2022
Chapter 1200 Jun-21-2022
Chapter 1199 Jun-21-2022
Chapter 1198 Jun-20-2022
Chapter 1197 Jun-20-2022
Chapter 1196 Jun-20-2022
Chapter 1195 Jun-20-2022
Chapter 1194 Jun-20-2022
Chapter 1193 Jun-20-2022
Chapter 1192 Jun-20-2022
Chapter 1191 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1190 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1189 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1188 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1187 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1186 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1185 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1184 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1183 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1182 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1181 Jun-16-2022
Chapter 1180 Jun-15-2022
Chapter 1179 Jun-15-2022
Chapter 1178 Jun-14-2022
Chapter 1177 Jun-13-2022
Chapter 1176 Jun-13-2022
Chapter 1175 Jun-13-2022
Chapter 1174 Jun-13-2022
Chapter 1173 Jun-11-2022
Chapter 1172 Jun-11-2022
Chapter 1171 Jun-11-2022
Chapter 1170 Jun-11-2022
Chapter 1169 Jun-11-2022
Chapter 1168 Jun-11-2022
Chapter 1167 Jun-09-2022
Chapter 1166 Jun-09-2022
Chapter 1165 Jun-08-2022
Chapter 1164 Jun-08-2022
Chapter 1163 Jun-07-2022
Chapter 1162 Jun-06-2022
Chapter 1161 Jun-06-2022
Chapter 1160 Jun-05-2022
Chapter 1159 Jun-05-2022
Chapter 1158 Jun-04-2022
Chapter 1157 Jun-04-2022
Chapter 1156 Jun-03-2022
Chapter 1155 Jun-03-2022
Chapter 1154 Jun-03-2022
Chapter 1153 Jun-02-2022
Chapter 1152 Jun-01-2022
Chapter 1151 Jun-01-2022
Chapter 1150 May-31-2022
Chapter 1149 May-31-2022
Chapter 1148 May-30-2022
Chapter 1147 May-30-2022
Chapter 1146 May-30-2022
Chapter 1145 May-29-2022
Chapter 1144 May-29-2022
Chapter 1143 May-28-2022
Chapter 1142 May-28-2022
Chapter 1141 May-27-2022
Chapter 1140 May-27-2022
Chapter 1139 May-27-2022
Chapter 1081 May-10-2022
Chapter 1018 - Ta Lei May-10-2022
Chapter 998 May-10-2022
Chapter 991 May-10-2022
Chapter 959 - Wendy May-10-2022
Chapter 905 - A Guest May-10-2022
Chapter 756 - Lan Qin May-10-2022
Chapter 633 - Chosen May-10-2022
Chapter 205: A Chance May-10-2022
Chapter 198: A Duel May-10-2022
Chapter 119: Law Rune May-10-2022
Chapter 104: Kicked May-10-2022
Chapter 68: Ling Xiao May-10-2022
Chapter 66: Mishaps May-10-2022
Chapter 61: Guidance May-10-2022
Chapter 60: An Answer May-10-2022
Chapter 59: A Problem May-10-2022
Chapter 52: Victory May-10-2022
Chapter 47: Red Thorn May-10-2022
Chapter 39: Ah Neng May-10-2022
Chapter 30: Dawn May-10-2022
Chapter 24: Change May-10-2022
Chapter 3: Morbius May-10-2022
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