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  • Trinity: Omniverse Traveling Cat

  • Author(s): Linrim
  • GENRES: Xianxia
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 08-Aug-2020 16:50
  • View : 27,132

Trinity: Omniverse Traveling Cat summary:

When power far above you decide that they want to wrench the canon, by bringing you in the game, sometimes the wisest thing to do it just to tag along and just try to make this encounter end the most rapidly possible. who knows, maybe something great will come out of it? After all, what could be worst than being taken out without your consent out of your world, only to be thrown in the darkness...

Trinity: Omniverse Traveling Cat Chapters

Time uploaded
139 A New Road Aug-08-2020
138 Warrior Pride Aug-08-2020
136 First Island Aug-05-2020
125 Rebirth Jul-20-2020
123 New Friend Jul-18-2020
122 Nami Jul-17-2020
121 First Crew Member Jul-16-2020
120 Colonel Morgan Jul-15-2020
119 Ripples Jul-14-2020
118 The Return Jul-13-2020
117 Retribution Final Jul-13-2020
116 Retribution 3 Jul-11-2020
115 Retribution 2 Jul-10-2020
114 Retribution 1 Jul-09-2020
113 The Elven Bride Jul-08-2020
112 Dilemma Jul-08-2020
111 The Second Weapon Jul-08-2020
110 The First Weapon Jul-08-2020
106 Lurking Threa Jun-26-2020
105 Fated Encounter Jun-26-2020
104 The First Ripple Jun-26-2020
102 Starting Buisness Jun-23-2020
98 Bonding Time Jun-20-2020
97 The First Victim Jun-20-2020
96 The Otherworlders Jun-17-2020
91 The Void Nigh Jun-13-2020
88 First Contrac Jun-12-2020
87 Shop Opening. Jun-10-2020
86 The Second Week Jun-09-2020
81 Weapons Upgrade Jun-08-2020
80 First Dive Jun-08-2020
79 Preemtive Strike Jun-03-2020
78 New World Jun-02-2020
76 Extreme Results Jun-02-2020
73 The 5 Big Cats Jun-01-2020
72 The First Of Them Jun-01-2020
70 An Helping Hand May-31-2020
69 Tying Loose End May-31-2020
66 The King's Return May-31-2020
65 The First Wave May-31-2020
63 Awakening The Beas May-31-2020
60 Fate Divergence May-30-2020
58 Fall From Grace 2 May-29-2020
57 Fall From Grace 1 May-28-2020
55 Windfall Final May-28-2020
54 Windfall 3 May-28-2020
52 Windfall 2 May-24-2020
51 Windfall 1 May-24-2020
45 Third May-19-2020
43 Trial Finale May-16-2020
42 Trial 2 May-16-2020
41 Trial 1 May-15-2020
40 Magical Upgrade May-15-2020
39 A Normal Sunday May-14-2020
38 Clean Victory May-13-2020
29 The Laws Of Old May-07-2020
28 A Bitter Lesson May-07-2020
27 First Encounter May-04-2020
25 Second May-02-2020
23 Toward Greatness Apr-30-2020
22 A Familiar Sight. Apr-29-2020
20 Butterfly Effec Apr-28-2020
19 Blood Of Origin Apr-27-2020
18 A Painful End. Apr-26-2020
9 Retribution Apr-18-2020
3 A Rocky Start. Apr-14-2020
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