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Making my way back to the village, my ears were rapidly a.s.saulted by the sound of music and laugher, the sent of alcohol and food hitting my nose. Looking for him while I was making my way through the thankful villagers, I saw Genzô seated under his parasol. Putting delicately the chest against his house wall, he raises a brow while looking at it.

"Nami wished that the money she had collected the past eight-years was split among the people of the island, it not much, but it should be a welcoming income, after all of this."

"You are going to take her on your s.h.i.+p right?"


"Then keep it, you will need it more than us."

"You don't have to worry about that, We raid Nezumi stash from the bribe, and Arlong Park before destroying it we have more than enough money to last us. Plus, the seas are full of monster that I will be able to hunt easily to feed the girls, there won't be a problem."

"Girls, are you saying that you are cheating on Nami!"

"Calm down, and no, since she knows. You don't know it but I'm not human." I let my hears appears long enough to see them." I m the last male of my kind and it extremely difficult for women of my species to become pregnant."

"How much difficult?"

"They have only a two chance per years to become pregnant, after that, it a complete year to bear the child to term, another year to recover for the childbirth, so it could only be around a child every 2 years and a half. Add to that than bearing another one immediately after is dangerous, it could cost the mother and child live."

"How so?"

"The pregnancy his heavily taxing, energy-wise, so much that they wouldn't be able to walk much even in the early period. To carry another one safely, it better to at least wait for some time as long as the entire process."

"So every five years? I see why you say it difficult, add the fact that women would stop being able to carry child rapidly, that leaves not much chance."

"It would if we were living as long as you."

"What do you..." I could see his widen when he understands. "...How long?"

"Their life spend is based on mine, and for now, 1200 years."

"What?! Wait, a minute, for now?"

"Yes, it faint put I had to feel my life spend lengthen slowly."

"That bulls.h.i.+t."

I chuckle at his sigh, but I was of the said mind, I'm just thankful that they would turn their attention on me, seeing their relative die wouldn't be a pretty sight.

"That why she wanted to speak to her sister."

I barely hear him say it.

"She didn't know."

"Oh she may not have told her, but she certainly knows, she is too crafty for that." Chuckles him, and from his eyes, he was remembering memories. "You take care of them both, you understand? They are like my daughters, and I don't want to hears about them being heartbroken."

While he didn't possess the strength to threaten me, I know he means it.

"They are my girl, my wives, I won't allow anyone to make them sad, and they will protect each other, the bond will see to it."

"good. SO what it like to live that long?"

"For no I can't tell, I'm only 18 but I always wanted a large family. Who knows You may be able to see your grandchildren in a decade or two."

"won't that be dangerous?"

"If everything turns as planned the marines won't be a problem at that time, and if the need arises, I will prepare a bolthole for them to pa.s.s their days without worry."

"Se to that. How much are you staying?"

"Not too long, the marine know we are here, and they will send troops at us, it wouldn't surprise me that we would found Bounties on our heads soon."

"Why I could understand for beating Nezuni, but it shouldn't be to the point that Bounty is put on you, right?"

"You don't know of us, right? It not just Nezumi. I have killed Colonel Morgan from sh.e.l.l town, along with twenty of his men, killed the majority of Baggy crewmate before capturing the man, I have found a pirate playing dead with a bounty of 16,000,000B, killed his past crew, and capture the new captain and the two lieutenants. The marine will surely put on my head the hundred of marine that had died from Arlong hand earlier. I had squashed the two hundred men worth base of Nezumi, before wiping out Arlong crew, his lieutenants and shoot Nezumi to death."


Hearing all of this Genzô start to take the full picture, as no news have been published yet, that means that it happens fast, perhaps in less than a week, and if everything is true, he had taken care of the most problematic pirates of those waters from the past few years.

Add to the deaths and destruction of complete marines base, he was sure to at the very least receive a bounty of 25,000,000B or even more!

Strangely the knowing that his daughter in all but the blood would be with him, ease him, sure it would be dangerous, but Nami would have been tracked down after the deals of Nezumi would have been aired.

It was better that they quit the island, by taking Nojiko with them, it's leverage less against her.


A few hours later, Genzô and Alex were joined by Nami and Nojiko from their house and Kuina and Tas.h.i.+gi. From the newest girl, he guesses that Nami must have told here some embarra.s.sing stories, as Nojiko sported a slight blush, that flare each time she looked at Alex.

As for Tas.h.i.+gi, she had completely healed from her injury. The change had also get her rid of her, and she was now the replica of Kuina. The only mean to differentiate them was from their different blades and clothes.

The two that were the most familiar with him sitting on his side, with Nami nearly being on his lap, and the two other on their counterpart sides. Enjoying the festivities for a few hours until the sky was pitch black, Kiuna return to the s.h.i.+p to sleep, followed by her refound twins while Alex follows Nami and Nojiko back under Genzô slightly drunk gaze.


As soon as they enter the house, Nami vanishes in it while Nojiko was left with Alex.

"So, you just bite me?"

"Yes, I just bite you." Say, Alex, chuckling at her slightly awkward voice. "The change won't be painful, you may feel a slight tingling sensation or a hitch to scratch but that will be all."

"Can you, you know..."

"Turn everyone?" Asked him, receiving a nod back." No, only those that are the more compatible with me. and even then, she must will it, otherwise, it wouldn't completely take."

"What would happen if she feels hesitation before it completely takes?"

"The change would be suspended. She will be marked as my mate, but other than emitting a strong fragrance that we could only sense, to indicate that she is mine, it will be frozen until she feels sure that she wants it."

"Would you act differently if one of you girl didn't turn immediately?" Ask her worried, finally making me realise that she wasn't sure of herself.

"No, I won't, the moment you accept to at least being bitten by me and let me bite you, your mine, and I would never reject whose mine."

He could see her relax at this. Nami chooses this moment to return.

"Bath ready."

She nods encouragingly at her sister, who breathe in, before taking Alex in the bathroom. Looking at him decisively, she starts to undress in front of him. Secretly pleased that he was appreciating the show. While she was proud of her body, seeing the three other girls had somewhat made her fear that he wouldn't found her as much as attractive.

What she didn't know was that Alex was liking her body very much. From all his girl, Only Kirche had a different skin tone and he had liked it. With Nojiko, he would have a second lover with a different skin texture as the change would freeze her actual feature as 'default setting'.

Closing her eyes for a second, she wraps her arms around Alex, understanding her, he lowers himself a little, scooping her in his arm, before she kisses him. Stopping just before the bathtub, and on Nojiko nod, he softly bites her, sinking his fang deeply and administer the venom for the second time in the day.

As she was perfectly healthy, the change was soon to appear. Lowering her down, he trans.m.u.tes the bathtub to follow her form and avoid her to draw in the bath as she was already sleeping.

The instant he exits the bathroom, three tails wrap around him, before pulling him in what was Nami room. Seeing the little minx naked, he let her pull him to her bed, trans.m.u.ting it for the short night he was about to pa.s.s.


The next morning, both girls were sporting a bright smile, but when one was full of energy due to her change the night before, the second had difficulty to stay upright, her legs still weak after the pounding she had received the night before when she lost her virginity and truly became her hubby mate.

Taking pity on the poor girl, Alex trans.m.u.tes a large cart with a comfortable blanket for her to lay down, while he loads the tangerines trees they would take with them. As their s.h.i.+p had far more place that the going merry, they take with them more than they would otherwise, as Alex had some idea for them.


"Were to hubby?"

"There is a sea restaurant in the surrounding, that shouldn't be too far from here, we need a cook, while I can cook, I would be better to have a pro do it. As a floating restaurant, they must cross path with pirates, if they are still here, it means that they know how to fight, it will be our better chance to found one their."


While Nami was left steering the s.h.i.+p, he enters the training room, founding Kuina and Tas.h.i.+gi running Nojiko into formal work-out. Once she would be able to do it on her own they would test her, see with what see was the weapon she was more comfortable with. Leaving them alone, he trans.m.u.tes a stair to lead to the roof, store a good part of it, before trans.m.u.ting the previous roof, into a flat surface. Once done, he lay down some basic enchantments, turning the newly raised third floor into a pool and a small resting place on the stair side, at the opposite of the tower.

Using a large amount of clear water he had still in his storage, he fills the pool. The enchantment added would keep the water clean, prevent its evaporation, and use the sunray to power the active enchantment. All around the new pool, he plants the tangerines, giving some shade and a more private feeling to it, even if he was the only male on board.

For the rest of the s.h.i.+p, he put down the lawn he had collected on Kokoyas.h.i.+ pastures. With fixing the power collector on the tiles or the pathway and few paved walkways between the different building, the lawn would be put under an everlasting enchantment, fed by the sunray like the pool, this way, no matter the damages, the lawn would always return to the condition it was when the enchantment was activated.


While they didn't cross path with the two bounties hunters, surely dead by now, Nami was already knowing the way to the restaurant and lead the s.h.i.+p there. The three days of sailing was pa.s.sed with Alex becoming familiar with his two news girls, While they know all they need to know from the change, he, didn't.

From the link and those past days, Nojiko and Tas.h.i.+gi became rapidly close to Alex, and Nojiko, like her sister, revealed to be quite the clingy type, purposefully pressing her larger chest than Nami on Alex, every time NAmi would look at them.

By being the youngest, she was also the smallest chest and size-wise. All the three other girls were between 2m78 and 2m84, Nojiko was the tallest after Alex. All three of them were sporting an outrageous F cup while Nami was still 2m69 and with an E cup.

The pool had rapidly become a highly sought spot to a past time when the s.h.i.+p didn't need to be steered, and even them, Alex simply had a door to access to it from the pool. He had at first make bikini, but they didn't last two hours before Nami walk around topless, rapidly followed from the three others.

The only reason they weren't naked was that they were still not ready for it and Nami out of sisterhood for the three other. While she didn't walk around naked when in the pool, she had nearly changed her room from Alex one, pa.s.sing all their night engaged into s.e.x.

Nami fear also became true, he was working her out fast. Nojiko had joined them from some play, never until penetration still, taking a little of the burden from Nami, but she would always fall asleep halfway through the night, completely exhausted.


"Captain, the s.h.i.+p is on sight!"

Hearing Tas.h.i.+gi in the crow nest from the open windows of the training room, he climbs to the pool, before entering the steering room, joining the already present Nami and Nojiko, followed by Kuina he was training with. On the horizon, the Baratie was starting to appear as a point.

"The news-coo also pa.s.sed." Say Tas.h.i.+gi when entering by the same door that Alex and her sister.

"Thank you Tas.h.i.+gi, how did he found the box?" Ask him while taking the folded newspaper from her extended hand.

"Good, each time I have up there, I always found one of them taking a break."

"But they still refuse to give us discounts, blaster birds." Grumble the Orangette.

"They still have a job to do after all." Chuckle Nojiko at her sister who didn't lose her love on money, only now it was to Alex and not her that it was directed.

Looking through the new paper, he finally found the news concerning them in, as well as four, wanted posters.

"They finally decided to publish the new of east blue."

"What did they say?" Ask Tas.h.i.+gi intrigued on how they have turned the part concerning her, already knowing it would be all blamed on her to leave the image of the marine clear.

"As we were thinking. While they did retransmit all I have done truthfully, not a word about the corruption of Morgan and Nezumi. They also blamed the deaths of those hundred marines on you s.h.i.+-chan."

Her scowling face change into a blush at the pet name Alex give her.

"You four had also a pretty berry put to your name." Say Nojiko, spreading the four wanted posters on the meeting table on the room, making all four to came and take a look. " They seem to have found about your past sis "'Dorobo Neko' Nami; Dead or alive; 18,000,000B". 'Kaizoku gari' Kuina; Dead or alive; 20,000,000B. "'Kaihei gari' Tas.h.i.+gi; dead or alive; 20,000,000B". "' no s.h.i.+ro Neko' Alexander D. Evans; dead or alive; 40,000,000B" *whistle* They had been quite generous, there again, you did take down all the bigger threat out in around a week killed two colonels, wipe out an entire base before destroying it to the ground, and kill a s.h.i.+p full of marine at your four, so it can be understood."

"Even then, 98,000,000B for a crew of four? it had never been seen in all blues." Say Tas.h.i.+gi, having a large base of knowledge on it than them.

"What are you going to do with them?" asked Nami, when she see him take each of them, before creating a frame for each.

"I was thinking about putting them in the library, how about it?"


"It good."

"Why not."


Respond Nami, Nojiko, Kuina and Tas.h.i.+gi.

"Oh, before I forget, here, kitten." Say Alex while giving a frame he retrieves from his storage.

Nami froze when she see what was framed inside, before burying Alex head in her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, squeeze and try to suffocate him, before taking him into a toe-curling kiss.

"Where did you found it?" Asked Nojiko, tears swelling in her eyes as she gazes lovingly at the first map Nami had drawn and gifted to Bellemere shortly before she was killed by Arlong.

"under a pile of junk in Arlong Park. Seeing the message behind, I was thinking it would have been a shame to discard it."

"Thank you, Alex." Say Nami, tear running on her face as she delicately takes the frame to display it in her drawing-room.

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