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"Your Majesty, what do you mean?" Frey did not understand what his majesty meant.

"Frey you know a lot about worldly matters but when it comes to martial arts all these years you've been ignorant," Lewis said. Frey was paying attention to him, he did not understand what he wanted to say, According to him, the ninth martial stage was the end of the martial arts and those who were in that stage could be considered as great masters, of course, there were rumors about people more powerful than the ninth stage martial artists but he treats them as rumors and now the king tells him that he's ignorant, he could not believe it.

Seeing his silence, Lewis continued"Frey, I want to ask you three questions. Do you know the size of this continent? Do you know what our location is? And finally, what do you think of this land? "

Frey hesitated a bit because the king asked him these questions but at the same time hinted Frey lack of knowledge" Responding to your majesty, this one does not know the size of the continent only knows that it is immense so much that a person could not go through it in a lifetime, We are in the extreme south almost right next to the coast if it were not for the existence of the Cesoria Kingdom, we would have entered the sea without limits and as for the land, it seems very fertile, there essentially always a good harvests and people do not die of hunger. "After a few moments" But your majesty, what it has to do with the martial world? I do not understand"

Lewis answered " Frey, I will explain to you we are only in a small corner of the continent it is said that the more you travel towards the center of the continent there will be people, beasts, everything more and more powerful than we can ever imagine. the land that we consider fertile, in their eyes is nothing but desolate."

Listening to that Frey knitted his eyebrows was about to speak when Lewis continued" For us the nine martial stages are all we know but, that is nothing but the beginning, in other places this is called "Realm of body refinement" "After saying that he observed Frey who is in the midst of comprehending and asked," Do you know what strengths the six sects held?"

Frey was surprised by what he was hearing he was still digesting the information when the king asked him, but he managed to answer "the sect Masters would be in the 8th stage, Great-elders in the ninth stage, There were rumors that there were elders who are stronger than great elders who were called supreme Elders who were half a step away from unknown Realm, is that true? "He asked curiously since the king was describing the matters related to the martial world he should take advantage and ask.

"Frey you are wrong and at the same time you are correct, It is true that the sect masters are in the eighth stage but it is not in the Realm of body refinement. "After a moment he continued" The same goes for the Great elders and Supreme Elders "

"Then what Realm is it, your majesty please enlighten me," said Frey

" It's known as the Realm of qi gathering "

" gathering of qi? What is qi? "Frey could understand what gathering meant but he could not understand the part related to "qi" it was a new term for him.

"even I do not comprehend, according to Vincent it is the mysterious energy that surrounds us which represents the vitality of the heavens and the earth, Through it we can understand the heavens law," Lewis said with longing, continued saying "The sects are composed of external disciples, inner disciples, and core disciples, the elders are also divided into external court elders, inner court elders and core elders, above them, are the great elders and finally the supreme elders."

"All the external disciples are in the realm of body refinement, to become an inner disciple one has to enter the Realm of qi gathering before he reaches the age of 28," Lewis said. Frey, on the other hand, was immersed in digesting the information he had just heard. After a moment he asked, "Then General Keer did not make it to the realm of qi gathering?"

" Correct, He was born in the Martial City and his father was an inner court elder, With the resources provided by his father and the sect he reached the ninth level of body refinement at age of 22 but could not overcome the last barrier to reach the realm of qi gathering "Lewis answered

" What Barrier? "Frey asked.

"Sensing qi," Lewis said seriously and continued "Apparently in these Sects there are thousands of disciples who are at the peak of the ninth level of the Realm of body refinement but among them, only a few can reach the next realm. All this because only a few managed to grasp qi. "

" as he could not advance to the next realm and he was not willing to stay in the Martial city and become an old man watching his peers advance in cultivation.

"He could not stay or rather, did not have the face to do it. To be an elder within the sect one has to be a martial cultivator of fourth stage in the realm of qi gathering, Within the Sects the disciples who exceed the age in which they are considered young" if they meet the requirements they can choose to become an elder of the Sect, if they do not meet the requirement they only have the option to leave the Sect." Lewis said.

With that Frey closed his eyes and was a.n.a.lyzing the situation in silence.

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