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The Kingdom of Alba, Office of the Prime Minister.

Knock Knock

"Come in," said Frey, while waiting for the person on the other side to come in then inquires, "What brings you here?"

"His majesty asks for your presence in his office," the messenger, said politely.

"I understand you can leave" saying this he stopped what he was doing, arranged a couple of papers and prepared to leave. There was no emotion on his face. He was a little disgusted with the king because of his favoritism with his children, a good king must be impartial in every situation but he was the opposite, but Frey was not qualified to criticize him openly so he could only think but not act.

This morning the third prince officially turned two, a very particular age for children's of n.o.bles and wealthy people as they would prepare a medicinal bath with a portion of bone marrow cleansing to pave path to there cultivation, usually, n.o.bles used middle-grade potions for their children regardless of their talent, if they are talented they would use high-grade potions.

but when Frey went to get the potion for the third prince it was not even a middle-grade potion but was of low-grade, although he was not alchemist he had seen many potions during his lifetime so he could clearly appraise its grade.

When Frey question them why? it turns out that the queen had ordered while the third concubine bribed the person in charge of the potions to replace the potion with the lowest quality. When he went to see the king to tell him about this matter, he did not care so he had to resort to the grandparents of the third prince to get middle-grade potions and have the person responsible for the potions executed.

Everyone knew that when they turned two years the first and second prince bathed with three high-grade positions each, this kind of brazenness and clear partiality made Frey sick, he was considering retiring and stop working for this king.

He was from the generation of Alexander's grandparents but had not yet retired to take care of the king and prevent him from making mistakes in his initial years. Now that the king had been on the throne for several years, so his goal had been fulfilled and he could enter his retirement. At first, he thought he could be in his position for about ten more years but due to the deterioration of his relations.h.i.+p with the king, he pushed forward his retirement.

While he was thinking about it he arrived at the king's office, while the person on guard opened the door before he even asked the king for permission to enter. Apparently, it was very urgent, Frey sighed and thought (Surely it has to do with the first and second prince.)

entering the room moving towards the king he asked "Your Majesty, what orders do you have for me"

"Ahh, Frey take a seat."Lewis pointed to the chair in front of him, waiting for Frey to sit then proceeds to say "Look at these letters" handing him six Letters.

Frey having read all six letters, lifted his head to face Lewis then asked a little surprised "The Six Sects will be arriving at the kingdom at the same time?"

"Yes, I too was surprised, apparently they are looking to recruit disciples for their sects, as they could not recruit expected number of disciples in their respective territories as compared to previous years so they came here with the hope of finding few more disciples," said Lewis.

Upon hearing that Frey was a little doubtful and said: "Your Majesty as you know, the letters did not mention their reasons for recruitment." the letters only mention that there will be coming to recruit disciples and that we have a month to spread this news before they come.

Hearing that Lewis said proudly "That's because I have inside information within the sects."

"From whom?" Frey ask.

"From Taylor's great-grandfather," Lewis said without further ado. After a moment he continued: "He is an inner-court elder in martial City of Ethova Kingdom, therefore this information is reliable."

"The great-grandfather of the first prince" Frey was a little surprised, then asked, "But if General Keer has such an ancestor than what is he doing here? "

" Ahhh Frey, do you know anything about Vincent's Cultivation? "Lewis asked while sighing.

"he's in the seventh stage?" Frey replied as he believed it's the truth like everyone else.

"He's not in the seventh but he's at the peak of the ninth stage!" Lewis said as he denied what Frey had just said.

"WHAT !!" Frey was in shock at the response he could not believe what has just heard. After calming down he continued "He is a great Master?"

"A great Master? He is not a great master, Frey you do not know much about the martial world right? "Lewis said sighing.

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