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Entering the bathrooms Anna saw a couple of maids who were preparing the bath. seeing this Anna said "Thanks for your work you can leave now"

She could not trust these maids beside the potion should be kept secret thankfully only she and Audrey knew it.

Audrey was the only one she had brought from the duke's house, therefore she trusted her. but to the other people in the palace, many had been bought by the money by the third concubine while others indirectly served General Keer, acting on their beck and call.

The king does not care about these practices because they do not affect the overall situation of the kingdom. They are only spying on the other concubines not causing any harm, therefore he looks away.

he also knew that the other concubines also have their faction but they did not do it as openly as the queen and the third concubine. As for the ninth concubine, she did not mind and was the last to arrive. Besides that, her father was a foreign n.o.bleman and it's too late to have her own faction, so she did not form one.

She did not care what the other concubines did in the end, they wouldn't dare to do anything openly in fear of her background, all they could do is secretly plan or hire a third party to do the dirty work. There was no immediate need for a faction at least that's how she saw it.

Upon receiving the order, they left immediately leaving the three alone in the bathroom. Anna pa.s.sed the bottle to Audrey, while she said to Alexander "Now you will take a bath, it may hurt a little but it is for your own good the longer you last the better it is for you, Even if you scream I will not help you."

(This old man does not have any fear for a simple bath, nor the potion's effect) While he was thinking that Anna removed his clothes It was not his first time so he not ashamed.

as the bath was prepared, he was placed in the tub, seeing to that the water reached his shoulders. With this, Audrey put a variety of herbs in the tub and now for the last step to pour the potion into the tub. while Anna grabs Alexander's shoulders pressing him down so that he won't leave before finis.h.i.+ng the medical bath as she could not let this opportunity go to waste, So she hardened her heart and turned to see Audrey indicating that it will begin.

(hmph this is nothing for this old man, hmph) thought Alexander arrogantly.

Without waiting anymore Audrey poured the potion into the tub and as it dissolves the clean crystalline water started turning scarlet red.

On the other hand Alexander felt that his body was burning, his blood boiled, he could hear how his bones were breaking and rebuilding, his skin and muscles felt as if an infinite number of tiny needle penetrating him over and over again, his whole body was soaked with blood and other substances, he was sweating blood and body fluids, his eyes were red like rubies crying blood, his whole body began to leave a smelly black liquid, his body absorbed scarlet liquid while expelling that black liquid.

Anna and Audrey were stunned and terrified by the effects of this potion there were not expecting to see this scene. In these brief moments, Anna wanted to take her son out of the bathtub but was stopped by Audrey and could not do anything but harden her heart knowing that it was best for her son.

After ten minutes a change occurred instead of smelly black liquid a dark gray liquid started to come out. Both Anna and Audrey were stunned when they saw this as they were familiar with that liquid and at the same time they said in shock "skeletal impurities!"

They could not believe what was happening, but when they saw that they could not help but get excited about it. Because a cultivator from the first to the third stage expel impurities from the skin and the flesh, from the fourth to the sixth they expel the impurities from the bones and the blood and finally from the seventh to the ninth impurities are expelled from the marrow and the internal organs.

The prince was expelling the skeletal impurities which means that in the future he will be able to easily clean both the marrow and the bones, and at least he will become a cultivator of the seventh step and will have the possibility of reaching the ninth step. Just thinking about it they could not help but feel excited. The future of the prince changed thanks to this supreme potion.

Slowly the time pa.s.sed while the tub filled with scarlet red liquid started to turn black.

While Alexander was taking his medicinal bath, In the king's office. the king with a face full of excitement was reading not one but six sumptuous looking letters.

"Time has come, Call Frey Right now, we have matters to discuss !!" said the middle-aged man excited.

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