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The beautiful woman smiled at the child's question and pulled out a card saying: "This is the largest store in the city of spiritual herbs. It is operated by the O'Neal family, one of the ten great n.o.bles of the empire so if you are looking for a You will certainly find weird gra.s.s there. "

Alexander took the card and nodded, saying," Is there an auction house? and if so, how much is missing for the annual auction "

The woman who stunned at the question but responded after thinking a few seconds:" The largest auction house is the Lionsgate, they do a monthly auction and a Great Annual auction, Little Brother the Great Auction sweats.h.i.+rt in two weeks but there they only accept 2-Rank treasures at least so ... ", Obviously the woman did not trust that Alexander had a treasure of that Grade.

Alexander nodded and gave the beautiful woman a hundred Gold coins, dating the group of women and the woman received them in disbelief, this boy was too rich! and laughed dumbly.

The women were seeing the Surroundings and they were all impressed unlike the design based on metal and concrete beams of the Capital of the Uri Republic, This Tower seemed made of wood, Alexander saw his bewilderment and said: "This is wood 1- Rank, It is much more resistant than Mortal iron and steel but also more expensive, This tower would cost ten times more than the Tower of the Capital ", They went outside and what they saw… It
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was totally different from the Capital or other city in the Republic, It could be said that it was a mixture between the Old and the modern, the buildings seemed more exotic while the streets had beautiful tiles, There were, Spectacular, Advertis.e.m.e.nts and no commercial brand in the surroundings, thousands of carriages pa.s.sed through the wide streets. Everything seemed cleaner and except for the name of the store.

The women could only slightly see things of technology but they were minimal, Alexander saw them with his expressions of "sure that I am in the same world" That is to say that gave a different sensation to the desolate lands or the Mortal cities, Alexander smiled and said : "Welcome to your first step in the world of Cultivation!"

After that he began to walk and said: "We are going to an Inn, This place is much more dangerous than the capital, Here if someone with a Background tries to kill or violate it would be problematic, this is not the Mortal world they know or the desolate lands , Here innumerable powers of small countries and cities meet under the jurisdiction of the empire so that the Elementary experts are common as the hairs on the back of an ox and even half a step Spirit are relatively common. "

Helena looked with dissatisfaction at her Young I love and said, "Are you afraid of these ants?"

Alexander giggled and said: "I'm not afraid of them but it's always the same thing a fool comes to annoy, you beat up that fool and even kill him, fight against his Power or family behind him who want revenge and kill a few more, When they see that they cannot against you, they invite someone of a greater power for you, after that you deal with that expert but you discover that he was the disciple or Elder of an expert of a great local tyrant and his Master or Father or grandfather wants revenge and sends more experts of that Great Tyrant and you kill them and if you don't end up dead halfway, Congratulations killing an idiot made you an enemy of a Great Tyrant. But hopefully the Fools are only Arrogant because they know they have a Great Background that are "invincible" "

Alexander showed a cheerful expression and said:" I do this to avoid the fatigue of unleas.h.i.+ng a ma.s.sacre ", Shortly after he shrugged and said: "But if you want to get into trouble, Forward the most that can happen is that we offend the emperor of the empire, Life is a chain of events and powerful people are always entangled, we can not go through life in fear of go to offend someone "

" ... "Helena

" ... ", the Rest.

Alexander's mentality was something unique. How could it be that killing someone would bring them so many problems?

Alexander did not bother to explain much and looked for an inn, At the end of the Street there was one, so they registered with an Account opened after making the deposit of one month, This was a Inn on a main street in Violet City so that it was not cheap, A private Patio for ten people cost them almost 40 thousand Gold coins a day, This was not a sum that anyone could pay but this City was very rich, So much that some Quant.i.ties were only expressed in Gold Coins White.

There was a saying in the Continent.

Iron and bronze for the Mortal

Silver and Gold for the Artist Marcial and False Cultivator

White Gold for the Cultivators

The reason was simple, A Cultivator uses the Spiritual Stones of a Grade that does not serve them as a currency, That is, a Spirit expert would use the Stones 8- Grade as an exchange currency while the 7-Grade Stones would not use them for their purchases or crazy, So the Elementary Realm used 9-Grade Spirit Stones or White Gold for their purchases, mostly White Gold since a Gold coin White was worth ten 9-Grade Spirit Stones.

So Alexander quickly paid 12 thousand White Gold coins. In a single day he had almost spent a billion Gold. This was a hard blow to Alexander's wallet, he needed to recover it quickly and even make a profit.

Alexander planned to refine a very rare and coveted pill by many: Elementary Eruption Pill, This was a pill that helped in its continuous consumption an individual advance by leaps and bounds to the Peak of 9-Level Elementary, that is the person who takes this in In a short time I could reach Peak Elementary, and I could even easily reach Spirit Half Step!

This was a 3-Rank Low Pill that could only be refined by a 3-Star Alchemist. In this small place there was no doubt that there was an Alchemist of this stature, Maybe they only existed in the three Great Countries and they could certainly be counted with the fingers of both hands making famous people of the previous generation who did not refine pills for anyone.

If Alexander refined about three sets of 10 pills each, No doubt each set would be sold for an exorbitant climb!

Since this Pill was something that even the Violet Sect didn't have much less Powers under the Sect.

An Annual Auction will take place in two weeks, so I had two options.

Place those pills in an auction action of the Guild or Black Market, These auctions last at least 30 days and were very slow but The Black Market will protect their ident.i.ties from sellers and buyers.

He could also sell it at the two-week auction but that would also bring problems, To make the deal he would have to do it face to face and the powers would be in a room fighting fiercely for the pill, it would not be unusual for more than one of the leaders of Those Powers will try to recruit or kidnap you so that Refine pills for your Powers could even the Auction House could fit you badly and treat you unfairly.

It was not something strange, After delivering the pill the Auction House investigates its Background and seeing that within the Barbarian territory, the chances that they want to take advantage of it were very high.

In this world even to conduct business you need to be strong otherwise greedy looks will see your business.

Alexander really preferred to rely on the Black Market. The way they trained their staff could be categorized as "Indoctrinate" they even took orphans and taught them nothing more than serving Clients.

If something unusual happened, it would have to be with someone of influence in the black market but those pills would greatly attract the attention of the head of the City what would happen the same as in the scenario of the Auction House, If that boss thinks he does not have the Enough strength would treat Alexander indifferently.

Both sides are people with connections and great backgrounds, so they trigger a long chain of events, no matter what path it will take.

What he had to do was increase his strength quickly.

The Spiritual stones were too slow, he needed a treasure or a pill that will help him move forward quickly.

Finding a natural treasure was easier said than done, maybe I could find one or two in a Big City but in Violet City it was a distant dream if there was one it would be bought or stolen by the Violet Sect.

There was a Pill that could make your Cultivation increased by leaps and bounds and was much better than the Elementary eruption Pill.

This Pill was used by many powerful beings to nurture their descendants so that they have a strong and stable base, it was called: "Three Changes Xuan Pill", This was not just a Pill that could make a person Increase their Cultivation by Aggravated Steps to the Peak Profound Realm.

In addition to the beneficial effect for the Cultivator base, it helped to temper the Qi and strengthen the Base, if this pill was consumed for long periods of time entering Earth Realm was very likely.

These were much better Pills than the "River" Pills since the river category only increased the Qi and the Cultivation but did not improve the base or temper the Qi, the Elementary eruption Pill pills did something similar but was insignificant compared to the Three Changes Xuan Pill. It was like comparing a King with a commoner.

These long-term advantages were very tempting for the experts, only used by people with deep backgrounds, one could say that only powers with Martial or Superior Emperors could afford to nurture their younger generation with those pills and even to Their use would be limited. Reserved for the elite of the elite.

All for the central ingredient of the Pill, The Xuan Tricolor Flower, It was a unique 4-Rank herb that was born in very specific places and the minimum change could cause it to wilt, not to mention that this situation should be maintained for a few decades or centuries

It was an extremely delicate herb so even an expert 5- Star Herbarium was a pain in the b.u.t.t to grow those herbs. Many times it would only have a success rate of 10% or less. Maybe one of 6-Star gets 30-40% ...

That is if in a batch of a thousand only one hundred would end up being successfully cultivated and if the Alchemist had 70 or 80% success rate they would become 70 or 80 pills

So they could only give a few pills to a few dozen people. Even the greatest genius of the Power would not receive more than five per year if he does well in the harvest.

Alexander had the recipe for the pill and even made some changes after several experiments, so his pill had twice the effect as those common in the market.

The only problem would be The Tricolor Xuan flower, I was hoping to get one or two and maybe a few seeds, Since Three Changes Xuan Pill was not well known by many Medium and small Powers, Maybe here they don't know the real value of that flower.

And if he couldn't find it, he would only have one option, see if he could get some seeds and grow them in Alba Kingdom.

While not advancing to the Half Step Spirit could temper the Qi and solidify its base without any problem, This would make that even in the future even if it advanced several levels successively it will not affect the base!

If he found a chance encounter, I could squeeze it to the fullest!

With that thought, Alexander left the inn together with Helena and told the women that if they wanted to leave they would have to improve their Cultivation, Here their strength could be at the bottom of the pyramid.

Helena asked to bring Arwen and Alexander had no objection so the three children took to the streets.

A few moments after they left, a dozen men dressed in black came out trying to catch them, Alexander just rolled his eyes, pulled Shu out of his body and mercilessly one by one a huge hole came out of their bodies as blood travels towards the spear .

What a joke, Alexander had a battle promise comparable to the 3 or 4 Level Spirit, while these men were only in the middle stage Elementary, Even without Shu killing them was like crus.h.i.+ng an ant.

Alexander proceeded to search all the bodies while Helena and Arwen were confused, then Arwen asked: "What happened?"

Alexander while he kept looking at the men's clothing said: "The woman who attended us in the tower must have contact with some criminal group, After giving her tip she had to look where we came from, Seeing that she was from a small country… So She sold us to the wolves as if we were a juicy lamb. Those men wanted to kidnap them and ask for a reward for extortion or worse. "

Helena recalled the tower scene and said:" But I felt no malice towards us. "

Alexander indifferently:" and What ?, It is not necessary to have malice to harm others, That woman earns money for each objective that she gives to the criminal group, for her we are only one more commission and she does not even see us as people "Arwen fell into her thoughts before such words.

In that he found a Communicator and called the only registered number, The person on the other side replied in a masculine and serious voice: "Do you have the objectives?"

Alexander replied: "h.e.l.lo, how are you? You are the person who wants to kidnap me huh if you were a busty Big sis maybe it would leave me hahaha "

The person on the other side of the communicator, was speechless that was a child's voice !, this had never happened and responded with a roar : "Shadow idiot, don't make these jokes, do you have the goals or not?"

Alexander showed a mocking expression and said: "Oh it's no joke Big Bro! Take me seriously! Your Shadow friend can come to pick you up with his men in the streets of my inn, give me your email and I can send you a picture! "

I finally understand the other side: "You! .... d.a.m.n you know who you are offending ?, If I find you skinning you and that group of women alive, I will make them feel a life worse than death for killing my brothers "

Alexander showed a cold expression and said:" And you? What do you say you know who you are offending? Do you think that because that b.i.t.c.h told you that she came from the Uri Republic was weak and someone to bully? Spend more than 700 million Gold to come here with those women, Do you think that is something that anyone in the republic can disburse ?, A few days ago I killed all the Guards of the Prince of the Greck Empire, Do you think that even a misera Violet Sect me is it scary? Even if your brother is the Violet Sect Master Sect he would not let you live, You are warned move against me again and you will not be alive, Remember my name is Alexander and that your head can be worth your weight in White Gold as I did with that Prince Garbage "

" Crack "

After that Alexander crushed the communicator, he told the women to move, He had to buy spiritual herbs without bothering to clean up the crime scene!

Arwen seeing the bodies lying on the street as if nothing, I ask Alexander: "Why are you so indifferent to life?", Alexander could be said to be the perfect Anti-thesis of the elves.

Alexander while walking said: "In the universe, there are innumerable ways of life, killing one or two even a million does not make a difference, Helena you and I are only three living beings in the vastness of the universe, you think someone cares if we die ?, Tomorrow a Powerful Cultivator could arrive and attack the continent dying in ignorance, The Elves see all life forms as valuable but if you go in life collecting and collecting garbage in the end your back will not be able to support it, The value of a life is equal to the value of a Weapon, basic principle of life "

Arwen raised his eyebrows and after a moment showed disbelief saying:" You are not saying what I think… The World could not… The Dao could not… The Heavens ... "

Alexander smiled and continued walking towards the herbal store without explaining more.

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