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Inside Alexander's Soul of the Soul, Kain began to explain: "It all started when I was 1523 years old ... At that time I was in Heaven Realm in a Mortal Country 3-Grade was being chased by a power that I had offended and I had sent hundreds of experts Heaven, Half step Heaven and even two King experts. I do not remember very well his name I only remember that he was a strong power of a country Mortal 2-Grade "

Upon hearing that, a shadow could not help frowning:" Don't you remember the name of a power that chases you? "

Kain saw The shadow with a grave expression said: "Every so often I was persecuted by different powers, with time I no longer paid attention to names. Almost all powers have similar names. "

" ... "This left the shadows speechless and they could not help but see each other, until one said:" But then like the ones recognized? "

Kain said:" For the uniforms of the people who kill ", but at the same time he growled and ended saying:" But that also brought me problems, there were factions with similar uniforms and I ended up killing his disciples for wanting to kill other disciples, in the end in my anger he killed both "

"...", Among the shadows there were no friendly people but even though they knew that Kain's cultivation was the lowest of all of them by far, In cruelty and number of murders maybe he even them.

Between them there was a shadow that sighed and said: "At least Alexander is not so crazy"

Kain only smiled but did not say anything, But he just picked up his story: "At that time, I was able to kill almost half of Heaven experts and kill a King Expert but at the same time end up badly hurt and I could only manage to scare them after I sprayed Beast Attraction Powder on them to scare them while they ran away from the beasts, I was looking for a place to recover and I could only find a cave deep inside of the mountains but what I did not expect was that inside that cave there was a big mansion. At first I was happy and after stabilizing my wounds enter the mansion hoping to get treasures, "Kain could not help sighing:" Unfortunately for me that mansion was empty, apart from a quite powerful cultivation chamber and a corpse with strange clothes, that Cadaver had a few books on his body and a scroll. The books were diaries about the life of the Corpse that I could barely read and discern. That Corpse identified as a servant of the Buda family. "

Upon hearing that a shadow could not help but shudder and think:" Buda Family ?, It can not be that family. Right? "

Kain continued:" That servant spoke of his life from how he came to the Buda family and how he progressed in his cultivation, "Kain saw the shadows and said:" That was the first time I heard the term "Houtian" that you all use, but at that moment I did not pay attention, But in the last pages he related how there was a coup d'etat to the Master of that servant, The current patriarch of the Buda family and how he had come to this world with his Young Madam when she was a newborn and an Array legacy of the Buda family . Upon learning that his death was imminent he did everything for a Mortal to adopt his Young Madam and sealed a cultivation technique within her body that would activate at age 16 and then his young Madam would take the decision to live peacefully as Mortal her shorts days or if she entered the cruel world of cultivation. In addition to that he related an Array called "Nine Retributions Array", This was an Array that was used to help the cultivator to immerse themselves in the understanding of the laws but at the same time it was an Array that was used for torture "

The shadows were left in silence while thinking different things. Kain sighed and said: "That Array was special because it helped the cultivator to immerse himself in a world of his own for the time of nine incenses but at the end of each round a small part of your Soul would be amputated and gradually dispersed. I spent 50 years in the Mansion while I trained until I finally managed to configure, This Array was also the inspiration of abbreviated alphabet. The first time I activated it was a torment and I knew because it was considered torture, it was like being in a prison, no matter how I did it, I could not escape and if there was a person on the outside I could manipulate the environment of the Array and create Realm. of eternal torture. Over time I got bored and did not have a carnal body. So I started rambling for eternity until I finally understood something. "

Kain stopped and said:" I was like a creator in that s.p.a.ce, that s.p.a.ce existed for me and if I wanted to create something I had to understand it first, I was alone in that s.p.a.ce . There were no laws or matter itself only existed myself so I went through countless problems to understand little by little to overcome countless tests to overcome this loneliness, In the outside world every time I entered that Array pa.s.sed nine incense but for me eons pa.s.sed and thanks that even though it damaged my Soul I was able to advance in leaps and bounds even with my poor talent, only that I had to spend a lot of effort to buy resources rich in Yin, Everything seemed perfect until my Dantian Channel was completely clogged and destroyed my Meridians spend the thousands of years between that Array and reality doing tests, in the end if I could find a cure in the Array but my resources in reality did not allow me to fulfill it, so I spent my time researching alchemy and Arrays, while acc.u.mulating knowledge waiting for my death "

This. .h.i.t the shadows, I had never heard of such an Array, while a shadow sighed and said:" Yes is that Buda family "

Upon hearing that phrase, Kain and everyone else focused on that shadow, The shadow forced a smile and said:" I've only heard rumors of that family, When I was alive I was a great colossus who dominated ten belts but they had given birth to a genius and it was said that soon they extended their territories and even dominate an arm. Even with my previous state I can not even compare to that family, I do not know when time has pa.s.sed and maybe they are even bigger"

Ten belts!
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Upon hearing that, all shadows were terrified except by Kain. I did not know what the term belts refers to.

But the other shadows were looking at Kain with a face of envy and at the same time could not believe that he had the luck of a dog to find a legacy of such a large family.

Among the shadows could not believe that a simple Houtian could configure that Array. No doubt Kain's latent talent in the Array Dao was terrifying.

This aroused many expectations about Alexander. It's a pity he was born in such a small place. They just expected him to grow more quickly and through his eyes see new heights.


Meanwhile, In infinity World, A Colossus was about to move. All have the symbol known to all in the Holy Land and all the Continents Cla.s.sified as Quasi-Holy Land.

The Trade Alliance.

In a meeting room some people, both women and men were around an Elder in luxurious robes who exclaimed: "This is the Era of Commerce! We must establish Branches on all the Continents of this world and make our name known even in the Seas so that everyone in infinity World knows of our existence. This was the Order of the Headquarters. "

When they heard they could not help but be surprised. In the Past their Covenant they were never interested in placing a branch on the Miser Mortuary Continents. These were too poor to earn profits from them.

Even in the quasi holy lands they only had one Branch and it was in the center of the Continent. Many members thought that if they were sent to do business outside the holy land, it was like being exiled.

The Trade Alliance was a Sect. Made for Money and for Money. The only reason for its members was to generate benefits first for themselves and for the Alliance.

Many of its members were presidents of personal chambers of commerce and are dedicated to doing business in small territories in the Holy Land.

This was a Sect for businessmen and as long as you had enough money. While you can pay for the Annual members.h.i.+p you would have the same privileges as other members of the Organization. Even Access to an Internal Market.

While you had enough money you could even buy unlimited resources.

Talent? Const.i.tution? All that was not important in this Sect. Only your ability to do business.

The money was the King! If you are poor, you are only a slave.

Upon hearing this, a middle-aged man said: "Sir, I do not think it's a good idea to do it, the Continents are too poor and the benefits are limited. It's not worth spending resources on them. "

After the man finished speaking, many in the room nodded. but the Elder said: "Shut up! This was an Order of the President of the Alliance, There are even rumors that He wants to transfer the Headquarters to this world"

"What!", This left the members of the Hall speechless. To have the Headquarters in this world! The Elder, ignoring his expressions, said gravely: "There are also reports from our spies that many holy land powers are greedily watching the continents and plan to open more branches in them. Our Holy Land is not saved. A few months ago it is said that they saw a large group of experts addressing this Starfield and from that day all the branches of the Alliance say that innumerable geniuses of other powers are directed here to evaluate the changes in the world. It is estimated that the first will arrive in six months and after that they will not stop arriving. There is a rumor that says that they saw a dragon was riding the stars while he is heading here and reports of sighting extinct Divine Beasts keeps climbing, many even say that there was a young man standing gray who called himself the descendant of a Demon Lord and a Young Lady Descendant of Templars who are recruiting experts. "

When the Elder finished speaking everyone in the room were stunned.

They knew that their Home had expanded but it was not so much, right?

Elder ended by saying: "For the latest intelligence reports, the environment of Mortals Continents has become more prosperous. In a couple of hundred years its experts do not stop growing, not to mention the new virgin continents. That they are innumerable. According to the Orders of the Central we must get a market share before other powers open their business in the continents "

The Elder sternly saw the men in the room and said:" Remember that we are not the only businessmen, for us the old generation those businesses are not important. Send an Alliance mission, Everyone in the younger generation younger than two thousand years can take it. Its mission is to open a Branch under the name of the Trade Alliance. In a hundred years those who achieve the greatest net benefits will be greatly rewarded by the Alliance. "In the end the Elder smiled and said," We can take this opportunity to see the potential of the young. "

Hearing that, everyone nodded and discussed the Details in a In the corner of the room, a beautiful middle-aged woman could only force a smile and hope that her rebellious daughter does not want to go to a continent.

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