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Have my name in the history books?

What this child said was too arrogant. As a person from such a remote place could say those arrogant words.

But at the same time Arwen did not like the indifferent tone in which that child spoke to her, Wherever she was treated with respect and courteous manner but this child spoke to her as if she would not care how she thought of him.

Arwen could not help but frown and said, "Those are very big words for someone so small. Even if you could heal me that does not mean you can achieve something that big. "

Arwen did not believe in Alexander's words.

Alexander did not bother with Arwen's words and only said: "You know I am a human and you are an elf, so our races have many disagreements throughout history. I do not want to be your friend. If I offer you a solution it is because I will also win something. Do you want to listen to my solution? After that, you will decide if you want to try it or not. " Alexander shrugged and concluded: "Anyway, this method has a mortality rate of 90% but if you manage to survive you could improve your talent even more and be the same as a first generation Elf."

Hearing the last phrase, The Heart Arwen could not help but accelerate.

The Elves were a race born from the Tree of Life. All Elves born from the Tree were known as First Generation Elves. These Elves were ridiculously talented in the Dao Martial and with great potential to be High Elves in the future. Even Mystel Elves. These were the core of the race.

Elves like Arwen had already pa.s.sed through many generations and their bloodline had been increasingly thin, so their talent was not comparable to the pure physique of a first generation elf. Even with a sacred body.

Of the eight elven Lords, six were first generation elves while the other two were outstanding geniuses of Yggdrasil. But no elf of a family branch had become a Lord.

If what that child said was true. Then Arwen's chances of becoming a Lord increased explosively. Arwen hesitated a moment until she said softly, "I'm listening."

Meanwhile, Helena could only laugh softly and listen to the conversation.

What she did not expect was that she soon felt something was thrown at her and Alexander said, "Give Ashley those pills and tell her to prepare Sets for Spirit Revival Pills, it should be easier for them to get them"

Helena wanted to hear the conversation but still she followed the order and left reluctantly.

After Helena left, Alexander began: "Have you heard of the Yin-Yang Body?"

Arwen frowned but still answered the question: "I only know that it is one of the Hundred Thousand Great Physics and among the first hundred but it is impossible to have "

The Hundred Thousand Great Physicists were superior to the sacred bodies.

Alexander applauds: "Very well, If it is a Great Physicist but it is not impossible to obtain, only that there are two options, it can be born in an As.e.xual race that does not need another organism to reproduce itself or in a common s.e.xual being but the person would have to be born with the two s.e.xes in his body, you know what I mean "

This obscures the expression of Arwen and said:" What has to do with me? "

Alexander seeing the dark expression just said slowly:" Everything and nothing at the same time. The Yin-Yang are totally opposite energies but at the same time they complement each other and can coexist if these energies have equilibrium. If this balance is broken like many things in this world. The most powerful energy will eat the weak "

What Alexander said left Arwen thinking but only remained silent so that Alexander will continue:" You have a Sacred Wood body attributed if you could evolve it and kill it could break the limits of a sacred body and be at the height of a Great Physicist. You could influence with the element Earth, since this is very similar to the Wood Qi could be considered as brothers but it is not highly recommended to do it, since it can be that your Wood eat the Earth Qi very easily. So you would need an opposite and aggressive energy. You could choose from many like Fire Qi, Ice Qi or even Qi lightning. But these last two two could break your Meridians or Dantian without compa.s.sion. Leaving the Fire Qi as the most viable option, if you manage to Mutate your body with Fire Qi your benefits will be unlimited. In theory it is possible if a balance like the Yin-Yang is achieved and you could even merge it ... but that's not very sure ", after that. Alexander was silent for Arwen to think about it.

Arwen after listening to Alexander's explanation was stunned and lowered her head. Fire Qi and Wood Qi were opposite energies. One gave life while the other extinguishes it. If a forest fire were to spread in a forest, it would extinguish all nature in its path without exception.

You could say that the Wood Qi had many enemies and among them was the Fire Qi. Now she understood why Alexander told her that she had a 90% mortality rate.

And Arwen supposed that rate was special to her because of her strong vitality. A common person could have an even higher margin.

In the end she could only say: "That is impossible, I do not think that such a thing is possible. If it were already there would be precedents "

Alexander shook his head and said:" It is only impossible if you think so. There are many things that seem impossible but they exist "

Arwen looked up and said with sharp eyes:" Like what? "

Alexander raised his hand:" Like immortality, that is impossible but there are beings who manage to live by Ages. "

Arwen was enraged and said:" If immortality is impossible, how are there people who can live unlimitedly ?! "
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Alexander shook his head:" That's not immortality but unlimited Longevity, I already told you to be immortal means it's impossible to die no matter the situation but if you die in a fight at least for me you're not immortal and you do not deserve that name "

Arwen was stupid watching Alexander and could not help but nod in her heart, If in a fight you can die, That is not immortality. Even if you could revive through unique methods but there were always ways to kill a living being, if you can not with your carnal body point to the Soul and go. A body without Soul was nothing more than an empty sh.e.l.l.

There are always ways to murder regardless of the Realm.

But at the same time, Arwen could not help but ask: "If immortality does not exist, How can you live unlimitedly?"

Alexander then explained: "Everyone in the universe lives in four dimensions known as the s.p.a.ce-Time Dimensions, The First Three Dimensions they correspond to the s.p.a.ce where living beings can move freely but the fourth dimension corresponds to time and this is only a straight line corresponding to the past, present and future. Making the living being have a life that only consists in being born, live, reproduce and die. But if one understands the laws of Time, one could deny the law about oneself which would cause time to stop and turn it into a timeless being that could live forever outside the timeline. But for that you would have to understand the law in its entirety, if there are nine levels you have to be in the ninth and if there are twenty, in twenty. The same thing happened with beings that can be transported freely by s.p.a.ce. Only then you could achieve an unlimited Longevity but still you could die for other reasons "

Arwen was stupid, This was the first time I had heard about denying a law of the Universe!

After a few moments said, "That does not mean that if you understand the law of time a sick level could travel as you like time"

Alexander nodded: "That in theory, but equally time travel is useless"

Al Listen to that question, Arwen's eyes lit with unlimited curiosity and she said: "Why?"

Alexander just ignored the question and said: "In your case something similar happens, If you manage to understand the laws behind Fire and life in the Wood Qi you could achieve something that I call "Fire of Life" and if you succeed in realizing it successfully understanding life you could understand death and create a "Fire of death" or similar things with other laws derived from the laws of life and death even with bound laws. In other words you could have a unique battle style and never seen before. In other words, you will have unlimited benefits. Besides that you could be the first Double elf attributed in the story, Now you understand why I told you, What could you do history! Do you believe me? "

Arwen took a breath of cold air and you could see the impact in her eyes. If what Alexander said was true.

I could have a fire to give life.

A fire to eliminate existence.

What is the essence of Qi fire?

Destroy, Death

What is the Essence of Wood Qi?

Create, Life.

Two sides of the same coin. It sounded feasible.

The uses are unlimited as long as their cultivation was deep enough and if their understanding of the laws were monstrous they could even do challenging things to heaven.

In the future it could be one of the Lords strongest in History.

But I knew there was no free lunch in this world. If Arwen wanted Alexander to help her, she would have to pay a high price. Since I did not know how Alexander would make the Fire Qi and the Wood Qi coexist in the same body.

Arwen could only see Alexander and said: "By the way, what's your name?"

Alexander smiled and said: "I forgot to introduce myself, My name is Alexander Alba"

--------------- --------

Meanwhile, In the Soul of Alexander a shadow saw Kain and exclaimed: "How can you have such a compression of the laws and vision of the universe, Maybe you were not just an ant in the 5-Level Houtian! I do not understand! Even if you lived three thousand years, That time is nothing when it comes to understanding laws. "

Hearing that, The other shadows focus their vision on Kain. Waiting for your reply.

Kain could only sigh and began to explain: "It all started when I was 1523 years old ..."

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